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Best Strollers (2022): Top Rated Strollers From Chicco, Graco, Joovy And More

Whether it’s a visit to a local park or a trip to Disney World, strollers make traveling with a baby convenient. Choosing the right one, however, isn’t as trouble-free To help you out, we’ve scoured the net for the best strollers across some of the most popular categories. From tried-and-tested brands like Graco and Evenflo to budget options like Summer Infant, we list down our favorite wheels for babies (and parents, too). Check out the top-rated strollers below.

Best Strollers Comparison Chart

ModelImageKey SpecsPrice
Best Stroller For Travel
Joovy Kooper Stroller
Amazon productWeight: 16.17 lbs.
Dimensions: 34.53 x 21.06 x 40.94 in.
Weight Limit: 55 lbs.
Amazon product
Best Stroller for Disney
BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller
Amazon productWeight: 28.5 lbs.
Dimensions: 46 x 25 x 45 in.
Weight Limit: 75 lbs.
Amazon product
Best Umbrella Stroller
Summer 3Dmini Convenience Stroller
Amazon productWeight: 11 lbs.
Dimensions: 27 x 18 x 43 in.
Weight Limit: 45 lbs.
Amazon product
Best Stroller Wagon
Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon
Amazon productWeight: 35.7 lbs.
Dimensions: 45 x 27 x 39 in.
Weight Limit: 120 lbs.
Amazon product
Best Stroller With Bassinet
Graco Modes Bassinet Travel System
Amazon productWeight: 14.84 lbs.
Dimensions: 27.35 x 11.75 x 15.59 in.
Weight Limit: 50 lbs.
Amazon product
Best Stroller Car Seat Combo
Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System
Amazon productWeight: 29 lbs.
Dimensions: 35.2 x 22.8 x 42.7 in.
Weight Limit: 50 lbs.
Amazon product

Best Stroller For Travel

The Joovy Kooper is a travel-friendly stroller that comes with a folding food tray โ€” the only one of its kind in the country today.

Best Stroller For Travel
Here’s a look at the Joovy Kooper compact stroller from different angles.

As convenient as food trays are, travel-friendly strollers typically leave them out for a smaller footprint. And it’s precisely why the Joovy Kooper Stroller stands out. Stylish and sturdy, Joovy’s high-end compact stroller is the only one in the country with a food tray that folds with it. For families on a trip, it’s a feature that saves parents time and effort. Who wants to assemble and disassemble a food tray while you’re on the go, right?

Beyond the food tray, Joovy’s made-for-travel Kooper comes with plenty of features. The single stroller boasts a customizable recline seat and an adjustable leg rest. For a smooth ride, the Kooper is equipped with oversized wheels, too. Meanwhile, a large, water-repellent canopy โ€” which you can unzip for even more coverage โ€” does the job of protecting your little one from harmful UV rays.

Now, the Kooper is designed for babies three months up. However, it’s also compatible with over 30 car seat models until then. Just keep in mind that you will need to purchase the car seat adapter separately. The Joovy Kooper also weighs 16 pounds โ€” heavier than most strollers in its class. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a carry strap.


  • Compact stroller with food tray attached
  • Oversized wheels and a large canopy
  • Compatible with over 30 car seat models


  • Heavier than most compact strollers
  • No carrying strap

Best Stroller for Disney

The BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 is a Disney World-compatible stroller that boasts a smooth suspension system and generous storage compartments.

Best Stroller for Disney
BOB Gear’s Revolution Flex 3.0 is compatible with infant car seats and is travel-system ready.

As fun and amazing as Disney World is, the happiest place on earth does have strict requirements, especially when it comes to stroller use. Thankfully, there are plenty of Disney-friendly strollers available, although none as recommended as the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller. The all-terrain stroller is known for delivering a well-balanced and smooth ride, ideal for moving safely and fast in crowded areas.

At 25 inches wide and 45 inches high, the Revolution Flex 3.0 stroller fits right into Disney’s size requirements. But it’s a dynamic vehicle that’s perfect outside of resorts and theme parks, too. The stroller sports a mountain bike-style suspension, allowing it to handle any type of terrain โ€” from rural trails to city sidewalks. Meanwhile, air-filled tires โ€” including a 660-degree swiveling front wheel โ€” make it easy to maneuver, turn, or glide.

