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Deluxe Business Checks Coupon Code (2022): Save On Orders Or Get Free Shipping

Secure payments are essential to businesses โ€” large and small. At Deluxe, you’ll find a range of business products catering to specific needs across industries. Deluxe’s business checks are arguably the company’s most popular, thanks to their quality and security. However, they aren’t the cheapest around. To help you save, we’ve checked Deluxe business checks coupon codes available from the company’s website as well as third-party sites. You’ll find a summary of these discounts below.

Deluxe Business Checks Coupon Code Chart

Promo (Click to activate)Promo Code (Click to activate)Expiry
40% Off 1st Order of Business Checks, Deposit Tickets, Forms & Envelopes At Deluxe!MD263December 31, 2022
10% Off Your Order of Business Checks & Supplies at Deluxe!MD260December 31, 2022
$50 Off Any Order Over $200 for Business Checks & Supplies at Deluxe!MD262December 31, 2022
Save $50 off orders over $200 for Promotional Products & Apparel at Deluxe!MG537December 31, 2022
30% Off Your First Order of Tax Forms & Envelopes at Deluxe!HK973December 31, 2022

Why Deluxe?

With years of experience, Deluxe is one of the most trusted providers of high-security checks.

Why Deluxe?
Security and protection are the hallmarks of Deluxe’s technology-enabled solutions.

Deluxe has been around since 1915. The American payments and business technology company banks on years of experience to deliver innovative products and services. As a leading printer of checks and paper forms, Deluxe carries technology-enabled solutions. They also offer non-check services like website development and search engine marketing.

Still, Deluxe is best known for its business checks. Millions of small businesses and financial institutions rely on their high-quality and secure checks. These include laser and manual checks, alongside eChecks and digital payments. In addition, the company boasts reliable customer support service to its clients.

If you want the best high-security business checks, Deluxe is a trusted supplier. Some of the features they have are safety holograms, anti-copy technology, and watermarks. Currently, the company enjoys an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. They also comply with and exceed CPSA standards, giving them the confidence to offer money-back guarantees.

Coupon Codes From Deluxe

Deluxe offers several coupon codes for savings.

Deluxe Coupon Codes From Deluxe

Deluxe’s business checks aren’t the cheapest. However, the company provides a modest number of coupon codes to help you save on your orders. These offers cater specifically to small businesses. Below are the in-house savings offered.

Discounts for the first order of business checks and forms

If you’re new to Deluxe, you’ll find some of their products are more expensive than other suppliers. Thankfully, you can apply a coupon for your first order. Deluxe provides a 40% off on your first order of either business checks or forms. However, the code does not apply to eChecks, EZShield, or starter kits. Tax as well as shipping and handling fees are excluded from the discount.

Free shipping and handling for check orders

Meanwhile, existing Deluxe customers can avail of free shipping and handling offers. This priority service code is applicable for check orders only. Deluxe’s free shipping and handling are limited to the contiguous US, too. The discount is good for orders up to $50. Direct mail services, business check accessories, and business check starter kits are excluded from the offer.

Discounts for orders over $300

If you’re purchasing several items, consider this offer from Deluxe. The coupon code sheds $30 off orders above $300. It applies to business checks, too. Of course, like every offer, there are some exclusions. For instance, the coupon cannot be used for starter kits and EZshield. Shipping, handling, tax, and other order fees are not covered either.

Discounts for order over $250 and over $350

For those with orders under $300, Deluxe still offers discounts. Customers can get $25 off purchases over $250. Meanwhile, a 14% discount comes for orders over $350 โ€” equivalent to $50 savings. However, this coupon does not apply to EZShield and starter kits. Additional fees for shipping, handling, and taxes are not covered as well.

Discounts for envelopes

While not for business checks, Deluxe also offers savings for envelopes. It’s a good deal if you’re looking to add other items to your cart. This coupon code provides 30% off envelopes and, like the deals in this list, is not valid in combination with other offers.

Coupon Codes From Third-Party Sites

Get discounts and free shipping offers for Deluxe from these online marketplaces.

Deluxe Coupon Codes From Third-Party Sites

In addition to Deluxe-sponsored discounts, third-party sites also provide coupon codes. Popular couponing site RetailMeNot offers free shipping for orders above $250. Simply apply the code MD261 upon check out. Groupon also carries discounts for Deluxe. Its code MD263 gives customers a 40% discount on select office supplies, including business checks. Clients can also avail of a 15% discount on first orders with an email sign-up.

Savings.com, on the other hand, offers a modest 15% savings for your first order with Deluxe. Its code MD259 coupon is applicable for business checks and supplies. Savings.com also lists a 50% off on first orders with the coupon code MJ949. This is in tandem with Deluxe’s small business week exclusive promo. Lastly, customers can try the code MD262 to get a $50 discount for orders over $200.


While Deluxe isn’t the most affordable option, the company and its partner marketplaces offer several coupon codes for savings.

If you want secure and high-quality business checks, Deluxe is one of the best suppliers you can count on. However, the company’s products are on the expensive side. Fortunately, customers can get discounts through coupon codes. Deluxe itself offers five options. While most are for business checks, the company also provides discounts for envelopes.

Sites like RetailMeNot, Groupon, and Savings.com also have coupon codes, including considerable savings on first orders and shipping. Applied to orders, customers can save as much as $50. Just keep in mind the fine print of these coupons, and you’re on your way to enjoying savings.


๐Ÿ“Œ What are the Deluxe coupon codes for business checks?

Deluxe coupon codes offer discounts on orders for business checks. This can be savings for a client’s first order or free shipping and handling offers.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can I use multiple Deluxe coupon codes?

No. Deluxe states that its coupon codes are not valid in combination with other offers or savings.

๐Ÿ“Œ Do coupon codes for business checks include free shipping?

No. Deluxe’s coupon codes are only applied to the actual order. Shipping, handling, tax, and order fees are not covered by the discounts.

๐Ÿ“Œ Are Deluxe coupon codes applicable for in-store purchases?

The coupon codes offered on the Deluxe websites are valid only for online purchases.

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