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Best White Noise Machines (2022): Top Sound Machines for Sleep, Travel & More

White noise machines—or sound machines, as others call them—are made to block out, drown out, blur or mask all sorts of disturbances. That could be a loud neighbor having a party at night, barking dogs and cars. They’re not all built the same, though. Some are made for sleeping, featuring non-looping sounds. Others are made for traveling, thus having a small, portable form factor.

On that note, we compile a couple of the best machines we think are best for certain purposes. For starters, the ASTI LectroFan EVO and the Marpac Yogasleep Dohm Classic are excellent for sleep and the Homedics SoundSpa for the office. Then there’s the ASTI Sound+Sleep MINI for travel, and the Sound Oasis BST-80-20T to make tinnitus more bearable.

Best White Noise Machines Comparison Chart

ASTI LectroFan EVOBest White Noise MachinesFeatures a wide variety of non-looping sounds, excellent audio qualityCheck Price at SoundofSleep.com
Marpac Yogasleep Dohm ClassicBest White Noise MachinesUses a real physical fan for a constant whirring noiseCheck Price at Yogasleep.com
Homedics SoundSpaBest White Noise MachinesCheap, small, effective and battery-poweredCheck Price at Homedics.om
ASTI Sound+Sleep MINIBest White Noise MachinesAdaptive volume, highly customizable soundsCheck Price at SoundofSleep.com
Sound Oasis BST-80-20TBest White Noise MachinesCustomizable sound selection, includes sounds made for tinnitus reliefCheck Price at SoundOasis.com

Best Sound Machine for Sleep — ASTI LectroFan EVO

The ASTI LectroFan EVO provides a lot of sound options and excellent audio quality to match, and it doesn’t break the bank either.

Best White Noise Machines for Sleep
The ASTI LectroFan EVO is so small that it won’t take up a lot of space on your nightstand.

With an excellent price-to-performance ratio, the ASTI LectroFan EVO tops our list as the best not only for sleeping but also for general use overall. In total, it offers 22 non-looping sounds that effectively mask just about any grating or distracting noise. The selection includes six levels of brown noise, three levels of pink noise and one white noise, as well as 10 variations of fan sounds. Last but not least are the Ocean and Surf options.

Compared to most counterparts, it has a wider volume range. That means you get more granular control over how loud it gets. And if you find it lacking, it can be connected to a stronger external speaker via a 3.5mm audio jack.

Its controls are straightforward, consisting of volume controls, white noise and fan noise buttons, timer and power. Also, its compact size makes it suitable for travel, but since it requires to be plugged in, it’s not the best option for that purpose. By the same token, it’s easy to place on your nightstand, though.

Best Noise Machine for Sleep Alternative — Marpac Yogasleep Dohm Classic

The Marpac Yogasleep Dohm Classic uses a physical fan to create a sound of rushing wind without blowing air that might disturb your sleep.

Best White Noise Machines for Sleep
A closer look at the vents and speed settings of the Marpac Yogasleep Dohm Classic.

Another sound machine for sleeping that’s easy to recommend is the Marpac Yogasleep Dohm Classic. Unlike the more common variety that uses speakers, it uses a fan. As expected, its white noise sounds like there’s a fan on in the room, which is continuous and more natural than something coming from speakers.

In terms of masking capabilities, it doesn’t do as good a job as counterparts that offer a variety of white, brown and pink noises. However, the realistic quality of its constant whir is likely to be more appealing to some folks. It has two speed settings to choose from, and adjusting the tone and volume is a matter of turning its cap and collar.

Best White Noise Machine for Office — Homedics SoundSpa

The Homedics SoundSpa gets the job done and won’t make a dent in your wallet, but it’ll remind you that it’s a budget device.

Best White Noise Machines for Office
The size of the Homedic SoundSpa makes it good for travel and the office.

Among the most affordable sound machines around is the Homedic SoundSpa. But despite its low price point, it delivers results. It features six sounds made to have a natural characteristic to them, namely White Noise, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summer Night and Brook.

Besides plugging it in, it can be powered by four AA batteries, perfect if you have limited outlets at your workspace. Its compact size also makes it easy to find a spot for it on your office desk. Going by these aspects, it’s suitable for travel too.

