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Best Webcam For Twitch (2022): Top Webcams For Live Streaming

Getting a high-resolution webcam is top priority in improving your video game streaming or live chatting on Twitch. Higher framerates, sharper resolutions, brighter low-light performance and more are all desirable benefits to increase the quality of your stream and engage your audience more. Plus, the top webcams for Twitch have improved built-in mics, though dedicated microphones will still be best. Here’s our list of the best webcams for Twitch: Logitech StreamCam, Logitech BRIO, Logitech C922x Pro, Razer Kiyo, and Microsoft LifeCam Studio.

Best Webcam for Twitch Comparison Chart

ModelLogitech StreamCamLogitech BRIOLogitech C922xRazer KiyoMicrosoft LifeCam Studio
 Amazon productAmazon product Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product Check Price at Amazon Amazon productAmazon product
Recording1080p 60fps4K 30fps
1080p 60fps
720p 90fps
1080p 30fps
720p 60fps
1080p 30fps
720p 60fps
1080p 30fps
Field of View78ยฐ65ยฐ, 78ยฐ, 90ยฐ78ยฐ90ยฐ75ยฐ
FocusSmart AutoAutoAutoAutoAuto
Built-in MicStereo
Dual Mono
ConnectionUSB-C 3.1USB-A 3.1USB-A 2.0USB-A 2.0USB-A 2.0

Logitech StreamCam

Ultimate webcam for content creation and live streaming

Enable portrait mode for Instagram stories easily by rotating the StreamCam.

The Logitech StreamCam is an upgraded and improved version of its previous top-rated webcam, the C922. That’s already an accomplishment by itself, since the C922 is easily one of the best webcams available today. The StreamCam can record at a smooth 60fps in 1080p and will auto-focus accurately with AI-enabled facial tracking. This ensures correct exposure even in low-light conditions so your Twitch chat can follow your every move and expression, which is crucial for audience engagement.

If you’re after a non-4K webcam that reaches 60 frames a second, the Logitech StreamCam is well worth the cost. It already includes support for OBS and XSplit, and the dual mics capture your voice extremely well. Make sure your PC or laptop has a USB-C connection though since there’s no USB-A adapter in the box.


  • High framerates while streaming
  • Smart autofocus with AI tracking
  • Switch to portrait mode easily
  • Optimized for OBS and XSplit
  • Dual omnidirectional mics
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Fast USB-C connection


  • More expensive than most webcams
  • Field of view could be improved
  • No USB-A adapter included

Logitech BRIO

Advanced 4K webcam for home, work and play

Position the BRIO optimally with the adjustable mounting clip or use a tripod.

Though 4K streaming isn’t mainstream on Twitch yet, the 4K-ready Logitech BRIO will make sure your clips and recordings can be uploaded to YouTube at the highest quality. Certainly, anyone in your chat who can watch a 4K stream will appreciate the high resolution and with HDR features, the BRIO will let you stand out from the crowd. Note that you’ll only still get the super-smooth 60fps at full HD 1080p, which is still particularly impressive.

Another noteworthy feature of the Logitech BRIO is its adjustable field of view. You can switch between 65, 78 and 90 degrees, which can provide interesting views for Twitch chat, especially if you’ve got a nice background set up or have some friends joining the stream. There’s also 5x HD zoom for food close-ups and the like. The autofocus can get annoying if you move a lot, such as while dancing, so it could take a few seconds to refocus.


  • True 4K image quality and streaming
  • HDR support and autofocus features
  • Rightlight 3 adjusts contrast and exposure
  • Windows Hello facial recognition
  • Adjustable field of view
  • Privacy cover


  • More expensive than most webcams
  • Most people can’t watch 4K streams yet
  • Autofocus can be buggy

Logitech C922x Pro

Designed for serious streamers

The Logitech C922 series is one of the best value webcams today.

