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Blink Mini vs Amazon Cloud Cam (2021): Reviewing Amazon Smart Cameras

The Blink Mini and the Amazon Cloud Cam are both indoor security cameras by Amazon. Blink, just like Ring, is an Amazon-owned company. Despite having similar features, the Blink Mini and the Amazon Cloud Cam carry very different price tags. Our in-depth review outlines their key similarities and differences to help you identify which indoor camera meets your home security requirements.

Blink Mini vs Amazon Cloud Cam Comparison Chart

ModelBlink Mini Indoor CameraAmazon Cloud Cam
Amazon product Amazon product 
PriceAmazon product Amazon product 
Dimensions50 x 49 x 36 mm104 x 70 x 42 mm
Max Resolution1080p HD at 30fps1080p HD at 30fps
Field of View110°diagonal120° diagonal
Power SourcePlug-InPlug-In
Motion SensorYesYes
Custom Motion ZonesYesYes
Temperature MonitoringNoYes
Two-way AudioYesYes
CompatibilityAmazon AlexaAmazon Alexa
The Key Edition works with Amazon Key
Cooldown PeriodCustomizable10 minutes
StorageCloud Storage (Subscription-based)
Blink Sync Module 2 (not yet released) USB
Cloud Storage (Free Plan and Subscription-based)
Subscription ServiceFree Blink Subscription Plan until 12/2020
3 USD/month/device
Cloud Cam
Starting at 6.99 USD/month

Design and Installation

The Blink Mini and the Amazon Cloud Cam can both be mounted in different ways and need to be plugged in when

While the Blink Mini and the Amazon Cloud Cam have different shapes, they have a similar build quality

The Blink Mini and the Amazon Cloud Cam have slightly different designs, but their materials feel and look similar. Both come with a mount and screws should you want to use them without the stand. However, only the Blink Mini allows its stand to be detached from the camera.

Another difference between the Blink Mini and the Amazon Cloud Cam is their LED lights are positioned differently. The Mini’s LED are on the sides of the camera while the Cloud Cam’s are on top of the Amazon logo and below the camera. These LED will indicate when your security camera is active. Both indoor security cameras are wired and need to be plugged in when in use so you won’t have to worry about running out of battery.

Video and Audio Quality

The Amazon Cloud Cam has a wider field of view than the Blink Mini, but both boast 1080p resolution and two-way audio

Capture Full HD videos with the Blink Mini and Amazon Cloud Cam

Both indoor security cameras can record videos with impressive definition and clarity by day and their night vision delivers sharp pictures as well. With the 1080p resolution of the Blink Mini and the Amazon Cloud Cam, it will be easier to recognize faces even from afar. The Amazon Cloud Cam has a slightly wider 120° diagonal field of view than the Blink Mini’s 110°. This means there will be fewer blind spots with the Amazon Cloud Cam.

Like most smart security cameras in the market today, these indoor cameras have two-way audio that allows you to talk through the security camera even when you’re away. You can tap the talk button on their companion app and talk using your phone. Both cameras’ audio quality is not the best and doesn’t cancel external noise much, but the person on the other end of the camera will still be able to understand you just fine.

Motion Notification and Subscription

The Blink Mini requires a subscription at present while the Amazon Cloud Cam offers rolling 24 hours of free storage

Both indoor cameras are Alexa-integrated and send motion alerts

Both security cameras use the cloud to store their footage so you can expect little to no delay. The Blink Mini offers a free monthly subscription until December 2020. Starting in 2021, the Blink subscription fee starts from 3USD/month for every device and 10USD/month for unlimited devices in the home. Blink announced the release of the Blink Sync Module 2 in the near future which will let the Blink Mini store footages through local storage.

Meanwhile, the Amazon Cloud Cam offers a free plan which includes free 24 hours of storage for three devices and free motion notifications. This means you can access and save any footage within 24 hours after it was taken. If you want to upgrade, the basic plan starts at 6.99 USD/month which includes more advanced motion detection features. Among these are person detection, audio detection, and custom motion zones.

The Blink Mini and the Amazon Cloud Cam can be connected with Amazon Alexa for hands-free controls. In addition, the Amazon Cloud Cam has a Key Edition which is compatible with the Amazon Key smart lock. This gives you full control of the smart lock through the Cloud Cam.


Get the Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition) if you need an Amazon Key compatible indoor camera. Otherwise, the Blink Mini gives much better value for your money.

Amazon product

As they have a significant price difference but feature similar security functionalities, it is easy to recommend the Blink Mini over the Amazon Cloud Cam. The only edge of the Cloud Cam is its Amazon Key compatibility and customizable motion detection features for its paid subscription. Otherwise, the Blink Mini can do the job of monitoring your home for the fraction of the price of the Cloud Cam. If you’re looking for a more affordable indoor camera that’s compatible with more smart assistants, the Wye Cam Indoor Camera is an excellent option.

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