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Best Wireless Earbuds 2022: Top 10 Picks From Sony, Apple, Bose, Jabra & More

Wireless earbuds are almost as ubiquitous as smartphones. Look around, and everyone seems to be wearing one. With plenty of phones ditching the headphone jack, it only makes sense to pick up a pair. There are, however, more choices beyond the Apple AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds. From special buds designed for sleep to the best sport earbuds for the active lifestyle, the options seem endless. To help you decide, we’ve narrowed down the most recommended wireless earbuds below.

Best Wireless Earbuds Comparison Chart

ModelProduct ImagePrice
Sony WF-C500 Truly Wireless In-Ear HeadphonesView at Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Buds ProView at Amazon
Jabra Elite 7 Active Wireless EarbudsView at Amazon
Jaybird Vista 2View at Amazon
Sony WF-1000XM4 Noise Canceling Wireless EarbudsView at Amazon
Sennheiser CX True Wireless EarbudsView at Amazon
Beats Powerbeats ProView at Amazon
Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling EarbudsView at Amazon
Bose Sleepbuds IIView at Amazon
Apple AirPods ProView at Amazon

Best Wireless Earbuds on a Budget

The Sony WF-C500 Truly Wireless In-Ear Headphones offer a lot of bang for your buck.

Best Wireless Earbuds on a Budget
Sony shares that the WF-C500 delivers a stable fit that matches a user’s ear cavity.

Wireless earbuds can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are great budget options, including the Sony WF-C500 Truly Wireless In-Ear Headphones. Although Sony is best known for its high-end audio wearables, the WF-C500 comes in at just under $100. Given the price tag, you’re getting an IPX4-rated earbud with a solid 10 hours of battery life.

According to Sony, the WF-C500 sports an ergonomic surface design that is shaped by years of research. The end product is a small earbud that matches the ear cavity for a snug fit. Sony being Sony, the WF-C500 also benefits from a Digital Sound Enhancement Engine. Simply put, this budget pair delivers high-quality sound faithful to the original recording.

Of course, you get your smart features, too. The WF-C500 comes with customizable EQ and voice assistant compatibility. It also boasts Fast Pair, a one-tap technology to easily pair the earbuds with your Android phone.

Size: 80 x 34.9 x 30.9 mm (charging case) | Battery Life: Up to 20 hours
Waterproof Rating: IPX4 | Active Noise Cancellation: No

Best Wireless Earbuds for Android

Android users are best off with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Android
Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro boasts AKG-tuned speakers and a smart active noise cancellation feature.

Although ideally used with a Samsung phone, the Galaxy Buds Pro is the best wireless earbuds for other Android devices. It comes with intelligent active noise cancellation, AKG-tuned two-way speakers, and touch music control. Often pitted against Apple’s AirPods, the Galaxy Buds Pro does its rival better with an impressive IPX7 rating, too.

Samsung’s pro-level earbuds also combine design and ANC tech better. Compared to the Galaxy Buds Live, the Buds Pro offers a better in-ear seal. Fin-like protrusions on the device ensure a snug fit for most users. In addition, Samsung throws in three ear-tip sizes to choose from.

The Galaxy Buds Pro is compatible with phones running on Android 7.0. Users get about 5 hours of playtime with the device and additional 13 hours with the charging case.

Size: 20.8 x 19.6 x 20.83 mm (earbud) | Battery Life: Up to 18 hours
Waterproof Rating: IPX7 | Active Noise Cancellation: Yes

Best Wireless Earbuds for Working Out

The Jabra Elite 7 Active wireless earbuds are designed to handle the toughest workouts.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Working Out
Jabra’s workout-friendly earbuds are water- and sweat-proof, and works with smart assistants, too.

If you have an active lifestyle, chances are you want earbuds that can keep up with your movement. Here, the Jabra Elite 7 Active remains a popular choice. The wireless earbuds boast ShakeGrip to ensure a firm but comfortable grip in the ear. According to Jabra, the technology makes use of special liquid silicone rubber for its secure and stable fit. In addition, the Elite 7 Active is IP57-rated โ€” capable of handling water and sweat during the toughest workouts.

Beyond its robust design, however, the Elite 7 Active is a powerful audio device, too. Each earbud is equipped with 6mm speakers and supports AAC and SBC codecs. There’s also active noise cancellation and HearThrough ambient mode โ€” both adjustable in the Jabra Sound+ app. Like its ideal demographic, the Elite 7 Active has incredible stamina. These Jabra earbuds can play music for up to 8 hours, with 30 hours of battery life available with the case.

Size: 19.5 x 16.3 x 18 mm (earbud) | Battery Life: Up to 38 hours
Waterproof Rating: IP57 | Active Noise Cancellation: Yes

Best Wireless Earbuds for Running

The Jaybird Vista 2’s reliable transparency mode keeps runners aware of their surroundings.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Running
The Jaybird Vista 2 enjoys military-standard ratings against dust, sweat, water, and drops.

