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DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo vs Mavic Mini (2021): Should You Upgrade?

Choosing an entry-level drone can be challenging given the sheer number of choices we have in the market. If you are in the lookout for a small, lightweight and affordable drone to get you started with capturing beautiful shots during your next adventure, then the  DJI Mavic Mini can be your best bet. This drone provides a perfect balance of convenience, portability, image quality, and a budget-friendly price.

Once you decide to go with this model, you’ll then need to choose between the standard package and the DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo. Since the more premium package can cost up to $100 more than the standard package, buyers are curious to know if it is really worth the upgrade. If this is your dilemma, check out our detailed comparison below to help you decide.

DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo vs Mavic Mini Comparison Chart

ModelDJI Mavic Mini Fly MoreDJI Mavic Mini
Remote Controller11
Flight Battery31
Pair of Spare Propellers31
Micro USB Cable21
Gimbal Protector11
RC Cable (Micro USB connector)11
RC Cable (USB-C connector)11
RC Cable (Lightning connector)11
Pair of Spare Control Sticks 11
Spare Screw186
360° Propeller Guard1NA
Two-Way Charging Hub1NA
DJI 18W USB Charger1NA
Carrying Bag1NA


The Mavic Mini is a palm-sized drone weighing only 249 grams at takeoff.

The Mavic Mini (pictured above) weighs only 249 grams at takeoff, so you wouldn’t need to have it registered with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Whether you decide to go with the Mavic Mini base package or the Mavic Mini Fly More Combo, you will get the same aircraft features.

In the US, the law states that drones weighing over 250 grams should be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration, and since the Mavic Mini weighs only 249 grams, you’ll be exempted from this additional process. To be safe, you may need to review the guidelines set by the respective aviation authority in your country. While lightweight drones are usually associated with cheap quality, the Mavic Mini looks and feels premium. In fact, since there aren’t many well-reviewed drone models in this weight category, the Mavic Mini has secured itself as a top choice in the under 250-gram drone market.

The front of the Mavic Mini houses the 3-axis stabilized camera that is shielded by a camera guard out of the box. The back part is where you can find the micro USB port for charging and the microSD card slot.

The arms of the Mavic Mini are slender and collapsible. While there are sensors located at its base to help with smooth landings, there are no obstacle avoidance sensors located on its front, back, or sides so it isn’t actually crash proof.


The Mavic Mini can shoot 2.7k videos at 30fps or 1080p videos at 60fps.

The Mavic Mini (pictured above) provides stable footages for casual aerial videography.

The Mavic Mini is equipped with a 24mm lens with a fixed f/2.8 aperture. The manual mode allows you to adjust the shutter speed to as long as four seconds and set the image sensor up to ISO3200. The CMOS image sensor can capture 12MP images in three different modes, including the Position mode for basic operation, Sports mode for high-speed shots, and the CineSmooth mode, which creates a slow-motion effect to give you smoother and more cinematic shots.

The drone’s camera can shoot 2.7k videos at 30fps and 1080p videos at 60fps. When you check your drone footages on your computer, it can appear more fast-paced, but using the CineSmooth mode is an easy workaround with this issue. Overall, the Mavic Mini provides stable footages. The quality of images produced is fair for its price. It’s definitely not built for a pro filmmaker, but it performs well for casual aerial videography.

Flight Performance and Connectivity

The Mavic Mini base package can give you 30 minutes of flight time, while opting for the Mavic Mini Fly More Combo can give you more power for a longer aerial video shoot. 

The Mavic Mini (pictured above) has a flight range of up to 2.5 miles.

The Mavic Mini is equipped with 2400 maH batteries giving it power for 30 minutes of flight time, which is already an ample amount of time for casual videographers. If you are planning to take longer videos, then opting for the Mavic Mini Fly More Combo, as the name suggests, can extend your flight time up to 90 minutes since you’ll be getting 2 extra batteries. This drone also comes with the DJI intelligent battery management system already built-in. This allows for real-time battery status monitoring and reporting.

The drone can connect to its controller via Wi-Fi, allowing it to transmit the live video feed to the controller where you plug your phone to control the app interface. While the controller can support both iOS and Android phones, check the DJI website if your phone model is compatible with the controller that comes with the Mavic Mini. While connected to the Wi-Fi, the drone can disconnect with the controller once it goes beyond 60 meters from your location. When you switch your phone to airplane mode, the flight range of the drone can extend up to 2.5 miles.


The Mavic Mini Fly More Combo comes with several extra accessories to give you more flight time.

The Mavic Mini Fly More Combo (pictured above) costs up to $100 more than the base Mavic Mini package.

The base Mavic Mini package can give you enough power for one long flight, but if you want to have enough power for longer shoots or you don’t want to wait for batteries to charge in between multiple flights, then the Mavic Mini Fly More Combo is better suited for your needs.

Compared to the standard package of the Mavic Mini, the Fly More Combo gives you 2 extra batteries, 2 pairs of spare propellers, 1 extra micro USB cable, and a dozen of spare screws in case you need to perform some on-site repairs. This package also comes with a carry bag, 360° propeller guard, 2-way charging hub, and an 18-W USB charger. If you sum up the prices of all the extra accessories included in the Fly More Combo, excluding the carry bag, 18-W USB charger, and USB cable since they aren’t sold separately, you’ll come up with a total of $166.


If you think you’ll eventually need to buy extra batteries for your Mavic Mini to have extended flight time, the Mavic Mini Fly More Combo is a more practical choice.

Choosing between the standard DJI Mavic Mini package and the DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo all boils down to understanding your specific needs. If you are still starting, and you just want to try out shooting aerial videos for short periods of time, or you don’t mind charging batteries in between flights, then the standard package will suffice for your needs.

If you are an enthusiast who wants to take longer aerial shoots and you see yourself needing to buy some spare batteries eventually, then the Mavic Mini Fly More Combo package might be a better deal for you. By just paying an extra $100 on top of the base package, you’ll get $166 worth of accessories that will give you enough power for longer flight time.

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