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Best Waterproof Speaker (2022): Top Picks From JBL, Sonos & More

Whether you’re relaxing at the beach or singing in the shower, the best waterproof speakers are built to keep you entertained. All our favorites are portable Bluetooth models, which are easier to take anywhere because they’re wireless. Some can even float. But if you’re looking for wired options, check out our review of the best outdoor speakers. If not, scroll down below to find top-rated speakers from established brands like Bose and up-and-coming names like ECOXGEAR.

Best Waterproof Speaker Comparison Chart

ModelProduct ImagePrice
Sonos Roam 
Bose SoundLink Flex
UE Megaboom 3

Sonos Roam 

The best outdoor waterproof speaker

Sonos RoamΒ 
The Sonos Roam’s minimalist design fits nicely in the Sonos catalog

One of the main gripes about waterproof speakers is sound β€” or the lack of it. Since they’re smaller than their wired counterparts, volume is often compromised. Take Sonos differently, though. Already known for premium home audio, Sonos sets its sights on the portable speaker market with the Sonos Roam.

The Roam brandishes a sleek and minimalist design in line with other Sonos speakers. But at less than a pound, you get a sophisticatedly light unit. Under the hood, the Sonos Roam enjoys precision-engineered acoustics. Its Class-H digital amplifiers deliver a big sound while its tweeter and mid-woofer tackle the high and mid-range frequencies, respectively.

If you’re not fond of the sound profile, the EQ can be adjusted using the Sonos app. And while there are physical controls, the Roam has Sonos Voice Control for hands-free pausing and playback. The speaker can even control other smart home devices, thanks to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Like its name, the Sonos Roam is a speaker you can take anywhere. The product’s rugged build enjoys an IP67 rating to handle any weather condition or terrain.

Dimensions: 6.61 x 2.44 x 2.36 in. | Weight: 0.95 lb | Battery Life: Up to 10 hours


The best waterproof speaker portable in size

JBL Go 3
JBL’s GO 3 sports a fabric-wrapped exterior that comes in vibrant colors

You don’t want to be hauling a large speaker to a poolside party, right? This makes it hard to question the value of the JBL GO 3. Compact and lightweight, the block-style speaker will find room in any travel bag. And while you can set it on a table, JBL has thoughtfully added a lanyard on the GO 3, so you can attach it to a bag or suspend it from a hook.

Outside, the GO 3’s speaker grille is wrapped in fabric. This exterior material comes in a range of colors, including two-tone options. The device also feels solid, and an IP67 rating means you can submerge it up to a meter of water for 30 minutes.

Inside, the GO 3 has an upgraded 4.2-watt power and improved frequency response. Still, the speaker tends to struggle in the low bass department. But while it won’t win over audiophiles, it’s loud enough for most people to like. If you want more bass in a portable speaker, we would recommend the Sony XB13.

Speaker controls are limited to raised buttons for playing and pausing tracks and Bluetooth pairing. Despite relying on wireless technology, the GO 3 has minimal issues with latency. It also comes with a USB-C port for charging, and you get a decent 5 hours of battery life from the unit.

Dimensions: 3.4 x 2.7 x 1.6 in. | Weight: 0.45 lb | Battery Life: Up to 5 hours

Bose SoundLink Flex

The best waterproof speaker for the shower

Bose SoundLink Flex
Bose’s SoundLink Flex isn’t just waterproof β€” it also floats

The beach isn’t the only reason for having a waterproof speaker. Sometimes you just want music to accompany you in the shower. If this is you, consider the Bose SoundLink Flex. Like Sonos, Bose enjoys a strong reputation for its home audio systems and speakers. With the SoundLink Flex, the company’s high-quality sound comes in a portable package.

Right off the bat, you need to know you can’t customize the sound on this speaker. But you can forgive Bose since the SoundLink Flex benefits from a neutral sound profile. With its boomy bass range and clear and nuanced vocals, it handles a wide variety of audio content well. Moreover, the SoundLink Flex can optimize sound based on its orientation.

The speaker’s powder-coated grille and silicone exterior should handle mishaps, too, like dropping it inside the bathroom. Plus, it manages to hear voice commands β€” through Siri or Google Assistant β€” over the noise of a shower. The SoundLink Flex’s carrying strap also means you can hang it anywhere, like towel hooks.

