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Canon EOS Rebel T8i (850D) vs 80D (2021): First Look At Canon’s Next Entry-Level DSLR

Among the slew of new cameras coming from Canon this year is the EOS Rebel T8i, which will be called the EOS 850D outside of the US. After rumors have started surfacing about its specs, new leaks have now revealed more detailed information as well as a sneak peek at its design. How will Canon’s next entry-level DSLR camera fare against current favorites such as the Canon EOS 80D? Read on below.

Canon EOS Rebel T8i (850D) vs 80D DSLR Camera Comparison Chart

ModelCanon EOS Rebel T8i (EOS 850D)Canon EOS 80D (with 18-55mm Lens)
Canon EOS 850D (EOS Rebel T8i)Canon EOS 80D (EOS Rebel T8i)
PriceComing SoonCheck Price
Dimensions131.0 x 102.6 x 76.2 mm139.0 x 105.2 x 78.5 mm
Weight515 g730 g
CMOS Sensor24.1 MP24.2 MP (APS-C)
Image ProcessorDIGIC 8DIGIC 6
Optical ViewfinderAll-cross 45-point AFAll-cross 45-point AF
Dual Pixel CMOS AFYesYes
Continuous Shooting7 fps7 fps
VideoUp to 4K at 30pUp to 1080p at 60p
LCD3-inch 1.04M dots3-inch 1.04M dots
Weather Sealedn/aYes
Batteryn/a960 shots


The Canon EOS Rebel T8i will be smaller and lighter than the EOS 80D.

Canon EOS 850D vs 80D Design
There are only minor differences between the Canon EOS 850D/Rebel T8i (left) and EOS 80D (right).

As you can see from the leaked photo of the Canon EOS 850D above, you’ll find that it sports a similar form factor as the EOS 80D. It’s going to be smaller and lighter though, making it closer to the build of the entry-level EOS 800D. At the back the LCD screen of the EOS 80D is slightly larger, though it appears they will have the same display size as well as resolution of 1.04 million dots.

Aside from that, there’s an LCD display at the top of the EOS 80D which shows settings information at a quick glance. Its mode dial is found on the left-hand side, while the T8i has it on its right. There aren’t too many more details to compare without the actual unit of the Canon EOS Rebel T8i or 850D being officially revealed. Hopefully it has a weather-sealed construction similar to the EOS 80D.


The Canon EOS Rebel T8i will use a more advanced imaging processor than the EOS 80D.

Canon EOS 850D vs 80D Features
A couple more leaked photos of the Canon EOS 850D/Rebel T8i.

It’s unclear why Canon is slightly downgrading the megapixel count of the EOS Rebel T8i to 24.1 compared to the 24.2 of the EOS 80D or the EOS 800D. However, the 850D will be running on the latest DIGIC 8 Image Processor, which should offer improvements in image quality and overall speed. The same imaging engine can be found on newer models released in 2019, such as the EOS M6 Mark II and the EOS 90D.

Other than that, the Canon EOS Rebelt T8i (850D) will also use the same AF system as the 80D, which is an all cross-type with 45 points. It will also employ the Dual Pixel CMOS AF to boost its ability to focus and track subjects, especially in Live View. It’s unconfirmed whether the 850D will have a similar Intelligent Viewfinder as the 80D or if it has improvements.


The Canon EOS Rebel T8i can record higher resolution videos than the EOS 80D.

Canon EOS 850D vs 80D Performance
We expect the Canon EOS 850D to put a considerable lead on the EOS 80D in terms of performance.

With its updated DIGIC 8 Image Processor, the Canon EOS 850D/Rebel T8i opens up more possibilities than the limitations on the 80D’s DIGIC 6 sets. For one, the T8i will be able to capture videos in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second without cropping. So far, all Canon cameras that use an APS-C body has a standard 1.6x crop, but that’s all you’ll get with the EOS Rebel T8i. In comparison, the EOS 80D can only record in 1080/60p.

The rumored max burst shooting speed of the EOS 850D is 7.0 frames per second, matching that of the 80D. It will be more like 7.5 fps though on Live View. That’s the extent of the specs and features leaked so far, but we’ll update this post once more surfaces or when Canon officially reveals the camera this February.


The Canon EOS Rebel T8i is likely to set a higher bar for entry-level DSLR cameras than the EOS 80D.

Canon EOS Rebel T8i (EOS 850D)

Canon EOS 850D (EOS Rebel T8i)

Canon EOS 80D (with 18-55mm lens)

Canon EOS 80D

It’s pretty limited information to go on, but what we’ve seen so far looks good. We’ll have to wait and see how close the Canon EOS Rebel T8i (EOS 850D) comes to the level of the EOS 80D, which is itself targeted at the enthusiast and semi-professional market. As a new entry-level DSLR, the EOS 850D will definitely be one to look out for.

Those who can’t wait will find the Canon EOS 80D a nice step up from beginner level cameras. It has a fantastic autofocus and focus tracking as well as solid ergonomics, while still being simple enough for intermediate photographers. If you want a solid performer that can capture amazing shots without getting lost in the settings, the EOS 80D won’t disappoint.

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