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Braun Series 8 vs Norelco 9200 (2021): Which Shaver Should You Choose?

Razors have come a long way. Since the introduction of a razor that doesn’t nick your skin by default, innovations have only kept being added. Now, electric razors designed to be as comfortable as possible while still offering the closest shave it can are common in the market. Two brands, Braun and Philips’ Norelco, are considered to be the biggest in the market, engaged in a rivalry much like other big two choices in other industries. Let’s take a look at the Braun Series 8 and the Norelco 9200 and see how they compare to each other.

Braun Series 8 vs Norelco 9200 Comparison Chart

ModelBraun Series 8Norelco 9200
 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Shaver TypeFoilRotary
Running Time60 minutes60 minutes
Warranty2 years2 years

Foil versus Rotary Shavers

A brief primer on how the two razor types differ.

Braun (left) produces foil razors, while Norelco (right) has three-headed rotary shavers.

The biggest difference between the Series 8 and the 9200, aside from the brand, is their method of shaving. Braun exclusively produces foil razors, while Norelco’s shavers are rotary ones. How do these two differ? First, their blades move differently. A rotary shaver’s heads move in rotations, while foil blades only move up and down, back and forth without any support for circular movements. Second, they stick to your face’s contour differently. Rotary shavers are better in this aspect, providing a closer shave with circular blades that tilt independently to suit your face. Lastly, they differ in how close a shave they give. Despite not being as flexible as a rotary, foil shavers usually provide a closer shave than similarly priced rotary shavers.

The choice between a rotary and a foil shaver all depend on how close you want your shave to be, and personal preference regarding how they feel on your skin. Some might prefer the face-hugging feeling that a rotary razor gives, which isn’t possible with the more rigid design that foil shavers have. Those with more sensitive skin, though, might find that a foil razor’s thinner overall design and gentler touch might be better for their face than most other rotary shavers.

Design and Features

The two shavers are jam-packed with features to make your life easier.

Both the Norelco 9200 (left) and the Series 8 (right) have visual displays in front.

Though they have a lot of fundamental differences, both razors still have some similarities. For one, they both emphasize an ergonomic design that fits right in your hand. Regardless of whether you’re shaving your head or your face, these razors won’t easily slip, and your hands won’t easily get tired of holding them. They’re also easily usable regardless of which hand of yours is dominant. Both are powered by lithium ion batteries, and also work great in wet and dry shaving situations.

The Series 8 boasts a 32-bit chip that helps it adjust on the fly depending on how dense your facial hair is. Its main foil razor component has one hair trimmer and two Opti-foils that can shave both long and shorter hairs. It also has a Precision Head Lock feature, which is useful for closer shaves that require more concentration from you. Braun flexes their razor’s durability, too, claiming that it can last a customer up to 7 years.

The 9200 also has some great features, including Norelco’s V-Track Precision Blades that are capable of self-sharpening. Its rotary heads are made to detect the contours of your face, giving a closer shave compared to manual safety razors. Like the Series 8, the 9200’s battery is also powerful enough to last you 60 straight minutes of shaving. They also both charge really fast: only 5 minutes are needed to charge a dead battery with enough power for one shave.


The Series 8 comes with more accessories out of the box.

A full list of accessories that you get when purchasing a Series 8.

Buying the Series 8 means getting a whole lot of other accessories. As seen above, a Series 8 package also includes a travel case and smartplug, a cleaning brush, a charging stand, additional refill cartridges for the cleaning center, and Braun’s Clean and Charge Station. This means that your Series 8 will not only have a super convenient charging station, it’ll also be a perfect choice for a travel shaver. The Clean and Charge Pro is a fascinating accessory, as it cleans, lubricates, and charges your razor depending on its current condition.

The Norelco 9200 also has a power source and a travel pack included, meaning that it’s just as easy to take along wherever you go as the Series 8. Its travel case has one notable feature: a built-in ventilation chamber that can dry your razor on the go. It’ll come in handy if you ever need a last-minute shave before packing up. Another thing that it holds above the Series 8 is Norelco’s SmartClick beard styler. With a single attachment, your rotary razor can help you create the look you want. With five different length settings, you can choose from a light stubble to a neatly trimmed beard.

Shaving Performance

Both use their respective shaving tech to ensure the closest shave it can give.

Philips Norelco and Braun also emphasize that their razors work well in wet and dry shaving.

The most important point of comparison is how effective a shaver does its job. Regardless of additional features, it won’t matter how many add-ons it has if it’s too dull to cut hair. Thankfully, both of the razors do shave quite efficiently, especially when compared to manual razors. The Series 8 has a couple of designs to thank for the close shave it gives. First is its three cutting elements that are still gentle to the skin while giving a close cut. Another is the smart chip mentioned earlier, which lets the razor’s cutting power adapt to your hair. It also glides across your skin really smoothly due to the approximately 10,000 sonic vibrations that it emits.

Norelco, on the other hand, has flexible heads that hug your face quite efficiently. The razors also have an additional capability for multi-precision, raising your facial hairs for cutting. The blades that make contact first affect the upper parts of the hair, with subsequent rotations going for parts closer to the base. The material that Norelco razors use are also specifically designed to work well with both wet and dry surfaces, ensuring that you can still shave even if you run out of cream, foam, or gel.


Both razors are sturdy and dependable.

Amazon product

The final choice comes down to preferences between foil and rotary razors, with online users almost neatly divided between the two camps. Some even use both at different times. For those looking for a foil shaver, buy a Braun Series 8. It offers a close shave that’s controllable enough to suit your tastes. The Opti-foils that the Series 8 use are also gentle enough for those with more sensitive skin. The skin guard that’s included with the cutting elements also make sure that you can shave without worrying about small wounds.

If a rotary shaver sounds more like your choice, pick the Norelco 9200. Its razor heads are flexible enough to fit the contour of your head regardless of shape. For those looking for a more customized experience, the SmartClick attachment is available with multiple length settings. The material that Philips Norelco uses for its razors also ensure that even if used in wet shaving, your shaver won’t get exposed to water enough to negatively impact its performance.

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