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Braun Series 7 vs Series 9 (2023): Comparing Top-Rated Shavers

For most folks, the Braun Series 7 shaver is more than enough to meet their grooming needs. After all, it can do a close shave, and it’s easy to use as well. However, the Braun Series 9 is clearly a step-up—on paper, at least. In real-life usage, the difference isn’t huge, but it’s still noticeable to a certain degree. That begs the question whether forking over more cash for the Series 9 is the better option, or saving a couple of bucks for the relatively more streamlined and affordable Series 7 is the wiser choice.

Braun Series 7 vs Series 9 Comparison Chart

ModelBraun Series 7Braun Series 9
 Braun Series 7 vs Series 9Braun Series 7 vs Series 9
PriceCheck Price at Braun.comCheck Price at Braun.com
Number of Cutting Elements35
Waterproof/Wet and Dry UseYesYes
AutoSense TechnologyYesYes
Battery LifeUp to 50 minutesUp to 60 minutes, or up to 90 minutes (Pro model)

Models and Variations

The Braun Series 9 Pro is the top-of-the-line shaver of the company.

Braun Series 7 vs Series 9 Models and Variations
Braun throws in a charging stand with the Series 7 7027cs (left) and replaces it with a SmartCare Center with the Series 7 7075cc (right).

The Braun Series 7 consists of the 7020s, 7025s, 7027cs, 7071cc and 7075cc. It might seem confusing at first, but what mainly differentiates one from the other is their included accessories—besides color, that is. For instance, the 7027cs includes a charging stand, whereas the 7075cc comes with a clean and charge station, otherwise known as the SmartCare Center.

The same goes for the Braun Series 9 lineup, which is composed of 9330s, 9370cc, 9376cc, 9385cc and 9390cc. However, the range also includes the Pro models, and these build on their standard counterparts with an improved design, shaving performance and battery life. At the time of writing, there are two Pro variants: the 9465cc and the 9477cc+. Both come with a Smart Station (basically an upgraded version of the SmartCare Center) out of the box, but the former only comes with a leather travel case, while the latter includes a PowerCase for on-the-go charging.

Click here to see the difference between the Braun Series 9 and 9 Pro.

Performance and Features

The Braun Series 9 has better performance and features than the Series 7.

Braun Series 7 vs Series 9 Performance and Features
A breakdown of the cutting elements of the Braun Series 9 (in photo).

The Braun Series 7 uses three cutting elements and a 360-degree flex head that allows it to automatically adapt to the face’s contours. All in all, the result is a clean, close shave, and with its integrated skin guard, it won’t cause any form of irritation like rashes.

As noted earlier, the Braun Series 9 takes things a step further. Instead of three cutting elements, it’s equipped with five that comprise two OptiFoil, one Lift & Cut trimmer, one Direct & Cut trimmer and a skin guard. On the other hand, the Series 9 Pro replaces the Lift & Cut trimmer with ProLift, which is 10 percent more efficient in comparison, according to Braun. Last but not least, they feature a 10-directional head to cover every area of the face thoroughly.

Similar to its pricier sibling, the Series 7 does have AutoSense technology too. For the uninitiated, this lets the shaver detect hair density and adjust power as needed for a smooth shave. Also, all of them are 100 percent waterproof. Not only does that make them easy to clean, but it means they can be used for wet and dry shaving as well.

In terms of battery life, the Series 7 is rated to last up to 50 minutes on a single charge. Straight from the horse’s mouth, Braun says this is enough for three weeks of regular use. Meanwhile, the Series 9 bumps the number up to 60 minutes, and the Series 9 Pro takes it up a notch by offering 90 minutes’ worth of juice.

Cost and Maintenance

The Braun Series 7 is outright more affordable and easier to maintain than the Series 9.

Braun Series 7 vs Series 9 Cost and Maintenance
A closer look at the cassette and Clean and Charge station of the Braun Series 9 (in photo).

To reiterate, the Braun Series 9 is more expensive than the Braun Series 7. It costs almost twice as much, and that’s taking into account their price drops. What’s more, the Series 9 Pro costs more than twice if opting for the full package that includes the PowerCase.

It’s the same story with the Series 7 shaver head replacements. Compared to the Series 9’s cassettes, they’re typically $20 less. Considering that they should be replaced every 18 months, they can save a lot of money in the long run.


The Braun Series 9 may be better across the board except price, but the Braun Series 7 is the more practical option.

If we had to choose, we’d go with the Braun Series 7 here and get the variation with the full package that includes the Smart Care Center and other doodads. It can get the job done for a fraction of the price compared to its more expensive sibling, and replacing its shaver head is simply easier on the budget.

Sure, the Braun Series 9 is technically better, but it’s a bit of an overkill. It can do a better and more comfortable shave, but the difference is pretty much negligible. Also, even though the PowerCase of the Series 9 Pro is handy for traveling, it doesn’t seem to be worth the higher price tag.


📌 Which Braun Series 7 is the best?

The Braun Series 7 7071cc and 7075cc are the best in their range, coming with a SmartCare Center and multiple attachments.

📌 Is the Braun Series 7 usable for wet and dry shaving?

Yes, the Braun Series 7 is 100 percent waterproof, so they can be used for wet and dry shaving.

📌 Is the Braun Series 9 waterproof?

Yes, the Braun Series 9 is 100 percent waterproof. Thanks to that, they’re easy to clean and maintain, but more importantly, that means they can be used for wet and dry shaving.

📌 What’s the difference between the Braun Series 7 and Series 9?

The Braun Series 7 uses three cutting elements, a 360-degree flex head and a battery life of up to 50 minutes. In comparison, the Braun Series 9 uses five cutting elements, a 10-directional head and a runtime of up to 60 minutes.

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