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Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch (2021): Comparing Bedroom and Bathroom Essentials

Getting quality home essentials at a fair-price has been the mission of both Brooklinen and Boll & Branch. The direct-to-consumer startups boast loyal customers who continue to vouch for their respective products. Moreover, both brands have seen their catalogue expand from premium sheets to include bathroom essentials and apparel.

Since the two carry almost similar products and collections, we’ve set out to compare their best products from their most popular categories. Below, you can see how Brooklinen and Boll & Branch fare when it comes to sheets, duvet covers, towels, and bathroom accessories.

Brooklinen vs Boll and Branch Comparison Chart

BrandBrooklinenBoll and Branch
Best Selling Sheet SetsAmazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Founded In20142013
HeadquartersBrooklyn, New York CitySummit, New Jersey
Sheet SizesTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California KingTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, King w/ Std. cases, California King, Split King
Material100% Long Staple Cotton100% Organic Cotton
OEKO-TEX CertifiedYesYes
GOTS CertifiedNoYes
Fair Trade CertifiedNoYes
ShippingUS and select North American, Asia, Asia-Pacific, and European countriesUS and Canada
Return PolicyReturned or exchanged within 365 daysReturn within 30 days with refund; no exchange policy


When it comes to sheets, Brooklinen’s best offering is their Luxe Sheet Sets and Bundles. On the other hand, Boll & Branch is better if you prefer fabrics made of 100% organic cotton or if you need extra deep fitted sheets.

Here’s a look Heathered Cashmere Sheet set from Brooklinen (left) and Classic Hemmed Sheet set from Boll & Branch.

Brooklinen and Boll & Branch are best known for their premium bed sheets. And over the years, their respective catalogues have grown to include an array of sheets made of different materials, coming in tasteful prints and patterns, and with value-for-money bundles.


Brooklinen’s line of Classic and Luxe sheets, for instance, have become a go-to of sorts for those who want to upgrade their bedroom decor. At just under $100, the brand’s Classic Starter Set, which features a breathable 270 thread count, has become a budget staple as well as a popular choice among hot sleepers.

However, it’s the Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set that is a true Internet favorite. Made of a luxurious 480 thread count, the Luxe’s sateen weave lends these fabrics a luminous sheen and warmth that make them ideal for year-round use.

If you want something durable and soft, you can opt for the Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere Hard Core Sheet bundle instead. It’s not pure cashmere—in fact, it’s 95% cotton and 5% Himalayan cashmere—but the combination is enough for a silky soft fabric that can weather changing climates and unkind washing. But you’ll have to shell out a bit more for this. The bundle costs $475. 

Boll & Branch

Although Brooklinen and Boll & Branch take their textile production seriously, the latter is arguably the more sustainable choice. In addition to being OEKO-TEX certified, Boll & Branch boasts Fair Trade and GOTS certifications, too. Indeed, the brand’s commitment to a sustainable supply chain—from sourcing cotton to the manufacturing process—is without question.

That being said, the Classic Hemmed Sheet Set is undoubtedly the best-seller from the brand. Using 100% organic cotton, the bundle includes standard pillowcases and fitted sheets, with extra items for larger sizes. Another favorite, on the other hand, is the Boll & Branch Ivory Striped Sheet set. The set is lightweight and comes with extra deep fitted sheets that are ideal for people with mattresses that come with extra padding. Currently, the set starts at $210. 

Duvet Cover

Boll & Branch offers more designs when it comes to duvet covers compared to Brooklinen.

Brooklinen’s Windowpane Duvet Cover (left) comes with a classic design. On the right, Boll and Branch’s best-selling Classic Hemmed Duvet set.

While duvets are great for added warmth and comfort, it can take a lot of effort to clean them. Brooklinen’s line of duvet covers are great but you will find more variety from Boll & Branch.

Boll & Branch, for instance, sells their duvet covers as sets. In this line, a favorite would be the Classic Hemmed Duvet Set, which features the brand’s signature weave. The fabrics also come in five soft and muted colors, as well as a vibrant botanical print. However, if you’re not too keen with a plain or in-your-face design, there some elegant choices, too. The catalogue includes embroidered variants, flannel, matelassé, and eyelet fabrics. 

Meanwhile, Brooklinen offers a more modest set of duvet covers. You still get three options, including Classic Percale and the more casual Linen variant. But it’s the sateen Luxe option that should be worth your consideration. The duvet cover brandishes a luminous finish and also features bigger buttons and corner ties for a better fit. Brooklinen’s Luxe Duvet Cover starts at $135.


Brooklinen carries more variety in its line of towels but Boll & Branch does have an equally plush towel to compete.

