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DreamCloud vs Nectar (2022): Hybrid or All-Foam Mattress?

When it comes to bed-in-a-box mattresses, DreamCloud and Nectar are two of the best-known brands. Both are actually owned by Resident Home. That’s why you’ll find they have identical order, shipping, return, and warranty policies.

Despite being under the same parent company, DreamCloud and Nectar differ in design and features. DreamCloud, for instance, boasts a lineup of hybrid mattresses that combine innerspring coils with foam layers. Meanwhile, Nectar’s catalog offers an all-foam design noted for its cradling qualities. Its mattresses are also more affordable than DreamCloud’s.

If you’re undecided about which brand and mattress to buy, we’re here to help you. We summarized the features and benefits of DreamCloud and Nectar’s mattresses below.

DreamCloud vs Nectar Mattress Comparison Chart

Model NameDreamCloud PremierThe Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
Available ModelsDreamCloud, DreamCloud Premier, DreamCloud Premier RestNectar, Nectar Premier, Nectar Premier Copper
SizesTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal KingTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King
Key FeatureInnerspring coils combined with cushioning foam layersPremium all-foam mattresses
Mattress CoverQuilted, soft cashmere blendQuilted cooling cover
Affirm FinancingYesYes
Free ShippingYes (contiguous U.S.)Yes (contiguous U.S.)
Trial Period365 nights365 nights

Design and Construction

DreamCloud combines innerspring coil and foam layers. Meanwhile, Nectar mattresses are all-foam.

DreamCloud vs Nectar Design and Construction
Here’s a closer look at the quilted cover used by DreamCloud (left) and a cross-section of an all-foam Nectar mattress (right).

DreamCloud Mattresses

DreamCloud’s catalog primarily revolves around its hybrid mattresses. Its lineup consists of the original DreamCloud, the DreamCloud Premier, and the DreamCloud Premier Rest. The first two sport a 14-inch profile, while the Premier Rest is 16 inches tall. At their core is a layer of individually wrapped coils designed to improve airflow and support.

Where the DreamCloud mattresses differ is in the foam layers. The original model has four layers, while the DreamCloud Premier has five. With the Premier, you get a Euro-Top layer that lends the mattress a plusher feel. Meanwhile, the Premier Rest has six foam layers but exchanges the Euro-Top with a Pillow Top. Both are sewn directly to the mattress cover.

Nectar Mattresses

In contrast, Nectar mattresses are all-foam. The catalog includes the original Nectar variant, the Nectar Premier, and the Nectar Premier Copper. All three are composed of five layers encased in a shift-resistant lower cover. The original and the Premier are 12 and 13 inches tall, respectively. On the other hand, the Premier Copper has a 14-inch profile.

Nectar mattresses are known for their gel-infused memory foam layer. This gives the beds their distinct cushioning ability. On the Nectar Premier and Premier Copper, the said layer is also infused with phase-change material for temperature regulation. For support, Nectar mattresses use a stability base layer instead of innerspring coils. This layer is made from conventional foam.

DreamCloud and Nectar Similarities

Both DreamCloud and Nectar mattresses are rated with a medium-firm feel. They also come with quilted covers and feature memory foam in their design.

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DreamCloud vs Nectar

The DreamCloud mattress is better suited for back sleepers who want support. Meanwhile, the Nectar mattress is recommended for side sleepers who prefer more pressure relief.

DreamCloud vs Nectar Mattress Review
Here’s a look at the layers of the DreamCloud (left) and Nectar (right) original mattresses.

DreamCloud and Nectar’s original mattresses are both made of five layers. But as mentioned in the previous section, the original DreamCloud is two inches taller than Nectar’s mattress. Its layer of supportive coils also gives it more support. But if you want the feeling of sinkage, then the all-foam Nectar is better.

Both mattresses are suitable for back sleepers. However, DreamCloud’s innerspring coils mean you get more bounce from this bed. On the other hand, the original Nectar mattress feels like your classic memory foam β€” slow-moving with minimal bounce and solid edge support.

Like many memory foam mattresses, Nectar does retain heat. To offset this, it uses gel-infused memory foam to help draw away heat from your body. In contrast, DreamCloud’s coil system allows air to move freely. Its downside is that it’s not as good at isolating motion.

For back sleepers, the firmer DreamCloud should be your pick. You’ll feel like you’re lying on top of the bed. On the other hand, if you want pressure relief and contouring, the Nectar mattress does a better job in these areas. It’s also suited for side sleepers who need cushioning.

