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Breville the Infuser vs Gaggia Classic Pro (2021): Comparing Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

Breville and Gaggia are among the most well-known espresso machine names in the market today. We compare their top-selling semi-automatic espresso machines: Breville’s the Infuser and Gaggia’s Classic Pro. Both are pegged at similar price points and can help you create coffee shop-worthy drinks at home, but which one does it better? We break down their similarities and differences to help you review which espresso machine suits your taste. 

Breville the Infuser vs Gaggia Classic Pro Comparison Chart

ModelBreville the Infuser (BES840XL/A)Gaggia Classic Pro (RI9380/46)
 Amazon product Amazon product 
PriceAmazon product Amazon product 
13.7″ x 11.5″ x 13.2″
9.5 ” x 8″ x 14.2″
Water Tank Capacity61 fl. oz.72 fl. oz.
Integrated Conical Burr GrinderNoNo
Heating System1650W Thermocoil-Integrated stainless steel water path1370W Single boiler
Pump15 bar Italian made pump15 Bar Italian-made Ulka Pump
Pressure GaugeYesNo
Micro-Foam Milk TexturingYesYes
Compatible with ground coffee and ESE coffee podsNoYes
ColorsBrushed Stainless Steel, Black Sesame, Cranberry RedBrushed Stainless Steel, Cherry Red, Classic Blue, Classic Grey, Industrial Black

Design & Build

Breville’s the Infuser looks more premium and has a slightly bigger footprint than the Gaggia Classic Pro

Design and build Breville the Infuser vs Gaggia Classic Pro (2)
Both espresso machines are available in a brushed stainless steel finish

With a premium finish and sleek profile, these espresso machines are stylish and well-designed. Between the Infuser and the Gaggia Classic Pro, however, the Breville wins, as its uniform brushed stainless steel body looks and feels more elegant. The responsive buttons on the Breville’s the Infuser also seamlessly blend with the rest of the machine. Compared to the Infuser, the Gaggia Classic Pro’s plastic rocker switches don’t look as elegant. Another plus for Breville’s the Infuser is its pressure gauge, which allows you to keep the pressure at optimal espresso-making levels. 

Both the Breville the Infuser and the Gaggia Classic Pro don’t have an onboard conical burr grinder, so you’ll have to get a dedicated bean grinder. Where the Gaggia wins over the Breville is its slightly larger 72 fl. oz. water tank capacity. The Infuser’s water tank can only store up to 61 fl. oz., but it comes with a built-in water filter that’s missing in the Gaggia Classic Pro.

Coffee & Milk Quality

Breville’s the Infuser has a 54mm portafilter while the Gaggia Classic Pro’s is commercial-grade 58mm

The portafilter on the Gaggia Classic Pro is the same size as the one on Breville’s top-of-the-line the Oracle espresso machine

Both the Breville the Infuser and the Gaggia Classic Pro are excellent machines for making artisanal-quality espresso at home. They are also equipped with powerful steam wands that can whip up a good froth in seconds. Both have a 15 BAR Italian-made pump to help you extract a full-bodied espresso. The Gaggia Classic Pro has a slight edge over Breville’s the Infuser as it comes with a 58mm portafilter, the standard size found in most coffee shops. 

With that said, Breville’s espresso-making technologies found in its line of espresso machines, including the Infuser, are hard to beat. The Infuser’s digital PID temperature control and its onboard gauge can help you manage the extraction time and dosage for that excellent espresso shot. Its 1650W Thermocoil-Integrated stainless steel heating system can also heat up water and steam milk faster than the Gaggia Classic Pro’s 1325W boiler. For latte art lovers, the Breville is the better choice for this reason.  

Additional Features

Breville’s the Infuser tells you when the espresso machine needs cleaning

The Infuser has a “Clean Me” indicator that lights up when it’s time for maintenance

As mentioned earlier, Breville’s the Infuser comes with a built-in water filter. This means that mineral build-up can happen more quickly in the machine, thus regular upkeep is imperative. The Infuser notifies you when it’s time for cleaning through its “Clean Me” indicator. It also lets you program your favorite dosage settings so you won’t have to play with it everytime you need to brew in the morning. These features are not available in the Gaggia Classic Pro. 


Breville’s the Infuser offers better espresso-making features than the Gaggia Classic Pro

Amazon product

The Gaggia Classic Pro is a strong contender, but Breville’s the Infuser is a more worthy purchase between the two espresso machines. The Infuser’s pre-infusion feature alone gives it a significant edge over the Gaggia Classic Pro. On top of that, Breville’s the Infuser has a more powerful heating system, commercial-grade steam wand, and programmable extraction settings.

Of course, the Gaggia Classic Pro isn’t a terrible espresso machine. It’s still a better option than many other machines in its class, but Breville’s the Infuser simply outshines the Italian brand in this comparison of their semi-automatic espresso machines. 


📌 What’s the difference between the Breville the Infuser and the Gaggia Classic Pro?  

Breville’s the Infuser comes with more bells and whistles than the Gaggia Classic Pro. The Infuser has more advanced espresso-making technologies while the Classic Pro boasts a 58mm portafilter and larger water tank capacity. 

📌 Is Gaggia a good brand?

Yes, the Italian company Gaggia has been a trusted espresso machine brand for decades. 

📌 Which is the best Gaggia espresso machine? 

Gaggia’s top-rated espresso machine is the Gaggia Classic Pro. It’s well-built, beginner-friendly, and carries a reasonable price tag for its features.

📌 Where are Breville espresso machines manufactured? 

Australian company Breville is headquartered in Sydney and its espresso machines, including the Infuser, are assembled in China. They go through stringent quality control so you can be assured that you’re getting a reliable Breville espresso machine. 

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