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Cricut Maker Review (2021): Is It Worth The Investment?

When you want to take your arts and crafts game to the next level, you’ll find that scissors and precision knives don’t cut it anymore. Which is why many turn to the Cricut Maker to help them turn their project ideas into reality. This die-cutting machine is amazing because it allows you to work with a massive selection of tools and materials.

That said, it’s definitely an investment and you should give it some serious thought first before you jump the gun. To help you decide if the Cricut Maker is for you, here’s an in-depth review, taking its design, technology, and performance into consideration.

Cricut Maker Review Features Chart

NameCricut Maker
PriceCheck Price at Amazon
ColorsPink, champagne, mint, blue, lilac
Dimensions22.6 x 7.1 x 6.2 inches
TechnologyAdaptive Tool System
Tool CompatibilityAll of Cricut’s tools and blades
Included ToolsRotary blade and fine point blade
Docking StationYes
Storage CompartmentsYes


The Cricut Maker is beautifully and thoughtfully designed.

The Cricut Maker has a dock for your device as well as storage compartments for your tools.

You need some pretty strong guns to lift the Cricut Maker because this thing is heavy, weighing in at 24lbs. But despite its heft, it has an aesthetically pleasing look, thanks to its smooth corners and elegant detailing. It comes in a bunch of beautiful colors as well, namely lilac, pink, blue, mint, and champagne. It’s not just pretty though as it’s actually designed in a very intentional and functional way. Not only does it have a docking station for you to place your device on while you’re cutting, but it also has a USB port for charging and storage compartments where you can stow your blades, tools, and markers.

As for controls, they’re all conveniently found on the right side of the Cricut Marker. The main button is responsible for turning the machine on and off while the other three are for loading the mat, starting your project, and pausing the cutting. Take a peek inside and you’ll spot the Adaptive Tool System, the very thing that gives the Cricut Maker the power to cut with 10 times the strength of other machines out there (more on this in a bit).


The Cricut Maker‘s Adaptive Tool System is future-proof and allows for precise cutting.

The Adaptive Tool System is able to control different tools and adjust their direction and pressure.

It’s the technology behind the Cricut Maker that truly makes it a worthwhile investment. Called the Adaptive Tool System, it’s a future-proof invention that allows you to use the Cricut Maker even if newer innovations pop up along the way. So no, you definitely don’t have to worry about the Cricut Maker becoming obsolete any time soon. While other Cricut models are also equipped with an Adaptive Tool System, the one inside the Cricut Maker is quite special and functions in a more intelligent way.

So how does the Cricut Maker‘s Adaptive Tool System work? You’ll notice that some of the tools that come with the machine have a golden, gear-like top which they call drive housing. Once you install your chosen tool into the machine, the Adaptive Tool System meshes with the drive housing to spin and control the tool. The Adaptive Tool System is able to adjust the direction and pressure of the blade, allowing for very precise cutting.


The Cricut Maker is compatible with all of Cricut’s available tools and blades.

The Cricut Maker is compatible with the Foil Transfer Kit which adds foil effects to different surfaces.

If you’re wondering what tools you can use with the Cricut Maker, you’ll be happy to know that all of Cricut’s tools and blades are compatible with it. This includes favorites like the Fine Point Blade, Deep Point Blade, Bonded Fabric Blade, Rotary Blade, and Knife Blade. You can also use the new Foil Transfer Kit with it if you’re into adding foil effects to your art projects. This kit comes with three tips (fine, medium, and bold) so you can be as intricate as you need to be, something you can’t do with iron-on.

The Quick Swap tool is worth mentioning as well because it allows you to use six different tools with your Cricut Maker. This includes the Scoring Wheel which creates crisp folds, the Engraving Tip which can carve on a bunch of different materials, the Debossing Tip which can make detailed indentations, and the Wavy Blade which lets you make groovy cuts. The sky’s the limit with the Cricut Maker because of these powerful tools and blades and you can even expand your set as you get into more arts and crafts projects. You can make practically everything from t-shirts, to stickers, to party decor.


The Cricut Maker is powerful, accurate, and efficient although it lacks cutting space.

The Cricut Maker is able to cut cleaner than other machines in the market.

If you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to your projects, the Cricut Maker will be your best friend because it’s extremely efficient. If it takes you about an hour to manually cut sewing patterns, the Cricut Maker can do the job for you in 15 minutes or less. Another great thing about it is its unparalleled accuracy, able to deliver cuts that are way cleaner compared to that of other machines. To boot, it’s equipped with a built-in rotary blade which makes the crafting experience so much more enjoyable because you don’t need to switch between different machines anymore.

The Cricut Maker is almost perfect save for one small complaint–it’s small. Cricut models are known to lack cutting space, especially if you compare them to Silhouette Cameo machines. People were hoping that some improvements would be made on the Cricut Maker but it still comes with the same 12″ by 24″ dimensions. This can be a major drawback for those who need more space to make bigger projects.


The Cricut Maker is a good investment for anyone who’s passionate about arts and crafts.

The pros heavily outweigh the cons so the Cricut Maker is definitely a good investment in our book. It’s powerful, accurate, efficient, versatile, and completely future-proof, making it a great tool for anyone who’s passionate about arts and crafts. It doesn’t hurt that it’s easy on the eyes either. You do, however, need to be prepared to shell out quite a hefty sum for it, especially if you’re planning to purchase the rest of the tools that are compatible with it. Also, it doesn’t come with a lot of cutting space so that’s something to consider.

If you’re just starting out with arts and crafts and need a more beginner-friendly machine than the Cricut Maker, check out our picks for best Cricut for beginners.


๐Ÿ“Œ Is the Cricut Maker worth it?

The Cricut Maker may be on the expensive side but it’s a worthwhile investment because of its power, accuracy, and efficiency. It’s future-proof as well so you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

๐Ÿ“Œ What tools are compatible with the Cricut Maker?

The Cricut Maker comes with a rotary blade and fine point blade but it’s compatible with all of Cricut’s other tools and blades as well.

๐Ÿ“Œ How do you use the Cricut Maker?

To use the Cricut Maker, you need Cricut Design Space. Through this software, you can select the tools and materials you need for your project as well as create your designs.

๐Ÿ“Œ What does the Cricut Maker‘s Adaptive Tool System do?

The Adaptive Tool System is able to work with various tools and control them to produce precise cutting.

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