Released in June 2021, the Jaybird Vista 2 is the follow-up to one of the best sport earbuds in the market โ€” the Jaybird Vista. And like its predecessor, the Vista 2 is a favorite among runners. Part of the earbuds’ appeal comes from its SurroundSense technology. Jaybird’s reliable transparency mode monitors ambient noise, allowing runners to stay spatially aware. This pair of runner’s earbuds also boast earth proof durability, including its charging case.

But there’s more to the Vista 2 than ambient modes and durable construction. When it’s time to focus, the wireless earbuds provide active noise cancellation, too. Interchangeable ear gels, on the other hand, ensure a snug fit even as you’re speeding. Plus, despite its small package, the Vista 2 brings big sound thanks to 6mm drivers and fully customizable audio care of the Jaybird App.

Size: 15.7 x 16.2 x 20.3 mm (earbud) | Battery Life: Up to 24 hours
Waterproof Rating: IP68 | Active Noise Cancellation: Yes

Best Wireless Earbuds Noise Cancelling

For ANC, the Sony WF-1000XM4 is one of the best wireless earbuds you can get.

Best Wireless Earbuds Noise Cancelling
The WF-1000XM4 is in a class of its own when it comes to noise cancellation.

Consistently ranking high across best wireless earbuds 2021 lists, the Sony WF-1000XM4 remains a cut above the competition. The pair of sleek earbuds are equipped with an Integrated Processor V1 for arguably the best noise-canceling performance in the market. Meanwhile, noise isolation earbud tips ensure a secure seal โ€” reducing noise and insulating sound. There’s even wind noise reduction that keeps breezy days out of your earshot.

Sony’s innovative processor, however, goes beyond noise cancellation. According to the company, the Integrated Processor V1 also enhances sound quality. This pairs well with the re-designed 6mm drivers that help support High-Resolution Audio Wireless.

With the WF-1000XM4, users also benefit from a plethora of smart features. Fast Pair, for instance, makes connecting to Android devices effortless. Hands-free help is available, too, thanks to support for voice assistants. There’s even adaptive sound control where your earbuds learn the environment you move in and automatically tailor the sound to suit the location.

Size: 20.32 x 20.32 x 25.4 mm (earbud) | Battery Life: Up to 8 hours (NC turned off)
Waterproof Rating: IPX4 | Active Noise Cancellation: Yes

Best Wireless Earbuds with Bass

Bass heads will appreciate the Sennheiser CX True Wireless Earbuds’ Bass Boost.

Best Wireless Earbuds with Bass
Sennheiser ensures the CX True Wireless fits securely in your ears.

For headphone buyers who prefer a strong bass response, the Sennheiser CX True Wireless Earbuds might do the trick. The follow-up to 2020’s CX 400BT, the CX True Wireless boasts upgraded battery life, a bassier sound profile, and improved frequency response consistency. Its Bass Boost feature also emphasizes the mid-range sound better. Of course, you can further customize the built-in equalizer through Sennheiser’s Smart Control App.

Like many of today’s wireless earbuds, the CX True Wireless comes with customizable touch control. There’s also access to Google Assistant and Siri. For calls, the earbuds feature Sidetone so you can hear your voice. When it comes to battery life, Sennheiser keeps up with the rest with 9 hours of standalone playtime on a 1.5-hour charge. If you’re in a rush, however, a 15-minute quick charge will deliver an hour of battery life already.

Size: 59 x 33.8 x 42.3 mm (earbuds and case) | Battery Life: Up to 27 hours
Waterproof Rating: IPX4 | Active Noise Cancellation: No

Best Wireless Earbuds with Ear Hooks

The Beats Powerbeats Pro delivers precise ergonomics and improved connectivity.

Best Wireless Earbuds with Ear Hooks
The Powerbeats Pro can work as a pair or independently, thanks to the Apple H1 Chip on each earbud.

Despite the improved fit of many wireless earbuds, some buyers prefer the ergonomics of an ear hook. Here, the Beats Powerbeats Pro is a compelling purchase. The earphones feature adjustable secure-fit ear hooks to help them keep in position. Out of the box, the Powerbeats Pro also comes with ear tips in four easily interchangeable size options.

In terms of performance, these wireless earbuds rely on Apple’s H1 Chip. The result is enhanced connection, fewer dropouts, and an extended range. Users can also wirelessly share audio from the Powerbeats Pro to AirPods or other Beats headphones via Audio Sharing. And while the earbuds are designed for Apple, the sleek pair is compatible with Android devices, too.

Size: 55 mm in height (earbuds) | Battery Life: Up to 24 hours
Waterproof Rating: IPX4 | Active Noise Cancellation: No

Best Wireless Earbuds for Phone Calls

If you’re always on call, then the Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds are for you.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Phone Calls
Silicone tips make it easier to wear the QuietComfort earbuds for longer โ€” ideal for those endless phone conversations.

Wireless earbuds, however, aren’t just for enjoying music. They’re also increasingly relied on for calls, whether in Zoom meetings or while you’re on the go. If this is a priority for you, consider the Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds. The diminutive pair boasts one of the strongest noise cancellation performances in the market. Branded as Acoustic Noise Cancelling, the earbuds effectively tune out the outside world with ease.

