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Cuisinart TOA-65 Vs CTOA-130PC1 (2021): What Is The Difference Between These Two Multi-Function Air Fryers?

One of the most popular small kitchen appliances today is the air fryer. Air fryers utilize heating elements and a fan to fry your food by blowing hot air into it. This is a lot healthier than frying your food in oil. Cuisinart did a great job of designing the TOA-65, an appliance that doesn’t only air fry, but also bakes, toasts, broils, and even has a range of low-temperature settings so you can dehydrate food, proof dough, and more.

If you’ve been looking for deals on the TOA-65, you may have come across a very similar product: the Cuisinart CTOA-130PC1. Both products seem identical in appearance and specs but the CTOA-130PC1 is cheaper. Are these two products by Cuisinart different? Did Cuisinart give the same product two different names to appeal to different markets? Let’s dive into the details to help answer those questions and to help you decide which one to purchase between the two.

Cuisinart TOA-65 and CTOA-130PC1 Comparison Chart

PriceCheck price at AmazonCheck price at Costco.com
DesignStainless steelStainless steel
Power1800 watts1800 watts
Cooking FunctionsAirFry, Convection Bake, Convection Broil, Roast, Warm, Toast, Reheat, Dual Cook, Pizza, Slow Cook, Braise, Dehydrating and ProofingAirFry, Convection Bake, Convection Broil, Roast, Warm, Toast, Reheat, Dual Cook, Pizza, Slow Cook, Braise, Dehydrating and Proofing
Capacity0.6 cu, ft.0.6 cu, ft.
AccessoriesOven Rack, Baking Pan, Air Fryer BasketOven Rack, Baking Pan, Air Fryer Basket
Dimensions17″ x 21.73″ x 15.75″16.75″ x 14″ x 15.6″
Weight20.3 lb.21.23 lb.
Warranty3-year limited warranty3-year limited warranty

Build and Design

The TOA-65 and CTOA-130PC1 are almost identical in appearance except that they have a few small differences in design, size, and weight.

Cuisinart TOA-65 (left) and CTOA-130PC1 (right) side-by-side comparison

When you first take a look at these air fryers you will likely not notice any difference. But if you scrutinize the exterior you’ll notice that their oven door handles are different. The TOA-65 comes with a stay-cool handle that is made from heat-resistant plastic. It has a nice curved stainless steel finish on the outside of the handle to complement the overall look of the unit. The CTOA-130PC1, on the other hand, comes with a standard oven door handle. It is a chrome bar handle attached by a bracket on each end. 

If you look at the specs sheet, you will also see that the TOA-65 is slightly bigger, measuring 17 x 21.73 x 15.75 inches compared to the CTOA-130PC1, which measures 16.75 x 14 x 15.6 inches. Although the CTOA-130PC1 is the smaller unit, oddly, it is the heavier one, weighing 21.23 pounds while the TOA-65 weighs 20.3 pounds.

Both units come in a very elegant brushed stainless steel enclosure with grooves or vents on the top, back, and sides. On the control panel in front, you get a few function buttons, a control knob, and an LCD display. Below the control panel is your oven door with a wide glass window to easily check on what you’re cooking. You can switch on the oven light with a push of a button to make it even easier to monitor the dish you’re cooking.

Cooking Functions

The TOA-65 and CTOA-130PC1 have the same cooking functions.

TOA-65 (left); CTOA-130PC1 (right)

With the TOA-65 and CTOA-130PC1, you can take full control of how your dishes are cooked. The digital settings allow you to adjust the temperature with a range of 80°F to 450°F, cook time, convection settings, and fan speed. Both multi-function air fryers also come with preset functions that you can quickly and easily switch between using the control knob and digital display. These functions include multiple air fry functions, a bake function, broil, pizza, toast, bagel, reheat, defrost, warm, braise, dehydrate, proof, and more. It even includes a dual-cook feature that lets you combine two cooking types such as bake/broil or pizza/roast and runs them automatically. 

The TOA-65 and CTOA-130PC1 have a power rating of 1800 watts. This means quicker heating and less waiting time.

Ease-of-Use and Maintenance

Both multi-function air fryers are easy to use and convenient to maintain.

Cuisinart CTOA-130PC1 (left) and accessories (right)

Operating the TOA-65 and CTOA-130PC1 is quick and easy. You simply put your food into the unit, select your cooking function, and hit the start button. If you’ve ever used a microwave oven before, you will have no problem getting up to speed with the different controls. Cuisinart also included a quick reference guide that slides to the bottom of the unit. This guide includes detailed instructions on how to use the different cook functions in case you get confused about anything. If you want to maximize the potential of your multi-function air fryer, you can try the many different tested recipes found in the Cuisinart user manual.  

In terms of maintenance, Cuisinart had their customers in mind when they coated the entire interior with a nonstick coating for easy cleaning. The included air fry basket, baking tray, and rack are also nonstick and dishwasher friendly. The TOA-65 and CTOA130PC1 even have crumb trays that slide out from the bottom to quickly and easily clean up any crumbs or grease drippings.


Save for a few tiny differences in design, size, and weight, the TOA-65 and CTOA-130PC1 are the same.

As we have just seen, the TOA-65 and TOA-130PC1 are identical when it comes to performance and function. They are both rated at 1800 watts and come with several presets for air frying and baking your food as well as custom functions if you want full control of how your food is cooked. 

However, there are a few differences in design, size, and weight. Cuisinart did not disclose the reason why they manufactured two very similar products with different model names. Our best guess is that the CTOA-130PC1 was manufactured exclusively for Costco, since Costco is virtually the only place you can find the CTOA-130PC1. Cuisinart might have also used a few less expensive parts for the CTOA-130PC1, like a regular oven door bar handle instead of a stay-cool handle, to bring down the price. These are only speculations and may not actually be the case. What we are sure about, though, is that the Cuisinart TOA-65 and CTOA-130PC1 are excellent multi-function small kitchen appliances that will make cooking all kinds of food a whole lot easier.


📌 What are the warranties for these appliances?

Both the Cuisinart TOA-65 and CTOA-130PC1 offer a 3-year limited warranty.

📌 How many heating elements are inside the Cuisinart TOA-65?

The TOA-65 has four heating elements on top and two at the bottom for a total of six heating elements.

📌 Why is the CTOA-130PC1 cheaper than the TOA-65?

Cuisinart may have used a few less expensive parts for the CTOA-130PC1 to bring down the price.

📌 Can I mute the beeping noises?

Yes, if you go into the settings, you will find an option to mute the machine so it doesn’t beep.

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