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Best Webcam For Mac mini (2021): What Are Your Options?

The Mac mini is one of Apple’s most popular computers thanks largely to it also being the company’s most affordable. Unlike other desktops, however, the Mac mini doesn’t come with a monitor, keyboard, or even mouse. While this standalone approach can deter some buyers, it also means users are free to customize their desktop setup, including their choice of webcam.

With working or studying from home becoming the norm, investing in a good webcam is crucial. Most monitors already come with a built-in camera, including those specially designed for the Mac mini. However, their video quality can oftentimes be shoddy. Below, we review the best standalone webcams you can get for your Mac mini: the Logitech C922 Pro HD, Logitech StreamCam, Razer Kiyo, NexiGo N930AF, and the Hrayzan Webcam.

Best Webcam For Mac Mini Comparison Chart

ModelLogitech C920 Pro HDLogitech StreamCamRazer KiyoNexiGo N930AFHrayzan Webcam
 Amazon productAmazon productAmazon productAmazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon productAmazon productAmazon productAmazon product
Why You Should Buy ItValue for money HD cameraVersatile mounting options and sleek designHigh quality camera with built-in ring lightFull HD cam with privacy coverBudget webcam with ultra wide angle
Resolution1080p/30 fps, 720p/ 30 fps1080p/60 fps1080p/30 fps, 720p/60 fps, 480p/30 fps,
360p/30 fps
1080p/30 fps1080p/30 fps
Field of View78ยบ78ยบ81.6ยบ65ยบ110ยบ
Built-in MicDual mic stereo audioDual omni directional mic (stereo or dual mono)Stereo microphoneStereo microphoneNoise cancelling mic
MacOS CompatibilitymacOS 10.10 or latermacOS 10.14 or laterWork as a USB-webcammacOS 10.6 or latermacOS 10.6 or later
ConnectivityUSB – A portUSB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-CUSB 2.0USB 2.0USB 2.0
Warranty2 years1 year1 year1 year3 years

Logitech C920 Pro HD

An easy to use webcam that delivers high quality videos and images

Logitech’s C920 Pro HD webcam sports a sleek and unobtrusive design

The Logitech C920 Pro HD rarely misses out on a list of the best webcams, and for a good reason. Logitech’s mainstay camera is affordable, easy to use, and packed with features. For about $80, you already get full HD video and razor-sharp image quality. Moreover, the webcam comes with automatic HD light correction courtesy of Logitech’s RightLight 2 technology.

And it does its job surprisingly well, delivering clear and sharp photos even in dim settings. Nonetheless, this isn’t a gamer’s webcam, with video quality tending to lose details in low-light environments. But for regular use or standard video calls, it’s value for your money.

Audio on the Logitech C920 Pro, however, isn’t as amazing as picture quality. The sound is clear and loud but can come across as a bit flat. Despite having a dual-mic setup, you’ll be better off with a separate headset. Like most Logitech webcams, the C920 Pro is compatible with macOS and works well with applications like Zoom and FaceTime.

Logitech StreamCam

A full HD webcam with a sleek design and versatile mounting options.

The Logitech StreamCam can be mounted horizontally and vertically

If you’re looking for a sleek-looking webcam to fit your Mac mini set up, then the Logitech StreamCam might be right up your alley. Compared to the protracted design of most Logitech webcams, the StreamCam sports a cool, box-like design. It also comes with a woven fabric finish and is available in two colors.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac, the Logitech StreamCam boasts 1080p at 60fps capability in MJPEG. Its premium glass lens also lends to the webcam’s ability to capture sharp and vibrant images. Also, the device comes with AI-enabled facial tracking that retains focus and accurate exposure on your face even as you move around.

But the StreamCam is still best-known for its versatility. Thanks to its unique design, you can mount the webcam either horizontally or vertically. For the latter option, this means support for full HD vertical videos tailor-fit to social media platforms and smartphones. Sound quality still isn’t pro-grade and ambient noise tends to be picked up slightly more than with the C920. When it comes to video calls, however, you’ll still enjoy clean and balanced audio.

Razer Kiyo

A gamer’s webcam that features an inbuilt ring light

Razer Kiyo is best know for its built-in ring light

When it comes to gaming cameras, the Razer Kiyo remains one of the most popular options. The webcam offers a 4MP image resolution for photos, as well as 1080p at 30fps max video resolution. Appearance-wise, it also boasts of a distinctive look thanks to its disc-like form.

