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Britax Boulevard vs Advocate (2021): Which Convertible Car Seat Should You Buy?

Convertible car seats are more preferred by parents because they can practically last for years. There are many convertible car seat brands but Britax is one of those that constantly make it to the top of the lists. The company’s ClickTight convertible car seat series is one of the most-loved and it’s no wonder at all basing on the features loaded into the Britax Boulevard and Advocate. Check out the rest of this article to know which Britax convertible car seat is the better choice for you.

Britax Boulevard vs Advocate Comparison Chart

ModelBritax BoulevardBritax Advocate
 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Rear-Facing InstallationYes; 2 with comfort pillowYes; 2 with comfort pillow
Forward-Facing InstallationYesYes
Weight Capacity5 – 65 lbs (2.3 – 29.4 kg)5 – 65 lbs (2.3 – 29.4 kg)
Layers of Side Protection23
Quick Adjust Headrest1414
Recline Positions77
Steel FrameYesYes
LATCH/LUAS ConnectorsYesYes
Dimensions23″ x 18.5″ x 23.5″ (30.25″ height with headrest fully extended)23″ x 20.5″ x 23.5″ (30.25″ height with headrest fully extended)
Weight29.4 lbs (13.33 kg)30.6 lbs (13.87 kg)
Colors Available63

Britax Boulevard and Advocate Design

These two Britax ClickTight convertible car seats look very much alike.

Britax Boulevard vs Advocate Design
The Britax Advocate (right) is wider by 2″ and heavier by 1.2 lbs than the Britax Boulevard (left).

The Britax Boulevard and Advocate are both part of the Britax ClickTight Infant/Child Car Seat series. Thus as expected, the two look very much the same. Inspecting closely, however, will show you that the Advocate is wider by two inches and is heavier by 1.2 lbs. It’s not really an issue but may be a disadvantage for parents with smaller vehicles.

The difference in size and weight is likely because of the additional layer of side protection that the Britax Advocate has. (We’ll be highlighting more about that later.) And while the Britax Boulevard has 8 fabric color patterns, the Advocate only has three. But regardless of color pattern, the fabric used in both car seats are definitely made of high quality material. Best of all, they’re machine washable!

Britax Infant/Child Car Seat Special Features

Britax’s car seat features show that the company also has parent-drivers in mind.

Britax Convertible Car Seat Special Features
Some of the features that can only be found in Britax ClickTight convertible car seats.

The features listed below can be found in all Britax ClickTight Infant/Child car seats like the Britax Boulevard and Advocate:

  • 7-Position, Quick Push Recline – You can easily adjust the angle of the car seat to achieve the perfect fit for your child and your vehicle.
  • Easy-Read Level Indicators – An indicator can be found under the seat that serves as guide for the best angle for forward-facing or rear-facing modes.
  • 14-Position Quick-Adjust Harness and Headrest – The headrest and harness can be easily lifted up as the child grows. There’s no need to re-thread each time you adjust.
  • Flip Forward Buckle – This design allows the buckle to stay out the way every time you put in or lift your child away from the car seat.

Britax Boulevard and Advocate Safety Technology

Britax has patented car seat safety features.

Britax Marathon and Boulevard Safety Features
The Britax Boulevard and Advocate share the same Britax safety features.

The Britax Boulevard and Advocate have both scored highly on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) evaluation tests. The NHTSA assesses car seat safety based on the following basic categories:

  • Evaluation of Instructions
  • Evaluation of Labels
  • Vehicle Installation Features
  • Securing The Child

Overall Ease of Use Rating score for the Britax Boulevard is 4 stars while the Britax Advocate garnered 5 stars.

Britax Advocate Safety Features
Britax Advocate special features

The Britax Advocate is the model in the ClickTight car seat series that has the most layers of side impact protection. (The Britax Boulevard has two layers while the Marathon only has one.) These layers surround the child’s head, neck, and torso to ensure ultimate protection.

Meanwhile, Britax’s patented standard safety features such as the V-shaped tether and SafeCell Technology can also be found in both models. The V-shaped tether basically slows down and reduces forward movement during sudden stops or crashes. The SafeCell Technology, on the other hand, can be found under the seat base and it crumples to absorb crash energy.

Britax ClickTight Installation

All the models in the ClickTight convertible series can be easily installed regardless of modes.

Britax ClickTight Installation System
ClickTight Installation in rear-facing or forward-facing modes.

The Britax ClickTight Installation System is another patented technology that is undeniably one of the best features in this car seat series. Other Britax car seats also have ClickTight Installation including the Britax One4Life car seat.

The system is a game changer because car seat installation becomes easy as 1-2-3. Not only that, weight limits and limited seating problems inside your vehicle are prevented because the vehicle seat belt is used to secure the car seats and not just lower anchor connectors.


Britax Boulevard vs Advocate? You choice will depend on your budget.

Amazon product

The difference in price between the Britax Boulevard and the Advocate is only a few bucks. For an additional 20 dollars or more, you’re getting more layers of side protection with the Britax Advocate. But if the Advocate’s limited classic color patterns do not impress you, then, you may want to settle for the Boulevard and save your dollars to buy additional accessories instead.

By the way, there’s another car seat in the Britax ClickTight Infant/Child car seat series and it’s the most affordable of the three. Check out our review of the Britax Marathon if you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative with the same Britax ClickTight features.


๐Ÿ“Œ Is Britax a good car seat brand?

Britax has been making car seats since 1966 and products are tested and built in the United States with U.S. & Global Parts. Moreover, their car seats score high in the NHTSA evaluation tests.

๐Ÿ“Œ How long can I use a Britax car seat for my child?

Britax car seats have a 10-year expiry date. While the car seats may still be of good quality after a decade, the safety of your child is not guaranteed.

๐Ÿ“Œ What are the car seat models in the Britax ClickTight Infant/Child car seat collection?

The Britax ClickTight Infant/Child car seat series include the Britax Marathon, the Britax Boulevard, and the Britax Advocate.

๐Ÿ“Œ What does LUAS mean?

LUAS stands for Lower Universal Anchorage System which is the equivalent for the USA’s Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) in Canada.

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