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Canon M200 vs M50 Mark II (2022): Which Entry-Level Mirrorless Camera Should You Buy?

If you want to learn the ropes of photography with an entry-level mirrorless camera, you’re probably overwhelmed by the number of models that are available on the market right now. But there are two Canon cameras that you should definitely look into, namely the Canon M200 and the Canon M50 Mark II. The former is a rangefinder mirrorless camera while the latter is an SLR mirrorless camera. To help you decide which one you should go for, here’s an in-depth comparison that covers their design, image quality, and additional features.Β 

Canon M200 vs M50 Mark II Comparison Chart

ModelCanon M200Canon M50 Mark II
 Canon M200 chartCanon M50 Mark II chart
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
DesignEntry-level rangefinder-style mirrorless cameraEntry-level SLR-style mirrorless camera
Lens MountCanon EF-M Canon EF-M 
Sensor Type22.3 x 14.9 mm (APS-C) CMOS22.3 x 14.9 mm (APS-C) CMOS
Crop Factor1.6x1.6x
Image Resolution24.1MP24.1MP
Image File FormatJPEG and RAWJPEG and RAW
ViewfinderNoneBuilt-in electronic
Microphone PortNoneYes
Hot ShoeNoneYes
Built-In IntervalometerNoneYes


The Canon M50 Mark II is much heavier than the Canon M200.

Canon M200 vs M50 Mark II design
The Canon M200 (left) has a rangefinder design while the M50 Mark II (right) is styled after an SLR.

Because the Canon M50 Mark II has the design of an SLR, it’s much heavier than the rangefinder-style Canon M200. It weighs in at 387g while the M200 is only at 299g so this is something to consider if you plan on traveling a lot with your camera. Do note, however, that their weight will vary depending on the type of lens you’re using. Also, both models aren’t weather-sealed so that’s something to keep in mind when you’re shooting somewhere cold or rainy.Β 

Another obvious difference between these two models are their viewfinders. The M50 Mark II is equipped with an electronic viewfinder which makes it easy to frame your shots even when you’re in a bright environment. With the M200, on the other hand, you’d have to rely on the rear LCD and live view for framing. As for displays, both models have an articulated screen that you can adjust to face forward. This feature will come in handy for the photographers and vloggers out there who are into taking selfies.

Image Quality

The Canon M50 Mark II and the Canon M200 have the same sensor size and image resolution.

Canon M200 vs M50 image quality
The Canon M200 (left) and the M50 Mark II (right) have an APS-C sensor with a 1.6x crop factor.

While the Canon M200 and the Canon M50 Mark II look very different on the outside, they’re actually quite similar under the hood. Both models use an APS-C sensor with a crop factor of 1.6. This places them in the medium sensor category along with other cameras that try to offer the right balance between portability and image quality. Aside from sharing the same sensor size, they also have the image resolution of 24MP. Because they have these two things in common, this means that they have the same pixel size, pixel density, and ultimately the same image quality. It might be worth noting though that the M50 Mark II is a newer model and its sensor might be equipped with more advanced technology.

Just like most modern cameras, both the M200 and the M50 Mark II don’t just take high-quality images but can capture video recordings as well. Thanks to their sensors, they both have speedy read-out times but the M200 has the advantage of being able to shoot at a higher frame rate. While the M50 Mark II maxes out at 4K at 24p, it can shoot at 4K at 25p. 

Additional Features

The Canon M50 Mark II comes with more features than the Canon M200.

Canon M200 vs M50 Mark II features
The Canon M50 Mark II (right) has a microphone port and hot shoe, features that are missing on the M200 (left).

The Canon M50 Mark II has a couple of interesting features up its sleeve that are missing on the Canon M200. For starters, it’s one of the few models out there that have both a mechanical shutter and an electronic one. With the latter, you can shoot your subjects with as much discreetness as possible because it barely makes a sound. Although it’s not the best when you’re surrounded by artificial light at the risk of flickering or when you’re trying to shoot a moving object at the risk of rolling shutter. The M50 Mark II also has a built-in intervalometer which lets you capture time lapse footage without needing third-party accessories or software.Β 

To top things off, the M50 Mark II even comes with a microphone port which allows you to level up your audio and a hot shoe so that you can attach a flash unit and other accessories. As for connectivity, both models have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support and are equipped with a USB port and HDMI port. 


The Canon M200 and the Canon M50 Mark II each has their own set of pros and cons. 

Canon M200

Canon M200 verdict

Canon M50 Mark II

Canon M50 Mark II verdict

Because the Canon M200 and the Canon M50 Mark II have the same sensor size, image resolution, and overall image quality,Β it all boils down to their design and features when choosing between the two. If you want something more portable that you can easily carry around with you on your travels, the Canon M200 will be the more suitable pick for you. Not only does it sport a more compact design but it’s also able to shoot at a higher frame rate.

As for the Canon M50 Mark II, it’ll be right up your alley if you want a feature-packed mirrorless camera that you can use with different accessories. This SLR-style model comes with both a mechanical and electronic shutter, a built-in intervalometer, a microphone port, and a hot shoe. Do note, however, that these features add to its bulkiness.


πŸ“Œ Is the Canon M200 good for photography?

The Canon M200 is ideal for travel photography because of its compact rangefinder-style design, high image quality, and ability to record videos at a high frame rate.

πŸ“Œ Does the Canon M200 shoot in 4K?

Yes, the Canon M200 can shoot in 4K at 25p.

πŸ“ŒIs the Canon M50 Mark II good for photography?

The Canon M50 Mark II delivers sharp images thanks to its APS-C sensor with a crop factor of 1.6 and its 24MP image resolution. Not to mention it comes with a bunch of handy features such as an additional electronic shutter and a built-in intervalometer.

πŸ“Œ Does the Canon M50 Mark II shoot in 4K?

Yes, the Canon M50 Mark II can shoot in 4K at 24p.

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