Both brands offers plush towels for your after-shower wrap.

People are always looking for ways to bring resort-like amenities to their homes. Brooklinen understands this quite well. In fact, outside of its bedroom essentials, the company has gained popularity for its Super Plush towels. 

Made from Turkish cotton, these towels come in at 820 GSM. And it’s that extra thickness that evokes a spa-like experience in the comforts of your own bathroom. Although most would be happy with just the bath towels, you do get more for your money if you purchase a set. In this vein, go for the Brooklinen Super-Plush Move-In Bundle that includes four bath towels, two hand towels, four wash clothes, and a bath mat.

Likewise, Boll & Branch features a great line of towels. The brand has even found it useful to separate its plush variants from the spa essentials. However, it is the plush organic towels that best compare with Brooklinen’s offering. These are 45% larger than average, ensuring you are wrapped from head to toe.

Interestingly, the Spa Bath Towels from Boll & Branch are more lightweight. While it’s still 100% cotton, the towels make use of channelled patterns for faster absorbency, and quicker dry off between uses. 

Bath Accessories

Boll & Branch offers curtains and mats, while Brooklinen adds candles and robes to their bathroom essentials.

Here’s a look at Brooklinen’s Soy Candle set (left) and Boll & Branch’s Waffle Shower Curtain (right).

While you’re thinking about indulging in bath towels, why not complete your bathroom needs with accessories? Boll & Branch has a more modest catalogue, featuring bath maths and shower curtains. However, it’s the latter which sparks more interest.

Boll & Branch’s Waffle Shower Curtain come in three muted earth tones. Although the white is ideal if you’re gunning for a minimalist look, the Pewter variant adds warmth and depth to any shower. But regardless which color you choose, the curtains all have a micro-waffle texture that helps repel water while still exuding a spa-like vibe.

In contrast, Brooklinen boasts curtains, mats, robes, and even candles. Like its towel counterpart, the Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe is a best-seller, owing to its lush texture and deep pockets. But if you’re not a fan of plush, you still have linen and waffle robes to choose from.

Are you looking for a non-textile product? Little trinkets like Brooklinen’s Soy Candles are a most thoughtful treat. While a signature scent is a bit indulgent at $35, you will save more money if you purchase the set. The package includes all four votive mini candles from the brand for only $59. Not only are these welcome additions to your bathing rituals, they should serve as a nice introduction to Brooklinen.


Brooklinen has more flexible color options for sheets, alongside a range of bathroom essentials. For the socially and environmentally-conscious, however, it’s hard to beat Boll & Branch’s organic products. 

Amazon product

Brooklinen and Boll & Branch share many of the same bedroom and bathroom essentials. However, Brooklinen does have the advantage when it comes to bathroom accessories. The brand not only offers more products but variants of these products as well. For example, its best-selling range of plush towels are accompanied by waffle, hammam, and ultralight options. You also get a great selection when it comes to their robes and bath mats. 

When it comes to sheets, the two brands are comparable. You will have more designs with Boll & Branch but Brooklinen does offer better bundles. In addition, Brooklinen will allow you to mix and match colors or patterns for these bundles. But if you need larger-than-usual sheets for deeper mattresses, then Boll & Branch has more to offer. Moreover, the brand gives you several choices for its duvet covers, including embroidered and eyelet designs for those who eschew minimalism.

Although both brands offer OEKO-TEX certified products, those who adhere strictly to a sustainable lifestyle will find value in Boll & Branch’s commitment to fair trade agreements. Their line of organic sheets are not only guaranteed to be high-quality, but also produced through socially conscious business practices. But if premium sheets at a fair price is all you need, then you’ll certainly find plenty of choices between Brooklinen and Boll & Branch.  


📌 Does Brooklinen sell waffle shower curtains?

Brooklinen doesn’t have waffle shower curtains. Instead, the brand offers cotton and linen curtain sets. 

📌 What is the main difference between Boll & Branch and Brooklinen sheets?

Boll & Branch sheets are made of 100% organic cotton and are Fair Trade Certified. On the other hand, Brooklinen sheets are OEKO-TEX certified, just like Boll & Branch, but are not organic. In any case, both brands guarantee that no harmful chemicals were used in creating their sheets. 

📌 How long does it take Boll & Branch to refund returns?

According to Boll & Branch, it takes about 5-10 days for returns to be processed and refunded. 

📌 Does Boll & Branch offer free shipping?

Yes, Boll & Branch offers complimentary ground shipping service in the US, plus 1 or 2-day shipping for an additional fee. However, mattress purchases are not included in the expedited shipping service. 

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