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Bio Ionic vs T3 Curling Iron (2022): Which Curling Iron Should You Buy?

While hair dryers and brushes can style your hair any way you want, it’s hard to beat the sleek tresses curling irons can make. Two top brands you can look into include Bio Ionic and T3. Both enjoy a loyal customer base who vouch for what these tools can do. For Bio Ionic, the Bio Ionic Long Barrel Curling Iron is one of the most recommended options. Meanwhile, long-time T3 users rate the T3 Micro Professional Curling Iron high in beauty must-haves. Below, we break down each curling iron’s design and features to help you decide.

Bio Ionic vs T3 Curling Iron Comparison Chart

ModelBio Ionic Long Barrel Curling IronT3 Micro Professional Curling Iron
TypeClip IronClip Iron
Curler Barrel Size1.25 in.1.25 in.
Cord Length9 ft.8 ft.
Key TechnologyNano Ionic MX, Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat TechnologyT3 SinglePass technology
Heat Settings 6 heat settings up to 430ยฐF5 heat settings up to 410ยบF
Soft Grip HandleYesNo
Cool TipYesYes
Interchangeable BarrelsNoNo
Dimensions18.5 x 4.75 in.13.25 x 1.6 x 2.5
ColorsBlackGraphite, White Rose/Gold


The T3 curling iron has a sleeker look compared to the Bio Ionic.

Bio Ionic vs T3 Curling Iron Design
A closer look at the hook on the Bio Ionic (left) and rose gold accents on the T3 (right)

Design-wise, Bio Ionic’s curling iron doesn’t draw too much attention. The Long Barrel model sports a matte finish that lends it an appliance-esque aesthetic. For its size, the model boasts a 6.5-inch barrel that offers plenty of real estate, especially if you have waist-length hair. Meanwhile, the lower end of the unit connects to a nine-foot power cord, with an integrated hook near the base for hanging the device.

T3’s 1.25-inch curling iron, one of three sizes in its lineup, has a more eye-catching design. Although it’s available in two colors, the White variant brandishes a luxe look and feel. In this model, the T3 Logo, along with the barrel and SmartTwist dial at the end of the barrel, feature rose gold accents. And since it’s buttonless, the curling iron has a seamless and minimalist form.

With the Bio Ionic, you’ll find three buttons below the thumb grip โ€” two for adjusting the heat and one for power. To its left, you’ll see clearly marked temperature levels. Because of its location, the buttons can be accidentally pressed while using the unit. Bio Ionic solves this problem by adding a lock feature you can access by pressing the power button twice.

You won’t have similar issues on T3’s Professional Curling Iron. You switch on the unit by simply turning its SmartTwist dial. A similar action allows you to change the heat settings, too. Unlike the Bio Ionic, however, T3’s curling iron doesn’t label the temperature. Instead, you get light indicators with corresponding temperature levels you need to read from the user manual.


Bio Ionic’s curling iron has innovative features that lock in moisture in your hair. Meanwhile, T3’s styling tool is designed to create defined curls in a single pass.

Bio Ionic vs T3 Curling Iron Features
Bio Ionic’s curling iron features (left) and the T3 Micro’s ceramic heater technology (right)

Bio Ionic shares that its curling iron’s barrel is infused with what it calls Nano Ionic MX. According to the brand, the technology “micronizes water molecule so moisture can penetrate the hair.” The result is more conditioned locks 50% faster to style. Meanwhile, Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat Technology locks in the moisture by keeping heat even.

Reviewers say the curling iron’s extra-long barrel does a great job for those with naturally long tresses and even people with hair extensions. More barrel surface area allows for quicker curls, with results that last for days.

T3’s Professional Curling Iron has a fancy-termed feature, too. The styling tool relies on an internal microchip, called Digital T3 SinglePass, that “controls temperature fluctuations and maintains even heat” in the barrel. As its name describes, the technology ensures longer-lasting results when styling your hair, even on a single pass.

Fans of this T3 clip iron share that the unit is perfect for creating defined curls. And with the SinglePass technology, the product can optimize temperatures suited to your hair type.

In terms of heat settings, the Bio Ionic model offers six, ranging from 250ยบF to 430ยฐF. Meanwhile, the T3 Micro has a temperature range of 260ยบF to 410ยฐF.

Pairing and Pricing

Bio Ionic’s curling iron is more affordable than T3’s.

Bio Ionic vs T3 Curling Iron Pairing and Pricing
The Bio Ionic Curling Iron out of the box (left); T3 marketing its curling iron as light and ergonomic (right)

While curling irons are great on their own, you can style your hair further with several other tools. Bio Ionic, for instance, recommends pairing its Long Barrel with its PowerLight Pro Dryer. If you want to add cascading curls to your look, you can also get the StyleWinder Rotating Styling Iron.

On the other hand, T3 suggests pairing its Micro Professional Curling Iron with its extensive lineup of hair brushes and hair dryers. The T3 Volume 3 round brush, for instance, is perfect for shaping your tresses while blow drying.

As for value, the Bio Ionic curling iron retails for $149.99. With Klarna, you can purchase the unit in four $37.25 installments. Meanwhile, the T3 curling iron costs $169.99. But like Bio Ionic, the Micro Professional Curling Iron is available in four interest-free payments of $42.50 using AfterPay.

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We recommend the Bio Ionic Long Barrel Curling Iron for users with long hair. Meanwhile, the T3 Micro Professional Curling Iron is ideal for those who want to style fast.

For users with hair extensions or naturally long hair, the Bio Ionic Long Barrel Curling Iron is one of the best in the market. Its extended ceramic barrel means you get more room to style lengthy tresses. And with a wider temperature range, it’s suitable for both thin and thick hair.

On the other hand, the T3 Micro Professional Curling Iron should appeal to those who want to style their hair faster. Its SinglePass technology creates defined curls quicker, although those with thicker or longer locks might have to do more than one pass.


๐Ÿ“Œ Who wins in the T3 vs Bio Ionic curling iron comparison?

The Bio Ionic curling iron offers better value given its features compared to the T3. With an extended barrel, it also tackles long hair better.

๐Ÿ“Œ How long is the warranty of the T3 Micro Professional Curling Iron

The T3 Micro Professional Curling Iron enjoys a two-year warranty.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does the Bio Ionic Long Barrel Curling Iron have a swivel cord?

Yes, Bio Ionic’s Long Barrel Curling Iron features a swivel cord for improved maneuverability.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does T3’s Micro Professional Curling Iron have auto-off?

Yes. To reduce safety risks, the T3 Micro Professional Curling Iron automatically shuts off after one hour.

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