DreamCloud Premier vs Nectar Premier

Get the DreamCloud Premier if you want a hybrid mattress with a plush feel. Opt for the Nectar Premier if you need a memory foam mattress with better temperature regulation.

DreamCloud Premier vs Nectar Premier Mattress Review
Here’s a look at the layers of the DreamCloud (left) and Nectar (right) Premier mattresses.

Next in the lineup are DreamCloud and Nectar’s Premier mattresses. As their name implies, these beds offer a “premium” feature over the standard models. In the case of the DreamCloud Premier, you get a Euro Top layer that gives it a firm but plush feel. Compared to the DreamCloud, the DreamCloud Premier provides more sinkage.

Meanwhile, the Nectar Premier adds ActiveCool HD Technology to its memory foam, a material that responds to a sleeper’s changing body temperature. This gives the mattress improved temperature regulation. If you’re a hot sleeper who wants an all-foam bed, the Nectar Premier makes a solid case over the original Nectar.

The same pros and cons of hybrid and all-foam mattresses apply here. DreamCloud’s Premier bed suits people who sleep on their back. But with the Euro Top layer, it also caters to side sleepers. The plush foam puts less strain on the shoulders and hips. On the other hand, the Nectar Premier should benefit average and lightweight sleepers who want a balance of comfort and support.

DreamCloud Premier Rest vs Nectar Premier Copper

DreamCloud’s Premier Rest and Nectar’s Premier Copper offer the best balance of support, comfort, and pressure relief.

DreamCloud Premier vs Nectar Premier Mattress Review
Here’s a look at the layers of the DreamCloud Premier Rest (left) and Nectar Premier Copper (right) mattresses.

If you’re looking to spend more on your bed, these mattresses from DreamCloud and Nectar may be worth a look. The Premier Rest is DreamCloud’s top-of-the-line offering. It boasts seven layers, including a plush Pillow Top that combines a tufted cashmere-blend cover and an inch of soft foam quilted below it.

Nectar’s Premier Copper, on the other hand, builds on the style of the Premier mattress. It’s the tallest bed in the brand’s lineup, with an extra inch in its stability base and gel-infused memory foam. Moreover, its quilted cover features copper fibers to help dissipate heat. This makes the Premier Copper mattress Nectar’s most cooling yet.

The DreamCloud Premier Rest and Nectar Premier Copper have the best motion isolation of their respective lineups. The 16-inch DreamCloud Premier Rest is also the plushest and is suited for all types of lightweight sleepers. For a hybrid mattress, it surprisingly offers ample pressure relief.

Meanwhile, the Premier Copper is the firmest of Nectar’s three-mattress catalog. It comes with a more balanced feel and stronger back support. It’s easy to forget this is an all-foam bed. Couples, in particular, will like how quiet and stable this mattress is.


DreamCloud mattresses are ideal for sleepers who want a firmer, lie-on-your-back feel. Meanwhile, Nectar mattresses are suitable for those who prefer pressure relief and cushioning.

Choosing between DreamCloud and Nectar depends on what kind of sleeper you are and what feel you want from a mattress. In general, DreamCloud’s mattresses are firmer and bouncier due to the innerspring coil layer. Their hybrid design also allows for more airflow, making them suitable for hot sleepers.

Coils, however, impact a mattress’s motion isolation. If you want a more stable bed with minimal motion transfer, Nectar’s all-foam mattresses are better. They’re also great if you want to sink into the bed and have your body conform to the foam. Sleepers who need pressure relief and cushioning will benefit most from Nectar products.

But like most all-foam mattresses, Nectar beds retain heat more. You can avoid this by shelling extra on Nectar’s cooling variants, particularly the Nectar Premier Copper. Plus, Nectar’s mattress catalog costs less than DreamCloud’s. If you’re on a budget, this is a big draw.


πŸ“Œ What’s the difference between DreamCloud and Nectar mattresses?

DreamCloud offers hybrid mattresses that combine cushioning foam layers with an innerspring coil layer. Meanwhile, Nectar mattresses are all-foam.

πŸ“Œ Does Nectar include accessories when you purchase a mattress?

Yes. Nectar has promotional offers that include pillows, sheet sets, and mattress protectors when you purchase a Nectar mattress.

πŸ“Œ How thick is the comfort layer of the DreamCloud Premier Rest?

The DreamCloud Premier Rest’s comfort layer is 2.5 inches thick.

πŸ“Œ Are Nectar mattresses free from ozone depleters?

Yes. Nectar mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring it’s free from ozone depleters.

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