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Blink Mini vs Blink XT2 Review (2021): An In-Depth Review of Blink Security Cameras

In April 2020, Amazon company Blink launched the Blink Mini, its security camera designed specifically for indoor use. This thorough review of the Blink Mini and the Blink XT2 indoor/outdoor security camera will let you know which smart camera meets your security requirements.

Blink Mini vs Blink XT2 Comparison Chart

ModelBlink Mini Indoor CameraBlink XT2 Indoor/Outdoor Camera
Amazon product  Blink XT2  
PriceAmazon product  Check Price at Amazon  
Dimensions50 x 49 x 36 mm71 x 71 x 34 mm
Max Resolution1080p HD at 30fps1080p HD at 30fps
Field of View110°diagonal110°diagonal
Power SourcePlug-In2 AA Lithium Batteries for Outdoor Use
Plug-In Option for Indoor Use
Sync ModuleNot neededYes
Weather ResistantNoYes, IP65
Motion SensorYesYes
Custom Motion ZonesYesYes
Temperature MonitoringNoYes
Two-way AudioYesYes
CompatibilityAmazon AlexaAmazon Alexa
Cooldown PeriodCustomizableCustomizable
StorageCloud Storage (Subscription-based)
Blink Sync Module 2 (not yet released) USB
Free cloud storage
Subscription ServiceFree Blink Subscription Plan until 12/2020
3 USD/month/device
Free cloud storage

Design and Installation

The Blink Mini is smaller but thicker than the Blink XT2; both can be mounted in different ways, but only the XT2 is designed to be mounted outdoors.

blink mini vs xt2 security camera (2)
The Blink Mini is designed for indoor use while the weatherproof XT2 can withstand rain and snow

As the name implies, the Blink Mini is smaller than its older siblings, the Blink XT and the XT2. The Blink Mini and the XT2 sport very different aesthetics. Whereas the Blink Mini has a white, glossy finish, the Blink XT2 comes in a sleek, black frame with a matte finish that gives it a more premium look. Since both are compact smart security cameras, they can be mounted easily on shelves, walls, or the ceiling easily.

However, only the Blink XT2 is designed for outdoor use as the Blink Mini is not weatherproof. With an IP65 rating and option to use two AA Lithium batteries, the Blink XT2 can be mounted outdoors to monitor your surroundings. It boasts up to two years of battery life, but it all depends on how often its motion sensor is triggered. On the other hand, the Blink Mini needs to be plugged in when in use. Should you decide to use the Blink XT2 camera indoors, you can plug it in so you won’t have to worry about battery replacement.


The Blink XT2 needs to be connected to its sync module while the Blink Mini is plug and play

Both Blink smart security cameras have a user-friendly interface

Both Blink security cameras are easy to set-up and are compatible with Amazon Alexa devices. The Blink Mini can be set-up more quickly as it doesn’t need to be connected to a hub to work. Simply plug it in and you can start the set-up process. On the other hand, the Blink XT2 needs to be added to its sync module and connected to Wi-Fi before it can be used. Also, keep the hub’s location in mind when setting up the Blink XT2 outdoors as it can affect signal strength.

Another thing to note when setting up the Blink Mini and the Blink XT2 is their motion zones. Blink lets you conveniently set certain zones “active” and “inactive” so movements in certain areas covered by the camera won’t trigger recording. For instance, if trees and windows are within the camera’s view, you can set these zones to inactive so the motion sensors won’t be triggered when leaves move or cars pass by. This also saves the Blink XT2’s Lithium battery life in the long run.

Video and Audio Quality

Both the Blink Mini and the Blink XT2 can capture 1080p videos at 30fps and feature two-way audio

You can talk through the Blink security cameras through their tap and talk feature

For their price, the Blink Mini and the Blink XT2 offer an impressive 1080p HD resolution. However, even the 720p setting is typically clear enough, especially during the daytime. The 720p setting is especially recommended for the Blink XT2 to save on battery. They offer high audio quality and clear video captures day and night.

Both the Blink Mini and the Blink XT2 boast two-way audio. This means even when you’re away from home, you can use your security camera to talk to whoever is in your house. While their audio is not exactly the clearest and most crisp, they still do a decent job for their price. For homeowners who typically need to leave instructions to the delivery person, this feature comes in handy.

Motion Notification and Subscription

The Blink Mini requires a subscription for its storage while the Blink XT2 offers free cloud storage for recordings

Get your recorded videos on cloud at no extra cost with the Blink XT2

Whenever their motion sensors are triggered, both the Blink Mini and the Blink XT2 will send you a motion notification and will start recording. Having instantaneous motion alerts can make a huge difference in certain circumstances. The Blink Mini and the Blink XT2 cameras usually send notifications within 1 to 3 seconds after a motion is triggered. While there have been some reports of lags and delays, Blink’s updates have shown some improvements.

What’s great about the Blink XT2 is it offers free cloud storage for its recordings. Meanwhile, the Blink Mini comes with a free trial of the Blink Plan which lasts until December 2020. In January 2021, Blink’s subscription will cost 3USD/month for every camera while unlimited devices in the household will set you back 10USD/month. To cater to those who do not want a monthly subscription, Blink is set to release the Blink Sync Module 2 which will allow the Blink Mini to record footages while using local storage.


The Blink Mini offers better value for your money, but it must only be placed indoors, unlike the weatherproof Blink XT2.

Amazon product

Both the Blink Mini and the Blink XT2 offer excellent security features and specs, especially for their price. Since the Blink XT2 is weatherproof, it’s expected that it carries a higher price tag than the newer Blink Mini indoor camera. If you want to capture the outdoor area, perhaps you can position the Blink Mini by the window or somewhere it can be protected from the rain and snow. Doing so can give you significant savings. However, if there’s no other way around and you want to monitor the outside of your home, the Blink XT2 is still a worthwhile purchase as it offers free cloud storage.

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