When it comes to storage, the Revolution Flex 3.0 doesn’t disappoint. Parents will love the extra-large cargo basket and additional six storage pockets. If you need to check on your sleeping baby, the stroller’s canopy comes with a Peek & Chat window, too. Of course, you get comfort and convenience features as well, including infant car seat compatibility and adjustable handlebars. Our only gripe is that the snack trays and cup holders are sold separately.


  • Smooth suspension system
  • Peekaboo window with magnetic closure
  • Infinite recline and compression seat


  • Food tray and cup holder are sold separately

Best Umbrella Stroller

Summer Infant’s 3Dmini Convenience umbrella stroller is compact, portable, and durable.

Best Umbrella Stroller
The Summer 3Dmini boasts a compact fold and umbrella handle for improved portability.

While the Joovy Kooper is compact and travel-friendly, parents will find umbrella strollers more portable. If you’re in the market for one, then the Summer 3Dmini Convenience Stroller is one of the most popular models to get. Lightweight and inexpensive, the 3Dmini stroller is only 9-inches wide when folded and 18 inches wide when in use. Despite its compact dimensions, however, it’s designed to carry babies up to 45 pounds.

Summer’s budget-friendly umbrella stroller is equipped with several features, too. You get dual cup holders, a roomy storage pouch, and a multi-position seat recline as well. Parents will also love the padded safety harness, anti-shock front wheels, and rear storage pockets. The 3Dmini’s canopy even comes with a pop-out sun visor.

But since it is an umbrella stroller, there are some limitations. Summer’s 3Dmini is not suitable for infants under 6 months. The under-seat storage compartment isn’t as spacious as traditional strollers, too. While the seat’s fabric is comfortable, it’s not removable, so you will have to spot clean it.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Padded seat back
  • Comes with a multi-position recline


  • Requires spot cleaning
  • Wheel system isn’t the smoothest

Best Stroller Wagon

Evenflo’s Pivot Explore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon is a versatile carrier that provides extended use for one or two kids up to 5 years old.

Best Stroller Wagon
Evenflo’s Pivot Xplore stroller wagon features front-facing seats and a push or pull handle.

There are plenty of reasons to get a stroller wagon, not least of which is that it can accommodate big kids, too. If you’re the type who likes to tote all your baby essentials along, then this kind of stroller is for you. One of the top-rated models is the Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon. Designed for ride-sharing, this large wagon can accommodate one or two kids up to 5 years of age.

With Evenflo’s Pivot Xplore, you get ample storage space โ€” inside and outside โ€” for your baby’s precious cargo. Unlike most open wagons, however, the stroller has defined seating for two. Each comes with adjustable canopies and an inner food tray between the riders. Parents can opt to push the Pivot Xplore like a regular stroller. But flip the handle to one side, and you can pull it like a wagon. This versatility, along with its all-terrain wheels, makes it ideal for any location.

However, there is one place where you can’t bring the Pivot Xplore. Disney’s updated stroller policy prohibits stroller wagons in their parks. Evenflo’s all-terrain stroller is expectedly large, too, and doesn’t lay flat when folded. While it does fit in car trunks, keep in mind it will take up most of a vehicle’s storage space.


  • Seats have individual canopies and food trays
  • Durable, all-terrain wheels
  • Generous storage compartments


  • Not allowed in Disney World Resorts
  • Does not fold flat

Best Stroller With Bassinet

The Graco Modes Bassinet Travel System is perfect for newborns but is versatile enough to accommodate toddlers.

Best Stroller With Bassinet
The Graco Modes Bassinet Travel System is ideal for newborns and infants but lasts until they’re toddlers.

Since newborns can’t hold up their heads or sit up, you’ll want a stroller that allows a baby to lie flat. This is where bassinet strollers come into the picture. Now one of the highest-rated models is the Graco Modes Bassinet Travel System. While the whole package also includes an infant car seat, you’re getting your money’s worth here as a standalone bassinet stroller. If you’re interested in travel systems, you can read more about it in our Graco Modes Nest vs Element Travel System comparison.

