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Best Xbox Controller With Paddles (2022): Which One Should You Buy?

The Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 is still the most popular Xbox controller with paddles. It offers great customizability and it comes with features that allow you to have a great gaming experience. In this article, we compare the Xbox Elite Series 2 to some of the most popular alternatives, including the PowerA Fusion Pro, SCUF Prestige and the Razer Wolverine Ultimate, to find out which one is the best and which one you should buy. To start things off, here’s a comparison chart for all the controllers mentioned.

Best Xbox Controller With Paddles Comparison Chart

ModelMicrosoft Elite Series 2 PowerA Fusion ProSCUF PrestigeRazer Wolverine Ultimate
 Amazon productAmazon productAmazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon productAmazon productAmazon product
Battery Life40 hoursN/A30 hoursN/A
Paddles4 paddles4 paddles4 paddles4 paddles
2 extra bumpers
Trigger LocksDefault
Adjustable with SCUF key
Button MappingXbox Accessories AppRemap button at the backSCUF Mag key– Razer Wolverine for Xbox App
– Remap button on controller control panel
Onboard Profiles4N/AN/A2
Included Accessories– Carrying case
– 4 extra thumbsticks
– 4 paddles
– Faceted d-pad
– Thumbstick adjustment tool
– Charging dock
– USB-C cable
– Carrying Case
– 2 extra thumbsticks
– 4 paddles
– 2 anti friction analog stick rings
– 10 ft. USB cable
– SCUF Mag key
– SCUF 0.9mm key (for triggers)
– 2 extra thumbsticks
– 10 ft. USB cable
– Carrying case
– 2 extra thumbsticks
– Extra d-pad
– 10 ft. USB cable
Warranty1 year2 years6 months1 year

Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

It offers the best features and customizations.

Front and back view of the Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

The Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, as its name implies, is the second iteration of the popular Elite wireless controller. It is definitely an improvement over the original Elite wireless controller in a number of ways. The most notable improvement is that it now comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 40 hours with a single charge. You can charge the controller via the included charging dock and USB-C cable. Another enhancement worth mentioning is that it now comes with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can also pair it with your phone for gaming.

Design-wise, the Elite Series 2 controller has some aesthetic and functional upgrades over the original. The most notable of which are the grips on the handles and the trigger buttons. With the textured grip on the trigger buttons, your fingers won’t slip even with rapid presses. Also, there are now three levels to the trigger stops instead of just two: default, medium and fast. In addition, the included paddles are now more compact and tactile, so you won’t be pressing them on accident. As far as customization goes, it comes with an extra faceted d-pad and four extra thumbsticks, so you can use whichever it is that you’re most comfortable with.

When it comes to button configurations or remapping, the Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 controller offers the most customizability since you can remap all the buttons, including the face buttons and the triggers. You can change control schemes inside the Xbox Accessories App and one of the best features of this controller is that you can now use one button for the “Shift” function, which essentially adds an alternative function to each of the controller’s buttons. You can save up to three control profiles using the controller’s onboard memory.

PowerA Fusion Pro Controller

Best bang for the buck Xbox controller with paddles.

Since it is a wired controller, the PowerA Fusion Pro can be bought at a fraction of the price of other Xbox controllers with paddles.

The PowerA Fusion Pro controller is the cheapest of the bunch and it is the best when it comes to price and performance. One of the reasons why it is inexpensive is that it is a wired controller and there are no options to use it wirelessly. Even though it has a cheap price tag, it does not feel cheap at all. On the contrary, it actually feels like a premium controller since it is quite heavy and the buttons are very tactile and responsive. Usually, controllers in this price range are inconsistent when it comes to the buttons, as some are squishy and don’t feel right at all. With the PowerA Fusion Pro controller, this is not an issue at all.

The USB cable that comes with the PowerA Fusion Pro is detachable and it is about 10 ft. long. It has a secure connection to the controller so you won’t have disconnection issues. At the back are four removable magnetic paddles and two trigger stops with three levels: default, medium and fast, as well as the program button. It also comes with a carrying case, two extra thumbsticks (tall concave and tall convex) and a pair of extra anti-friction rings.

