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Best Samsung Soundbar (2022): Top Picks For Your Home Theater

Samsung boasts an extensive catalog of soundbars that are sleek and well-built. Unlike other brands, the Korean-tech giant’s loudspeakers tend to have a more balanced sound profile, too. For those who want to tweak the audio performance, Samsung soundbars also come with graphic EQs. Plus, they work even better when paired with a Samsung TV. But given just how many there are in the market, choosing the right unit can be challenging. To help you pick the right one, we’ve narrowed down the top models in our review of Samsung soundbars below.

Best Samsung Soundbar Comparison Chart

ModelProduct ImagePrice
Samsung HW-Q950A 
Samsung HW-Q70R
Samsung HW-A550
Samsung HW-Q60T

Samsung HW-Q950A 

Samsung’s best soundbar

Samsung's best soundbar
The HW-Q950A soundbar comes with two rear speakers and a subwoofer.

Although technically an entire external speaker kit, the Samsung HW-Q950A isn’t shy about being the best soundbar the company can offer. From its design to its premium price tag, this is a soundbar for the uncompromising. Still, the minimalist aesthetic that has largely defined Samsung’s offerings belies the scale of what the HW-Q950A delivers. This is as immersive as you can get from the company.

The HW-Q950A boasts 16 separate channels of sound in an 11.1.4 design. Along with the main soundbar, you get a subwoofer and two dedicated rear speakers. As a premium system, the HW-Q950A can customize audio reproduction based on the space you’re in. Called SpaceFit Sound+, the technology calibrates tone and enriches bass to create a room-filling sound.

Thanks to a full graphic EQ, homeowners can further customize the soundstage. If you have a Q-Symphony-compatible Samsung TV, you can combine the soundbar with the TV’s speakers for an even bigger wall of sound. Part of the Q-Series, the Samsung HW-Q950A comes with a built-in Alexa voice assistant. It also works with Apple AirPlay. Lastly, the unit supports Dolby Digital Content and DTS:X.

Channels: 11.1.4 | Auto EQ: Yes | Q-Symphony: Yes | Voice Assistant: Built-in Alexa

Samsung HW-Q70R

The best Samsung soundbar with subwoofer

The best Samsung soundbar with subwoofer
The Harman Kardon soundbar from Samsung features a 3.1.2 design.

Also known as the Samsung Harman Kardon Soundbar, the Samsung HW-Q70R is a great unit that delivers a powerful bass performance and a neutral sound profile. The speaker has a 3.1.2 design with a dedicated center channel for clearer dialogues. Meanwhile, its wireless subwoofer produces a thumping bass with a customizable level.

Like other Q-Series soundbars from Samsung, the HW-Q70R supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. However, its up-firing speakers use acoustic beams and are not full-range. As a result, the surround-sound experience isn’t as accurate as other models. Still, the HW-Q70R can get pretty loud, delivering the goods even in crowded or large rooms.

If you like your movies, the unit is equipped with Adaptive Sound to optimize the audio performance depending on the scene you’re watching. Gamers will also appreciate the dedicated Game Mode Pro of the HW-Q70R.

Channels: 3.1.2 | Auto EQ: No | Q-Symphony: No | Voice Assistant: Works with Alexa

Samsung HW-A550

The best Samsung soundbar under 300

The best Samsung soundbar under 300
Samsung’s budget soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer and the One Remote Control.

Upgrading your home theater experience shouldn’t be expensive. The Samsung HW-A550 is proof of this. At under $300, the soundbar is one of the most highly-rated models from the company. One shopper even shares that “it totally changed the way we watch/listen (to) TV.” While the HW-A550 lacks the premium capabilities of the Q-series, the soundbar offers a strong feature set and commendable front-stage performance.

Despite being a budget option, the HW-A550 still delivers virtual 3D audio and supports Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS Virtual:X. However, immersive surround sound is a mixed bag unless you get the optional surround kit. Gaming action also gets a stereoscopic sound experience courtesy of Game Mode. Like the HW-Q70R, Samsung’s HW-A550 optimizes audio performance to the content, a feature called Adaptive Sound Lite.

You get a 2.1 channel design on this budget soundbar with five speakers. Set up is straightforward, and the Bluetooth connectivity is reliable. The HW-A550 also comes with One Remote Control.

Channels: 2.1 | Auto EQ: No | Q-Symphony: No | Voice Assistant: No

Samsung HW-Q60T

The best Samsung soundbar under 500

The best Samsung soundbar under 500
The HW-Q60T sports a sleek finish like its more premium Q-series counterparts.

If you have some extra bucks but are still on a budget, the Samsung HW-Q60T offers Q-series features at a mid-range price. Selling at just under $500, the HW-Q60T boasts a 5.1 channel, nine speakers, and a wireless subwoofer. Similar to other Q-series soundbars, the unit is compatible with Q-Symphony. Users also get support for Dolby Digital and DTS content.

Given its price, some corners are cut. The HW-Q60T lacks Auto EQ and the intelligent calibration from SpaceFit Sound+. Fortunately, Samsung still includes Adaptive Sound with the soundbar. The HW-Q60T’s stereo dynamics are also impressive, carrying sound well in large rooms. Latency performance is also commendable, with no noticeable lag over HDMI, Optical, or ARC connections.

Channels: 5.1 | Auto EQ: No | Q-Symphony: Yes | Voice Assistant: No


The best Samsung soundbars offer strong customization features, a neutral sound, and seamless connectivity with Samsung TVs.

With several similar-looking Samsung soundbars, choosing the right unit is a task. However, the best models deliver consistent performance, as defined by Samsung’s choice of a neutral sound profile. If you want to invest in a soundbar, the Samsung HW-Q950A is the best to get, boasting an entire surround sound kit and a slew of smart and customizable features.

Meanwhile, customers on a budget should look into the A-series lineup. Here, the Samsung HW-A550 is the clear standout. If you want Q-series features but not the Q-series price, consider the capable Samsung HW-Q60T instead. Lastly, if a reliable subwoofer is what you want, then the Samsung HW-Q70R soundbar is your best bet.


📌 What’s the best Samsung soundbar for Samsung TV?

Samsung’s Q-series soundbars are the best if you have a Samsung TV. If your TV model is compatible with the feature, Q-Symphony allows you to combine speakers from both the TV and soundbar.

📌 What is the best Samsung soundbar in the market?

The Samsung HW-Q950A is the best soundbar from the Korean tech giant. The unit comes as an entire system which includes a main soundbar, two rear speakers, and a wireless subwoofer. Apart from the immersive cinematic sound it delivers, the HW-8950A features automatic sound calibration and a built-in voice assistant.

📌 Does the Samsung HW-Q950A have a Game mode?

Yes, it does. Samsung’s HW-Q950A soundbar comes with a Game Mode Pro that delivers 3D directional audio.

📌 What are the connection options for the Samsung HW-A550?

Samsung’s HW-A550 soundbar connects to your TV via HDMI or Bluetooth.

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