The Graco Modes bassinet itself is a multi-position recline seat that comes with cozy padding. It features a 3 or 5-point harness system that accommodates your growing child with ease. Like most Graco strollers, the Modes bassinet converts to a toddler seat with a few adjustments. Plus, you can set up the seat either as front-facing or rear-facing โ€” great to keep your baby curious with different views.

The actual Graco Modes stroller offers several comfort and convenience features as well. An extra-large canopy, for instance, shades your child from the sun. You get food trays and cup holders for both baby and parent, too. Unfortunately, the stroller itself is compatible only with Graco’s Click Connect car seats.


  • Versatile stroller for infants and toddlers
  • 1-hand self-standing fold
  • Food tray and cup holder for parents


  • Limited car seat compatibility
  • Seat pad is spot clean only

Best Stroller Car Seat Combo

The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is the best stroller and infant car seat combination in the market.

Best Stroller Car Seat Combo
Here’s a closer look the Chico Bravo Quick-Fold Stroller and KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat.

If you’re looking for the best stroller and infant car seat combo, there’s another travel system you should consider. The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is a stylish stroller that works with the top-rated Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat. As a standalone stroller, the Chicco Bravo stroller offers the convenience of quick-fold storage. Meanwhile, its toddler seat boasts a breathable mesh backrest that comes with a secure five-point harness.

As expected, the Chicco’s Bravo stroller has conveniences like a child tray, large canopy, and peek-a-boo window. You can easily remove the stroller’s seat and click on the KeyFit 30 infant car seat, too โ€” perfect for newborns. Because they’re designed to work together, there are no adapters needed. The food tray instead doubles as a secure anchor for the KeyFit 30 car seat.

Parents also get a food tray with cup holders and storage for a phone, although the cellphone slot isn’t really big enough for practical use. Still, there’s an easy-access storage basket under the stroller for most baby essentials. Now, Chicco shares that the travel system is equipped with treaded tires and a suspension system as well. This should make the stroller easier to manage and control when navigating terrain.


  • All-wheel suspension for smooth strolling
  • UPF-rated toddler seat canopy
  • Easy-to-install KeyFit 30 infant car seat


  • Cup holders and cell phone holders are not deep enough


The BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller is our top pick for the best overall stroller. However, the Graco Modes Bassinet Travel System is a close runner-up.

Amazon product

Although the strollers above come highly recommended, the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 stands out for a good reason. This sleek jogging stroller truly puts a premium on maneuverability, making it easy to take wherever โ€” particularly Disney World resorts. For the little ones, the compression seat pad with infinite recline delivers the utmost comfort. For parents, the roomy storage and car-seat compatibility make it an all-in-one option.

Speaking of multi-purpose strollers, however, it’s hard to ignore the Graco Modes Bassinet Travel System. Thanks to its versatile bassinet/toddler seat and infant car seat, it’s probably the only stroller you’ll need. It doesn’t deliver as smooth a ride as Revolution Flex 3.0 does. Its car seat isn’t machine washable, too. But for its price tag and the multiple modes you’re getting, it’s a close runner-up to BOB Gear’s stroller.


๐Ÿ“Œ What is the size requirement of Walt Disney World Resorts when it comes to strollers?

Disney World Resorts recently updated their property rules and regulations, including what strollers are allowed in their parks. According to their policy, strollers need to be 30 inches wide or 52 inches long or smaller. Stroller wagons are no longer allowed in Disney World resorts, too.

๐Ÿ“Œ How much is the maximum capacity of the Evenflo Pivot Xplore Stroller Wagon?

The Evenflo Pivot Xplore stroller wagon has a maximum capacity of 120 pounds. This translates to about 55 pounds per seat, with the remaining 10 pounds allotted for baggage.

๐Ÿ“Œ Are umbrella strollers okay for newborns?

Umbrella strollers are not recommended for newborns. Why? This type of stroller typically has limited recline options for their seats. Newborns cannot sit up or hold their heads up yet and will need to lie flat.

๐Ÿ“Œ Are expensive strollers worth it?

Premium strollers are worth the investment. If you’re considering the comfort and safety of your baby, then splurging on them is reasonable. These strollers typically use premium padding and durable stroller frames as well. They can also be pricey because they might double as carriers for car seats.

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