However, Razer’s Synapse app, which gives you full controls to customize the Kiyo, isn’t compatible with Mac. You can still use the Kiyo with your mini but it’s largely going to be as a USB-webcam. The device’s microphone isn’t that great, too, especially when compared to Logitech’s products. Fortunately, Razer has a solid lineup of audio peripherals, including advanced headsets and speakers.

For Mac mini users, there are still plenty of nifty features here. The Kiyo, for instance, boasts of a built-in ring light that comes with adjustable brightness levels. This should lend a professional-looking illumination to your photos and videos. Recent firmware updates have also added auto white balance adjustment to the Kiyo, along with improved auto-focus. Plus, you get an 81.6ยบ field of view that includes more of the scene without compromising image or video quality.

NexiGo N930AF

A feature-packed webcam that’s a huge upgrade to laptop cameras

The NexiGo N930AF is great for both business and pleasure

If you’re looking for an all-in-one webcam that doesn’t break the bank, then the NexiGo N930AF is a solid option. Originally priced at around $150, you can now get the device for just under $60. But NexiPC’s highly-rated webcam isn’t just popular for its affordability. It’s also shipped with two privacy covers included, a thoughtful addition amidst today’s concerns over privacy.

When it comes to features, the NexiGo N930AF matches those of the more popular brands. You get 1080p at 30fps video resolution, auto-focus, facial enhancement technology, and even light correction. The results are clear and high-resolution images, especially in good ambient lighting. Sound quality is surprisingly good, too, with little complaints about static or drops in quality during calls. The volume of audio recordings, however, isn’t as consistent.

The NexiGo N930AF’s field of view is just around 65ยบ although the device’s camera itself can be rotated 360-degrees. Setting up the webcam on your computer is painless, too, and it’s compatible with Windows, Android, and Mac. There’s also no need to run drivers for the device to work.

Hrayzan Webcam

A budget plug and play webcam with ultra wide angle

The budget Hrayzan Webcam comes with 1080p resolution

Are you still looking for an inexpensive webcam for your Mac mini? That’s understandable. If you’re really on a budget, then consider the Hrayzan Webcam. At under $40, you get the widest field of view โ€” 110ยบ with a focus distance of 2.5m โ€” among all the cameras in this list. It’s the perfect webcam if you like video calls with all of your family or friends in the frame.

The specs on the Hrayzan also belies its price. You get a true HD 1080p resolution, along with low light correction for improved video quality. It’s a plug-and-play webcam, too, that’s easy to set up and compatible with macOS 10.6 or later. But best of all, the item includes a privacy cover and desktop tripod in the package.

The only downside to the Hrayzan Webcam is that you’re settling for a fixed focus camera. Considering how much people tend to move around especially when recording, auto-focus should already be a standard feature. The camera’s audio quality is also the weakest in this list. So while you might save on the webcam, you can end up shelling more for a standalone headset.


The Logitech StreamCam is a great investment for a webcam compatible with Mac mini. But if you’re on a budget, we recommend the NexiGo N930AF.

Amazon product

Combining excellent video and sound quality with versatile mounting options, the Logitech StreamCam is our pick for the best webcam for Mac mini. The device comes in a unique and streamlined design to record HD videos horizontally and vertically. If you want to stream in high def, this is a great albeit pricier choice.

Meanwhile, the NexiGo N930AF is our recommendation for the budget consumer. It’s not as inexpensive as the Hrayzan but the few extra dollars translates to better features. Autofocus, light correction, and a fairly good built-in mic are all part of the package. You even get two privacy covers included in the package.


๐Ÿ“Œ What’s the best budget webcam for Mac mini?

The NexiGo N930AF is a strong contender for the best budget webcam for your Mac mini. The device comes with 1080p video resolution, autofocus, low light correction, and a reliable noise reduction microphone.

๐Ÿ“Œ What are the available colors for the Logitech StreamCam?

You can get the Logitech StreamCam in either white or graphite.

๐Ÿ“Œ Aside from the Razer Kiyo, what’s a great webcam that sports a built-in ring light?

The Vitade 960A is an inexpensive alternative to the Razer Kiyo if you’re looking for a webcam with an inbuilt ring light.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does the Logitech C920 HD Pro come with a privacy cover?

No, the Logitech C920 HD Pro does not come with a privacy cover. But you can purchase one separately. Logitech currently sells compatible webcam privacy covers for both the C920 and C930.

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