Bose says its portable speaker is IP67-rated. It even floats. And if one speaker isn’t enough, you can always pair the SoundLink Flex with other Bose speakers.

Dimensions: 3.6 x 7.9 x 2.1 in. | Weight: 1.3 lb | Battery Life: Up to 12 hours


The best waterproof Bluetooth speaker for boats

The ECOXGEAR EcoTrek is a powerful speaker packed with features

For off-the-coast excursions, we like what the ECOXGEAR EcoTrek brings to the table. Although bigger than the others in this list, what it delivers in sound makes up for its size. For starters, the EcoTrek has a six-way speaker system. This includes two full-range speakers, two rear woofers, and two tweeters. The result is a powerful sound with plenty of bass.

Do you like listening to music while you’re boating? The EcoTrek is a worry-free speaker that will float when dropped in the ocean, a lake, or even a river. It also comes with an IP67 rating, so you’re guaranteed it’s dustproof well. And even as you sail in the evening, the EcoTrek has you covered. Back-lit buttons and an LED screen make nighttime listening possible.

The EcoTrek comes with a digital AM/FM radio station, a microphone jack for PA or karaoke, and an audio input jack for playing wired audio sources. There are even two cup holders at the top large enough for insulated mugs.

On land, you can plug the speaker into a standard AC wall outlet for continuous play. If you’re taking it out to the sea, the EcoTrek has a rechargeable battery for up to 50 hours of playtime.

Dimensions: 10 x 15 x 27 in. | Weight: 19.2 lb | Battery Life: Up to 50 hours

UE Megaboom 3

The best sounding waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Best sounding waterproof Bluetooth speaker
The UE Megaboom 3 comes in stylish two-tone fabrics available in several colors

If you’re looking for an excellent-sounding Bluetooth speaker, consider the UE Megaboom 3. Its cylindrical shape delivers immersive sound evenly in all directions. At the same time, it’s one of the loudest portable speakers in the market β€” up to 90 decibels β€” thanks to sound processing from Ultimate Ears. And on full blast, the Megaboom 3 doesn’t resort to compressing audio.

Even with its thumping bass, the speaker’s carefully tuned drivers preserve the full color of the output. Sound is also clearly transmitted, thanks to its acoustic fabric. For this skin, UE uses the same textile as those on fire equipment or motorcycle jackets. The result is a rugged but stylish unit with an IP67 rating. UE shares it can even handle spills from your drinks. It floats, too.

You can pair the Megaboom 3 with up to eight source devices and connect up to two simultaneously. If you want a stereo sound, simply pair the Megaboom 3 with up to 150 speakers through the Party Up feature on the Boom app. The same app allows users to choose from four different sound presets or to customize the EQ.

Battery life can be an issue with wireless speakers. However, on the Megaboom 3, UE has upped the ante with the 20-hour playtime. Despite all these features, the unit is easy to control. You get two larger volume buttons and a Magic Button for managing your streamed playlists.

Dimensions: 3.375 x 8.875 in. | Weight: 2.04 lb | Battery Life: Up to 20 hours


The best waterproof speakers offer excellent sound quality and solid build quality. In this list, the Sonos Roam and UE Megaboom 3 are the standouts.

If you’re looking for a waterproof speaker, our list narrows down five of the best models you can buy today. Although all units are highly recommended, two are clear standouts for the value they bring.

The Sonos Roam, for instance, combines a rugged build with excellent audio performance. It comes in a sleek design and offers premium features, including customizable EQ, built-in voice control, and support for controlling other smart home devices.

However, if you want a bigger sound and thumping bass, the UE Megaboom 3 should be right up your alley. A party speaker at the core, this device can get really loud while preserving the fidelity of your audio content. Plus, it floats.


πŸ“Œ What’s the wireless range of the UE Megaboom 3?

The UE Megaboom 3 has a wireless range of up to 45 meters.

πŸ“Œ Does the ECOXGEAR EcoTrek have speakerphone capability?

Yes. The ECOXGEAR EcoTrek comes with a built-in microphone for speakerphone mode as well as Siri and Google Assistant compatibility.

πŸ“Œ What inputs are available on the Bose SoundLink Flex?

The Bose SoundLink Flex only has one input, which is a USB-C port.

πŸ“Œ How long is the charging time of the JBL GO 3?

The JBL GO 3 has a charging time of 2.5 hours.

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