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Blue Apron Review (2023): Are Their Meal Kits Worth Trying?

Blue Apron finds the middle ground between uber-expensive meal kits that only offer organically-sourced ingredients and gourmet meals and the low-cost meal kits that offer boxes for as low as $20-something for a box.

I recently tried their meal kits and, in a nutshell, their meal boxes are definitely worth my money and more. I’ve tried different meal delivery kits before and Blue Apron exceeded my expectations. In this Blue Apron review, I’ll discuss why based on my meal selection and delivery experience, ease of preparation, and quality and taste.

Meal Selection & Delivery

I opted for their 2-meal/week box to try and off the bat, I can tell their recipes are not your run-of-the-mill dishes based on the photos. You can choose from different preferences easily, which includes:

  • Chef’s Favorites for their top-picks
  • Wellness for nutritionist-approved recipes
  • Family-friendly meals for kid-friendly meals
  • Fast & Easy for the busy ones who need time-saving meals
  • Veggies for plant-based meals

Their meal preparation and cooking time range from as quick as 25 minutes to 50 minutes. Since I plan to make one of the meal kits during a work night, I opted for a recipe that was quick and convenient to make. Another recipe I picked was a craft burger meal which takes around 35 to 45 minutes to make.

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Placing my order through their website was smooth and straightforward. The Blue Apron box arrived after a couple of days I placed my order, and everything was in great condition. It is well-packaged and the box says over 85% of their packaging is recyclable, which was great to see.

Every ingredient I needed was also in the box, which you know is a relief you’ve experienced having a missing ingredient in a meal kit and only finding out on the day of. Thankfully, it wasn’t the case with Blue Apron.

Ease of Preparation

As I mentioned, I picked two recipes and I wanted to go over the experience for each recipe I tried.

Fast and easy: Oven-baked Romesco Beef Pitas by Blue Apron

I was extremely amazed at how Blue Apron really delivered its claim of fast and easy with this meal. This was hands-down the fastest meal I have ever made from a meal-kit delivery service. It took me literally less than 5 minutes to mix the ingredients in the tray and the whole dish was done and ready in less than 30 minutes. My husband typically tells me I’m slow in the kitchen, and he was pleasantly surprised at how fast I prepared this meal!

It also came with a cute tray for baking the beef that goes on the pita bread. This was the first time I tried a meal kit that includes the tray that I have to use as part of the steps and I like how Blue Apron didn’t assume every household has a tray lying around.

Their ingredients are also well-packaged and proportioned. They were all just enough for what the recipe calls for, so there’s no wastage or leftover ingredients that need to be stored in the fridge (bound to be forgotten).

Craft: Pancetta & Onion Jam Cheeseburger by Blue Apron

I’ve ordered a couple of burger meal kits before and they’re all a little different and yet sort of the same. Some can be straightforward while others can be messy and require a lot of dishes to prepare. The pancetta & onion jam cheeseburger I got from Blue Apron lies in the middle as it has a lot of ingredients, but preparing them wasn’t as messy as I was expecting.

The recipe steps for making the potatoes and onion jam are well-laid out and allow for maximum efficiency. By the time the side potatoes had finished baking in the oven, the burgers were also done and ready.

Quality and Taste

Oven-baked Romesco Beef Pitas by Blue Apron

Just because a meal was prepared so quickly doesn’t mean the taste will be meh. You wouldn’t have thought that the dish was prepared in record time in our household. The pita bread was good quality and thick enough but not too thick.

What I love about Blue Apron over other meal kits that I’ve tried are the ingredients that come with your dish. They are not your typical ingredients that are probably on every household’s grocery list. Who has sweety drop peppers on their grocery list? They’re definitely not on mine, so I’m glad I got to try new ingredients through this Blue Apron meal.

I love how the romesco sauce added a different layer of flavor to an otherwise would have been your typically ground beef with tomato sauce. The arugula, sweety drop peppers, and tzatziki sauce on top of the beef and pita bread balanced the savory baked beef.

Pancetta & Onion Jam Cheeseburger by Blue Apron

This burger meal kit comes with a USDA prime ground beef and a couple of ingredients. I was worried it would take me forever to prepare and make the dish, as that has been my experience with other meal kit delivery services.

What makes Blue Apron better than the other ones I’ve tried is the ingredients were already sliced/diced and proportioned well. They even included brown sugar in the ingredients, something that other meal kit services just assume you have at home. The ingredients that needed slicing were only the onion, potatoes, and scallions, which didn’t take a long time to finish.

The pancetta and onion jam was slightly tangy and slightly sweet with a very light hint of spice and it worked well with the Fontina cheese-topped burger. Blue Apron’s challah buns are also better than the buns that came with the other burger meal kits that I’ve tried. The parmesan cheese that goes onto the baked potatoes seasoned with a smoky spice blend was also a good touch.

Overall Verdict

I would definitely order meal kits from Blue Apron again as I was thoroughly impressed by the convenience, quality, and taste of the meals I’ve tried. Considering how much eating out costs these days, Blue Apron boxes are a steal. I love how I get to make and enjoy curated, elevated dishes in the comfort of my home without having to prepare a long grocery list of ingredients.

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