The Logitech C922x Pro is specially designed for Twitch streamers and YouTube content creators, and it has been a resounding success so far. Picture quality is topnotch, as the C922x Pro can stream and record in full HD 1080p at 30fps. It has fast autofocus along with automatic brightness and exposure settings based on ambient light in the room.

Two mics sit on either end of the wide webcam for stereo audio capture and you can easily mount in on the top of your monitor. The 78-degree field of view is just enough to capture your a good portion of your surroundings for green screen or background. For its price the Logitech C922x is amazing value, especially with the included 6-month license for XSplit.


  • Reasonable price for quality
  • Dual stereo mics
  • Accurate autofocus
  • Automatic light correction


  • Only 30fps for 1080p streaming
  • Default saturation needs adjustment
  • Short USB cord

Razer Kiyo

Desktop streaming camera with powerful ring light

The multi-step ring light gives the Razer Kiyo a serious edge over other streaming webcams.

As a gaming brand, Razer definitely makes it clear that the Razer Kiyo is designed for the video game streaming community. Its standout feature, a 5600K ring light surrounding its lens, is daylight-balanced for an even, flat illumination to eliminate the need for additional lighting equipment. The bezel also rotates for quick brightness adjustment, so you don’t need to open software settings.

That said, the Razer desktop software has plenty of customization available, including, contrast, saturation, white balance and brightness. You can create presets for the time of day, room or environment you’re in, so streaming inside or outside is a breeze. As such, the Razer Kiyo will present you in the best light possible.


  • Built-in powerful ring light
  • Diverse customization settings
  • Compact, portable build
  • Compatible with Streamlabs, OBS and XSplit
  • Good low-light performance


  • Needs experimentation for best settings
  • 90ยฐ field of view only
  • Windows-compatible only

Microsoft LifeCam Studio

Featuring TrueColor tech and high-fidelity mic

The Microsoft LifeCam Studio can double-duty for video calls at work.

Built for versatility, the Microsoft LifeCam Studio performs well for live streaming on Twitch. Its 1080p HD sensor pairs excellently with its high-fidelity microphones to give your chat a high-quality stream. The LifeCam also features TrueColor Technology which auto-adjusts brightness and color in all lighting conditions. Plus, its ClearFrame Technology ensures smooth, crisp video at all resolutions.

The Microsoft LifeCam Studio only has a 75ยฐ field of view though it has a 16:9 image ratio. It has automatic face tracking, auto focus up to 4 inches up close, and a super wideband mic that has noise-cancellation capabilities. You can set it up quickly with the clip mount on your monitor or use a standard tripod.


  • Affordable and versatile webcam
  • TrueColor Technology auto-adjusts video
  • ClearFrame Technology for smooth video
  • Super wideband microphone


  • 720p streaming
  • Moderate specs
  • Mount requires figuring out


The Logitech C922x Pro and Razer Kiyo are our top webcams for Twitch.

Amazon product

At their excellent price range, the Logitech C922x Pro and Razer Kiyo truly stand out as amazing webcams for Twitch. They provide fantastic image quality at high framerates, letting you sync it with video game capture. Recording videos for YouTube is easier on the Logitech C922x Pro with its included XSplit license and auto low light correction, while the Razer Kiyo will always showcase you in a flattering light.


๐Ÿ“Œ What camera is good for Twitch streaming?

We recommend the Logitech C922x Pro and Razer Kiyo for live streaming on Twitch. Both of these webcams are great all-around cameras with versatile features, impressive specs and excellent price.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is a 720p webcam good enough?

Yes, a 720p webcam will be just fine for streaming or video conferencing though the improved image quality of a 1080p webcam is highly desirable and is worth investing in.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can you stream on Twitch with a GoPro?

Yes, though you need a GoPro subscription. GoPro cameras now support live streaming directly to Twitch and other platforms.

๐Ÿ“Œ What cameras do Twitch users use?

Among the most popular cameras used by Twitch streamers are the Logitech C615, Logitech C920, Razer Kiyo, Microsoft LifeCam and Logitech BRIO. Some also use DSLR cameras instead of webcams.

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