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Canon EOS R5 vs Sony a6100 (2021): Which Mirrorless Camera Is Worth It?

Joining Canon’s EOS R line of mirrorless cameras soon is the highly anticipated Canon EOS R5. While the EOS R5 on the horizon is still under development, Canon claims it’s their “most advanced full-frame mirrorless camera ever.” We collate what we know so far about the new Canon EOS R5 and compare them against the Sony a6100, a highly-rated, but significantly more budget-friendly mirrorless camera today.

Canon EOS R5 vs Sony a6100 Mirrorless Camera Comparison Chart

ModelCanon EOS R5Sony a6100
Canon EOS R5sony a6100
PriceComing SoonCheck Price
CMOS Sensor45MP Full-frame24.2 MP APS-C
(In-Body Image Stabilization)
Mechanical Shutter12 fps11 fps
Electronic Shutter20 fps8 fps
AFDual Pixel CMOS AFFast Hybrid AF
8K VideoUp to 30 fpsNone
4K VideoUp to 120 fpsUp to 30 fps
NFC PairingYesYes
Card SlotsCFExpress and UHS-IIDual UHS-II
BatteryNew380 shots


Both the Canon EOS R5 and the Sony a6100 sport a compact, standard-looking body, but have different LCD tilt angles

canon eos r5 vs sony a6100
Their touchscreen LCD screens tilt in different directions and the Sony comes with more dials

Canon has released official photos of the EOS R5 on the horizon and its sleeker design and slightly thicker body look similar to its predecessor’s, the EOS R. On the rear of the EOS R5 are buttons and dials that reflect that this is a 5-series Canon camera through and through.

The EOS R5 comes with a ‘Rate’ button next to the ‘Menu’ that allows you to mark images that you like while reviewing them on the camera’s screen. This makes it easier to spot the ones you like once the images are downloaded. For example, when shooting photos or videos, this button is particularly useful when asking your subject which photos they like to be sent to them later.

Rear view of the Canon EOS R5 (left) and the Sony a6100 (right)

Meanwhile, the Sony a6100 sports sharper edges and bigger grip than the Canon. Its camera viewfinder is located on the leftmost side while the EOS R5’s is placed closer to the middle. Unlike the Canon’s LCD screen that tilts sideways, the Sony a6100’s screen tilts up by 180° and downward by 74°. This angle works great for those who want to see the screen while taking a video, but keep in mind that mounting a mic on the camera will block off the screen.

Video Recording

The Canon EOS R5 can capture 8K videos at 30 fps while the Sony a6100 can film up to 4K videos at 30 fps; the EOS R5 comes with IBIS

You’ll need a separate stabilizer with the Sony a6100

Canon set the camera world abuzz when it announced that the upcoming EOS R5 can capture stunning 8K videos at 30fps. This is a first for full-frame mirrorless cameras for the average camera user. While Canon hasn’t released all the specifications yet, enthusiasts speculate that the EOS R5 will be equipped with an impressive 40 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and can record 4K videos at 120fps.

In comparison, the Sony a6100 doesn’t have 8L recording capabilities, it does a decent job of capturing high-resolution 4K videos with up to 30fps. While the a6100 pales (most cameras will) in comparison with the soon-to-be-released Canon EOS R5, the videos it can take still have better quality than most cameras in its class. The a6100 also offers great color rendering that makes colors look more natural and realistic and can handle low light well.

A first for Canon’s line of cameras is the In Body Image Stabilization (IBIS) integrated into the upcoming EOS R5. On paper, this results in smoother captures and alleviates the need to buy a separate stabilizer. How well Canon’s IBIS will translate in the actual camera is yet to be confirmed once it’s out in the market. Meanwhile, the Sony a6100 is not equipped with a built-in stabilizer so videos can get shaky and wobbly if you don’t mount it on one.

Speed and Autofocus System

Both the Canon EOS R5 and Sony a6100 offer impressive real-time eye autofocus

Sony’s real-time eye autofocus works well for both humans and animals

Canon’s much-awaited EOS R5 can shoot at 12 fps with its mechanical shutter and 20 fps with its electronic one. In contrast, the Sony a6100’s mechanical shutter can shoot at 11 fps and only 8 fps in its electronic one. Even though the a6100’s speed doesn’t fare well against Canon’s upcoming flagship mirrorless, it’s still one of the best budget APS-C cameras today.

One of the most sought-after features in cameras today is real-time autofocus, and both the EOS R5 and the a6100 won’t disappoint. They boast real-time eye autofocus for humans and pets to make sure your subject will look sharp against the bokeh no matter how fast they’re moving.

The a6100’s Touch Tracking feature allows focusing on your moving subject by a simple touch on the screen. Canon takes it up a notch by claiming the EOS R5 can detect the subject’s face and body, ensuring consistent focus even when the eyes are not in the frame.

Additional Features

The Canon EOS R5 supports automatic image transfers to image.canon while the Sony a6100 features One-Touch remote and sharing

Launching on April 14th, image.canon is Canon’s new cloud service

Users who prefer CFExpress cards for better writing speed and data storage will be happy with its inclusion in the EOS R5. The upcoming Canon is equipped with a CFExpress card slot in addition to its UHS-II. Meanwhile, the Sony a6100 comes with a dual UHS-II card slot.

Another feature that many users demand from their cameras is the ease of transferring files from one device to another. The new Canon EOS R5 is supports automatic transfer to Canon’s cloud platform, image.canon. Meanwhile, the a6100 is equipped with the One-Touch feature through Sony’s Imaging Edge Mobile app. This lets you easily share photos from the camera to your device or use your mobile device as a viewfinder or remote.


The Canon EOS R5 is hands-down the better mirrorless camera, but the Sony a6100 offers great value for its price

Canon EOS R5

Canon Eos r5 mirrorless camera

Sony a6100

sony a6100 mirrorless camera

Canon’s official release of the upcoming EOS R5’s specs has made many fans excited. If what’s on paper will translate well in the actual mirrorless camera, the new Canon EOS R5 will be in a category of its own. As for its price, there’s no official price tag yet, but it will be significantly steeper than the entry-level Sony a6100.

While the Sony a6100‘s specs and video quality may not be as impressive as the upcoming Canon, it is still a great mirrorless camera for its price. Its real-time eye autofocus is especially effective and will work well for users who want to use this camera for vlogging. If you’re looking for a 4K camera with great autofocus for videos and stills that won’t break the bank, the Sony a6100 is a solid choice.

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