Meanwhile, tiny mics on the right earbud are designed to cancel noise while you’re on a call. The result is clearer conversations that emphasize your voice and cut out the distraction. If you need to hear your environment, however, a quick tap on the touch controls switches you to Aware mode. As its name suggests, the QuietComfort earbuds gently but securely fit in your ear. Thanks to StayHear Max tips made from silicone, your ears are less prone to fatigue as well.

Size: 39.11 x 25.9 x 26.9 mm (earbuds) | Battery Life: Up to 18 hours
Waterproof Rating: IPX4 | Active Noise Cancellation: Yes

Best Wireless Earbuds for Sleeping

Users can get a good night’s sleep courtesy of the Bose Sleepbuds II.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Sleeping
Flexible silicone tips ensure the Sleepbuds II stay put while you sleep.

Playing music and taking calls isn’t the only use case for wireless earbuds. These days, they also double as smart earplugs. Few earbuds, however, are as meticulously designed for a good night’s sleep as the Bose Sleepbuds II. But don’t be fooled by appearances. These earbuds stream relaxing and noise-masking sounds instead of music or podcasts. They also passively block out common sleep distractions like snoring or urban noise.

According to Bose, the Sleepbuds II carry a curated selection of sounds โ€” from tonal environments to soothing nature sounds โ€” to calm users and help them fall asleep. Unique ear tips, on the other hand, ensure they stay put even as you toss and turn in bed. Since they are meant to accompany you through a sleep cycle, the Sleepbuds II enjoy a 10-hour battery life, too. If you want the ability to play regular music, however, consider Bose Sleepbuds II alternatives.

Size: 24.89 x 27.94 x 12.7 mm (earbuds) | Battery Life: Up to 10 hours
Waterproof Rating: N/A | Active Noise Cancellation: No

Best Wireless Earbuds for Small Ears

Apple’s AirPods Pro has a refined design that works great for users with small ears.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Small Ears
Compared to previous generations of AirPods, the AirPods Pro features a shorter stem.

Even with the now-iconic stem, the AirPods Pro is the best wireless earbuds for small ears. The latest generation of Apple’s in-ear headphones, after all, has shortened its most recognizable feature. Apple also provides three sizes of flexible silicone tips to deliver the best fit. Meanwhile, the air vents built into the AirPods’ sides help equalize pressure. For users with small ears, this means you feel like you’re not wearing the earbuds at all.

The AirPods Pro comes with ANC โ€” with outward and inward-facing mics that combine to block out external noise. If you need to hear the outside world, switching between ANC and transparency mode is as simple as pressing the force sensor on the stem. Powered by the H1 Chip, the AirPods Pro also features custom drivers and a high dynamic range amplifier.

Size: 30.9 x 21.8 x 24 mm (earbuds) | Battery Life: Up to 24 hours
Waterproof Rating: IPX4 | Active Noise Cancellation: Yes


When it comes to the best wireless earbuds, there are several options outside of the Samsung Galaxy Buds and Apple AirPods Pro.

Sony WF-1000XM4

Best wireless earbuds to get

Apple AirPods Pro

Most popular wireless earbuds

The best wireless earbuds make listening to music, taking calls, and even sleeping, convenient. From their high-quality audio support to their impressive range, they’re now a staple companion alongside smartphones. However, there’s more to wireless earbuds than the Apple AirPods Pro or Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. Popular audio brands like Beats, Bose, Sony, and Sennheiser are all expanding their catalog and winning praise, too.

The Sony WF-1000XM4, for instance, is no stranger to being rated as the best wireless earbuds to get. Its rival, the Bose QuietComfort Wireless Earbuds, also delivers exceptional noise canceling performance for high-quality calls. Active users, on the other hand, will benefit greatly from the sport earbuds from Jabra and Jaybird. The Jabra Elite 7 Active and Jaybird Vista 2 are both designed to stay put even during the toughest workouts.

If you’re not willing to spend a fortune on these wearables, then several budget options are available in the market. Sony’s WF-C500 wireless earbuds, however, offer the best bang for your buck, making wire-free phone calls and music listening accessible to many consumers.


๐Ÿ“Œ Are wireless earbuds worth it?

With many mobile devices ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack, wireless earbuds are becoming popular, if not necessary. Even if your smartphone and tablet do come with a headphone jack, getting wireless earbuds is still a great investment. These wearables are easy to use and offer wire-free convenience.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can the Bose Sleepbuds II play regular music?

The Bose Sleepbuds II can only play tracks from its selection of 50 sounds. Unlike other earbuds, the Sleepbuds II cannot be used to listen to music or podcasts.

๐Ÿ“Œ Do the AirPods Pro come with multiple ear tips?

Yes, Apple includes three sizes of ear tips with the AirPods Pro.

๐Ÿ“Œ How long does it take to charge the Sony WF-1000XM4?

Sony says that the WF-1000XM4 wireless earbuds take approximately 1.5 hours to be fully charged.

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