However, it’s worth noting that the sounds it makes loop, so it’s not ideal for sensitive sleepers. For that same reason, it’s not the best option if you’re after a machine that can help you get to sleep while traveling.

Best Portable Sound Machine for Travel — ASTI Sound+Sleep MINI

Customizable sounds, adaptive volume and high audio quality make the Sound+Sleep MINI a premium pick.

Best White Noise Machines for Travel
A look at the controls and speaker of the ASTI Sound+Sleep MINI.

The ASTI Sound+Sleep is generally considered as one of the best in the market. Now as its name suggests, the Sound+Sleep MINI is essentially its miniature, battery-powered version. To put two and two together, that makes it an impressive portable noise machine for travel. But beyond initial impressions, it doesn’t just ride on its sibling’s coattails, as it’s capable of living up to its name on its own.

It features 12 non-looping audio programs, including brown, pink and white noises, rain and brook. Also, it has a comprehensive set of buttons to give you thorough control over how it sounds, totaling to 48 unique settings. 

Among its claims to fame is its Adaptive Sound Technology. Basically, it automatically adjusts its volume depending on the ambient noise in the room for optimal efficacy at all times. Moreover, it has a rich audio quality, giving its recording a realistic effect to them. In other words, it can produce a complex combination of noises that can block out and take the edge off unwelcome sounds.

What makes it ideal for travel is it can run on four AA batteries. In addition, it measures only 4.6” x 5.5” x 2.6” and weighs only 1.6 lbs, so it’s easy to fit into your luggage and take along anywhere. For the record, there’s also a carrying case for it, but it’s sold separately.

Best White Noise Machine for Tinnitus — Sound Oasis BST-80-20T

The Sound Oasis BST-80-20T’s sounds are made specifically to address tinnitus.

Best White Noise Machines for Tinnitus
The Sound Oasis BST-80-20T takes an SD card for up to 24 hand-picked sounds.

Like most sound machines, the Sound Oasis BST-80-20T features a variety of options that include nature sounds and brown, white and pink noises. What sets it apart is its so-called tinnitus therapy audio programs designed for relief from the condition. In short, it can be used for sleep or simply for drowning out noise, and it can make tinnitus more manageable as well.

In a sense, it’s more flexible than its usual counterparts, as its sound selection can be personalized. You can either download up to 24 sounds and load it into an SD card or request for a custom card from the company.

It’s also portable, measuring 2.22” x 2.44” x 2.44” and weighing only 0.45 lbs. On top of that, it has a built-in battery that’s good for up to five hours on a single charge. However, it’d be best to plug it into an outlet if you’re using it for sleep since its battery life isn’t anywhere near enough to last the entire night.


Whether it’s for sleep, travel, tinnitus or the office, there’s a sound machine for everyone.

To wrap things up, our pick for the best white noise machine for sleep overall is the ASTI LectroFan EVO. It stands out from the pack because of its value for money, offering plenty of sounds and a full audio quality. Alternatively, there’s the Marpac Yogasleep Dohm Classic that houses a physical fan for a more realistic constant sound.

Meanwhile, the Homedics SoundSpa is decent for the office because of its small size and affordable price tag. For traveling, the ASTI Sound+Sleep MINI is arguably unrivaled because it can run on batteries and comes with plenty of features. Lastly, the Sound Oasis BST-80-20T features sounds for tinnitus management.


📌 Which white noise machine works best?

That depends on what you’re going to use it for. For instance, the ASTI LectroFan EVO is among the best sound machines for sleep, and the ASTI Sound+Sleep MINI is one of the best for traveling.

📌 Is it worth getting a white noise machine for sleep?

If noise is keeping you up at night, then a white noise machine may be worth a try. These are designed to block out distracting sounds, and their constant sound could help you fall asleep and keep you from jolting awake.

📌 Is pink noise better than white noise?

It depends on your preferences. Pink noise is basically the same as white noise, except that it has a lower pitch, which some may find more soothing.

📌 Is a fan good for white noise?

Yes, any ordinary fan can provide some sound-masking white noise, but it isn’t always the best option. Those who don’t want intermittent, distracting gusts typical of oscillating fans, the Marpac Yogasleep Dohm Classic is the next best thing, producing the same whirring sound without actually moving air around.

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