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Cricut EasyPress vs EasyPress 2 (2020): Worth The Upgrade?

Cricut has upgraded the well-loved EasyPress with the EasyPress 2, adding new features and improving its overall capabilities. For fans of the original, is it worth upgrading to the newer model? Here’s a comparison between the Cricut EasyPress and the Cricut EasyPress 2 to help you decide on your purchase.

Cricut EasyPress vs EasyPress 2 Comparison Chart

ModelCricut EasyPressCricut EasyPress 2
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Weight5 lbs5.7 lbs
Heat Plate9″ x 9″9″ x 9″
Other SizesNone6″ x 7″ and 12″ x 10″
Wattage1150 watts1150 watts
Max Temperature360°F400°F
Heat-up Time100%125%
Auto ShutoffYesYes
Safety BaseYesStreamlined
Remembers SettingsNoYes
USB PortNoYes
ColorsSky, WisteriaRaspberry, Mint, Rose, Vanilla Pearl

Design and Size

The Cricut EasyPress 2 is available in three sizes.

Cricut EasyPress vs EasyPress 2 2020 Design and Size
Actually, the included Safety Base has changed more in the update of the Cricut EasyPress (left) to the EasyPress 2 (right).

Not much has changed in the design of the Cricut EasyPress. In fact, without the color choices the two models are virtually identical. The original EasyPress came in only two colors, Sky and Wisteria, while the EasyPress 2 has four, which includes a special Martha Stewart color: Vanilla pearl. Aside from color, the only other way to tell these heat presses apart is that the EasyPress 2 has a USB port (used to update firmware) located above the power cable.

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The biggest difference between the EasyPress and EasyPress 2 is that the latter is now available in three sizes. Joining the original 9″ by 9″ are a smaller 6″ by 7″ and larger 12″ by 10″. These sizes allow users to more easily and quickly finish smaller or larger projects. You’ll find the 6″ by 7″ size to be ideal for baby clothes, hats and small accessories while the 12″ by 10″ is great for sweatshirts, banners, blankets and larger shirts.

Heat Settings

The Cricut EasyPress 2 heats up quicker and higher.

Cricut EasyPress vs EasyPress 2 2020 Heat Settings
You can select temperatures as high as 400°F on the new Cricut EasyPress 2.

One of the best things about the original Cricut EasyPress is its precision temperature control which delivers even heating throughout its ceramic plate. That remains the case for the EasyPress 2, but you can now go as high as 400°F for better results with Infusible Ink projects. In addition, the Cricut EasyPress 2 can heat up 25% quicker than the original, allowing you to get started within 2 minutes.

Cricut also improved its heat plate design so that it gives a uniform, edge to edge heating. This is perhaps the tool’s biggest advantage over traditional household irons, which are typically hotter towards the nose and cooler at the rear end. The ceramic plate also doesn’t have any steam vents like irons, which are designed intentionally to generate steam to remove wrinkles. With a flat, even and dry heat, you’ll get fantastic iron-on results with the EasyPress.

Ease of Use

The Cricut EasyPress can remember its last used settings.

Cricut EasyPress vs EasyPress 2 2020 Ease of Use
The larger EasyPress 2 needs a bit more effort to handle, but it cuts down on application time.

Just like the original Cricut EasyPress, you select both the temperature and duration of your next application before placing the EasyPress 2 and pressing down. The timer really helps in ensuring you apply the optimal amount of heat for any base material. An extra bit of quality of life improvement on the newer model is that it can now remember the last settings it had when you next turn it on. This is perfect if you have a stack of items to press identical designs on.

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Aside from that, there’s not really any difference in handling either models, unless you’re using the smaller 6″ by 7″ or larger 12″ by 10″ EasyPress 2. You’ll find the smaller size to be even better for designs that don’t go any larger than its heat plate, and it’s lighter too. Meanwhile, the bigger press can cut down time and reduce effort in completing projects that feature designs larger than usual. All sizes are compatible with all major brands of HTV.

Safety Features

The Cricut EasyPress 2 has a slimmer Safety Base.

Cricut EasyPress vs EasyPress 2 2020 Safety Features
Also, here’s how each of the sizes of the EasyPress 2 stack up against each other.

In addition to the important auto-off feature which turns the press off after ten minutes of non-movement, the Cricut EasyPress 2 also retains the Safety Base. However, it’s now been streamlined to be lighter without losing its protective qualities. This heating dock is great in ensuring you don’t get any fingers or surfaces burned in between presses.

Of course, both devices still deliver heat only on its bottom part so the top part remains safe to touch even in its highest settings. It’s highly recommended that you consult the included Quick Reference Chart every time you attempt a new heat transfer project so you can get the appropriate heat and time settings for your base materials.


The Cricut EasyPress 2 is simply better than the original EasyPress.

Cricut EasyPress

Cricut EasyPress 2

All of the seemingly small improvements Cricut added to the EasyPress 2 can add up to a lot, and together they simply make the newer model the better one. You’ll find that it’s quicker, more versatile and better for large volumes. If this is the first time that you’re looking to get a heat press, you should by all means get the new Cricut EasyPress 2.

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However, we aimed to help you decide whether you should upgrade if you already have the original Cricut EasyPress. Well, if you’re satisfied with its performance, there’s really not enough upgrades and new features to justify simply buying the new one. The only reason you should surely consider the EasyPress 2 is if you’re after either the smaller 6″ by 7″ or the larger 12″ by 10″, which are both handier for their respective design sizes.

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