Remapping the buttons to the paddles is easy. You just need to press the program button and wait for the light on the Xbox logo to flash. Once it does, you press the button that you want to remap, then press the paddle that you want to have that function. You can remap buttons easily and on-the-fly.

SCUF Prestige Controller

A good alternative to the Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

SCUF Gaming’s design of the SCUF Prestige is more suited for people with larger hands due to how the paddles are positioned.

Another Xbox controller with paddles that has a wireless connectivity is the SCUF Prestige controller. Similar to the Elite Series 2, the SCUF Prestige is a wireless controller with Bluetooth connectivity. At the back, there are four paddles and trigger stops to adjust the travel of both left and right triggers. While they have the same number of paddles, the orientation is different. On the SCUF Prestige, the paddles are positioned from top to bottom, so people with smaller hands may find it difficult to reach the two inner paddles. The two outer paddles are easy to reach and press.

On the SCUF Prestige, the triggers can be adjusted in two ways. First, you can just toggle the trigger stops at the back. There are two levels to the SCUF’s trigger stops—default and fast, wherein fast halves the travel time of the triggers. Another way to adjust the triggers on the SCUF Prestige is to use the included 0.9mm SCUF key. When you use this key, the triggers will depress or rise and you can adjust it to your liking.

When it comes to remapping the paddles, the process can be a bit of a hassle since you’ll need to use the included SCUF Mag key to do so. Since the controller does not come with a carrying case and the Mag key is a bit small, you can easily misplace or lose it, which can be a huge issue. As far as performance goes, it does work well, the buttons and paddles are responsive and clicky. However, as mentioned, the placement of the paddles can be a problem for people with shorter fingers.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Controller

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate comes with the most extra buttons—6 to be exact.

Razer’s Wolverine Ultimate is great, but a bit pricey for a wired controller.

With its four paddles at the back and two extra bumpers, the Razer Wolverine Ultimate offers the most extra buttons in this list of the best Xbox controllers with paddles. You can remap the buttons on this controller in two ways—via the Razer Wolverine for Xbox App and the program button at the bottom control panel of the controller. The bottom control panel has four buttons for the following functions: headset volume, mic mute, program button and profile switch. You can switch from two controller profiles on the fly using the profile switch button.

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate is a wired controller, just like the PowerA Fusion Pro. However, it is significantly more expensive, almost costing twice as much. Included with the controller are the carrying case, two extra thumbsticks, an extra d-pad and a 10 ft. detachable USB cable.

The four paddles at the back are positioned so that you can still grip your controller tightly without accidentally pressing them. As for the extra bumpers, they are located just beside the triggers. You can have different functions mapped to these paddles and bumpers, including Razer’s Agility and Focus functions. The Agility and Focus functions are sensitivity settings for your thumbsticks, so they are helpful for aiming. Basically, with the Agility and Focus functions, you have three thumbstick sensitivities available.


For the best Xbox controller with paddles, you can’t go wrong with Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. If you are on a budget and you don’t mind a wired alternative, nothing beats the PowerA Fusion Pro controller.

Amazon product

Our choice for the best Xbox controller with paddles is the Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. It has the best combination of features and customizability among the controllers on this list. One downside is that it can be quite pricey. As for those on a budget or those that prefer a wired controller, the top choice is the PowerA Fusion Pro controller. At its price point, there are no controllers that can match what PowerA’s controller can do. Aside from its easy remapping system, it also has an excellent build quality. You won’t be disappointed with this controller.


๐Ÿ“Œ What Xbox controllers have paddles?

The best ones are the Elite Series 2 controller, the PowerA Fusion Pro, SCUF Prestige and the Razer Wolverine Ultimate.

๐Ÿ“Œ Are Xbox controllers with paddles worth it?

Yes, because they offer a lot of customizability to the controls of any game that you are playing. You’ll be able to play more competitively, and if you only play single player games, the added paddles at the back can add some quality of life improvements.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is the Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 worth the money?

While it may be expensive, it is definitely worth the money if you want the best controller with paddles. It offers great controls customization that can improve your overall gaming experience with a controller.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can you add paddles to a normal Xbox controller?

Yes, you can add paddles to a normal Xbox controller. However, it will require some modding and technical knowledge to do so. If you aren’t the type that likes to tinker, then buying one is an easier and a more simple solution.

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