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Best Wireless Keyboards For Work (2022): Top Picks From Logitech, Dell & More

Wireless keyboards are great for the mobility they offer. This makes them a practical purchase for those who work in different spots at home or in the office. They’re also ideal if you work on the go or while traveling. Because you can move them around, you can set them up at a proper distance for better posture without worrying about wires. And without these wires, it’s easier to keep your workspace uncluttered.

Below, we’ve listed our choices for the best wireless keyboards for work. You can also check out picks for the best mechanical keyboards if you want something more responsive.

Best Wireless Keyboards For Work Comparison Chart

ModelProduct ImagePrice
Logitech K380 
Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard
Keychron K3
Dell Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

Logitech K380

Best overall wireless keyboard for work

Best overall wireless keyboard for work
Logitech’s K380 is a multi-device keyboard that’s sturdy and portable.

If you work across multiple devices, the Logitech K380 should be your top pick. It’s also one of the best wireless small keyboards on the market. Compact and comfortable to type on, the Logitech K380 only weighs a little over 420 grams. It also has Bluetooth connectivity up to 10 meters and customization software for Mac and Windows.

The Logitech K380’s tight keys aren’t only for saving space. Its small footprint means you can set up your mouse closer to the keyboard, minimizing arm reaching. Meanwhile, the scissor-type keys offer enough room for your fingertips to nestle in. The result is a fluid and quiet typing experience.

You can connect up to three devices with the K380 โ€” whether it’s running on Android, Chrome, Mac OS X, iOS, or Windows. Switching between devices only takes a tap. Plus, the K380 can automatically map keys and remember shortcuts so you can dive right into your work.

Battery: 2 x AAA batteries | Battery Life: 24 months | Warranty: One year

Logitech ERGO K860

Best split wireless keyboard

Best split wireless keyboard
The convex curve design of the Logitech ERGO K860 makes it one of the best ergonomic wireless keyboards.

For a full-sized keyboard, consider the Logitech ERGO K860. The K860 boasts a split keyframe that groups keys into two clusters. It comes with an integrated Numpad, too, perfect for heavy spreadsheet users. Like most split keyboards, this split design ensures a natural distance between your two hands. Meanwhile, its sloping form helps reduce muscle strain and ensures a better typing posture.

Attached to the lower frame of the K860 is a pillowed wrist rest. Logitech says its constructed from three layers, including a comfort layer made from memory foam.

The K860 connects to any device via Bluetooth and features a dual layout for Mac and Windows users. Users can also personalize F-Key functions through the Logitech Options software. Similar to the K830, Logitech’s ERGO K860 connects to up to three devices. There’s a dedicated button to switch between them, although you can also use a Flow-enabled mouse.

Battery: 2 x AAA batteries | Battery Life: 24 months | Warranty: One year

Keychron K3

Best wireless keyboard for travel

Best wireless keyboard for travel
The Keychron K3 features dedicated toggles for Mac and Windows.

Professionals on the go will have plenty to like about the Keychron K3. In terms of design, the keyboard boasts a streamlined aluminum body. It also sports an ultra-slim profile โ€” 22mm at the top and 17mm by the base. This makes it one of the best portable wireless keyboards. Although a travel pouch for the keyboard is sold separately, the Keychron K3 is thin and lightweight enough to slip in backpacks or laptop bags.

Beyond appearances, the keyboard’s main draw is its mechanical switches. On the Keychron K3, users can choose between Optical or Gateron switches. The optical unit is hot-swappable, ideal for those who like a more customized typing experience. And despite being a compact model, the keyboard’s 75% layout includes access to essential and multimedia keys.

You can connect the K3 up to 3 devices via Bluetooth. Its also compatible with Mac and Windows and comes with keycaps for both OS. The K3 is available in white backlight and RGB backlight models, too.

Battery: 1550mAh Rechargeable li-polymer | Battery Life: 34 hours | Warranty: One year

Dell Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard

Best wireless keyboard for general use

Best wireless keyboard for travel
Dell’s keyboard and mouse combo is one of the best quiet wireless keyboards to get.

For those who want a keyboard for general use, the Dell Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard might fit the bill. It’s actually sold with a mouse, making for a more integrated setup. What makes it an upgrade, however, is its sleek design. The keyboard is slim and stylish and has a premium-looking titan gray finish. Its mouse, on the other hand, sports an ergonomic, sculpted form.

The Dell Premier keyboard offers quick access to your favorite applications or functions through 12 programmable keys. Meanwhile, the mouse has 5 programmable buttons. Because it’s full-sized, you also have a dedicated numeric keypad, programmed presets, and function keys.

Aside from its well-crafted design, the Dell Premier keyboard works across multiple devices. You can switch between up to three with a dedicated button. The keyboard also supports RF 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth connections.

Battery: 1 x AA battery | Battery Life: 36 months | Warranty: 3 years

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

Best wireless ergonomic keyboard and mouse combo

Best keyboard and mouse combo
Microsoft’s Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop includes a split keyboard, a separate numeric pad, and an ergonomic mouse.

If you do want a keyboard and mouse set, the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop is a great alternative. As its name implies, the unit prioritizes comfort for users. The split key unit has reverse tilt angles that keep wrists and forearms at a neutral position. There’s also a cushioned palm rest to support your wrists while typing.

The accompanying mouse also puts ergonomics at the front and center. Microsoft shares it has been designed with the ideal height and pitch. It also features a thumb scoop to maintain proper hand and wrist position. The Sculpt’s mouse has seven buttons, including a dedicated Windows button for one-touch access to the Start screen.

A full-sized keyboard, Microsoft’s unique-looking product comes with an independent numeric keypad. The company shares that this allows for a more flexible work setup. All three components are compatible with Windows 7, 8, and RT, and connects to devices via Bluetooth.

Battery: 1 x AA battery | Battery Life: 36 months | Warranty: 3 years


Out of the five keyboards reviewed, the Logitech K380 and Dell Premier set are the clear stand outs.

Buying a wireless keyboard is a solid investment in upgrading your work setup. Because they are unhampered by wires, you can take them anywhere, too โ€” from your home to your office and even while travelling. While all the keyboards listed above are highly recommended, two stand out.

The Logitech K380 is the best overall. It’s a compact and sturdy unit that works across multiple devices and operating systems. With its design, you can literally take it anywhere. For general use, however, the Dell Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse is a better option.

While not as travel-friendly as the Logitech K380, it’s a sleek piece of hardware that can upgrade your workspace. It’s compatible with multiple devices, too.


๐Ÿ“Œ Does the Logitech K380 come in different colors?

Yes, the Logitech K380 is available in different colors. You can get the keyboard in rose, black, and off-white.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is the Logitech ERGO K860 made from recycled plastic?

Logitech shares that its ERGO K860 keyboard is made from 71% recycled plastic.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is the Dell Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard compatible with different OS?

Yes, Dell’s Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard works with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, and Android.

๐Ÿ“Œ How many multimedia keys does the Keychron K3 have?

The Keychron K3 comes with 12 multimedia keys.

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