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Best Patio Furniture (2022): Top Picks From Devoko, Pamapic, Kootek And More

Figuring out how to transform your outdoor space into an extension of your home’s living area can be overwhelming. There are simply so many options out there β€” from outdoor sectionals and dining sets to lounge chairs and portable bars. If you’re one of those overwhelmed by the countless lists of best patio sets, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

In this review, we’ve narrowed down the top-rated patio furniture for the most common categories. So whether you’re appointing a poolside area, patio, or deck, you’ll have items in mind and plenty of inspiration for an outdoor space that beckons.

Best Patio Furniture Comparison Chart

ModelImageKey FeaturesPrice
Devoko 9-Piece Patio Dining SetAmazon product– Best patio dining set
– Stylish and sturdy PE rattan
– Sponge cushion for seating
Amazon product
Pamapic 7 Pieces Outdoor SectionalAmazon product– Best outdoor sectional
– Modular style
– Raised feet to minimize friction
Amazon product
Keter Pacific Cool BarAmazon product– Best outdoor bar
– Sleek design with ice drink cooler
– Works as a cocktail or coffee table
Amazon product
Kootek Camping HammockAmazon product– Best hammock
– Comes with built-in storage bag
– Easy to set up
Amazon product
Crestlive Products Aluminum Adjustable Chaise Lounge ChairAmazon product– Best chaise lounge chair
– Adjustable recline position
– Weather-resistant yet sturdy seat fabric
Amazon product

Best Patio Dining Set

Devoko’s 9-Piece Patio Dining Set is a stylish and durable collection for your home.

Best Patio Dining Set
Bring a resort-like ambiance to your home with the Devoko dining set.

When it comes to patio furniture, your dining set is arguably the piΓ¨ce de rΓ©sistance. There’s nothing quite like a well-appointed outdoor dining space, after all. Devoko, a leading furniture supplier, offers a 9-piece set that should make al fresco at home an attractive affair. For this huge collection, you’re getting a glass-topped table, four chairs, and four ottomans. The seats and ottomans come with beige pillows, but you can also opt for blue or red cushions.

The Devoko 9-Piece Patio Dining Set is constructed from a steel frame, enclosed with PE rattan. Although the choice of material is synthetic, it mimics natural rattan quite well. The warm, brown varnish also lends the dining set a tropical resort aesthetic. In addition, PE rattan is low-maintenance and weather-resistant, so expect this dining set to last for years.

The set, however, will have to be assembled out of the box. As expected, the collection includes an installation manual along with complete installation tools. Based on reviews, assembly is quite easy and straightforward anyway.

Best Outdoor Sectional

Pamapic’s Outdoor Sectional creates versatile seating for your outdoor space.

Best Patio and Outdoor Sectional
The Pamapic Outdoor Sectional uses a modular approach for its 7-piece set.

A list of the best patio sets would be incomplete without an outdoor sectional. It is, after all, the most versatile piece for an outdoor living space. Here, the Pamapic Outdoor Sectional stands out thanks to its contemporary design and thoughtful features. The 7-Piece set includes two corner sofas, four armless chairs, and a coffee table with a tempered-glass top.

The components can be arranged in multiple combinations β€” from a generous 7-seater sofa or a modular layout perfect for intimate conversations. Like Devoko’s dining set, Pamapic’s outdoor sectional uses PE rattan as well but in a sophisticated black finish. The seats also come with sponge cushion covered in machine-washable wicker. All in all, it’s a stylish collection that will easily complement your patio, deck, or even poolside hangout.

For added durability, the table and seats feature raised feet to reduce friction. Pamapic’s corner sofas also come with four reclining levels, perfect for relaxing while sipping your favorite cocktail or wine.

Best Outdoor Bar

If you’re someone who likes to entertain, the Keter Pacific Cool Bar should be a welcome addition to your home.

Best Outdoor Bar
For versatile entertaining, the Keter Pacific Cool Bar is hard to beat.

Speaking of cocktails and wine, the Keter Pacific Cool Bar is a piece you never knew you needed. It’s a 3-in-1 accessory that works either as a cocktail table, coffee table or drink cooler. Made from weather-resistant resin, the Cool Bar’s curved form and rattan-like texture make it a sleek addition to your outdoor space.

As a drink cooler, Keter’s portable bar boasts a 7.5-gallon capacity and double-wall insulation. It’s also hidden beneath an extendable tabletop. When not in use, the Cool Bar works perfectly as a low coffee table. However, pull out the top, and the rim extends about 10 inches high, making for an instant cocktail table. Since the drink cooler is open in this mode, drinks are also within easy reach.

The Cool Bar is available in brown and dark grey rattan finish. Its ice bucket compartment also comes with a drain plug for easy cleaning.

Best Hammock

Bring the great outdoors to your backyard with a Kootek Camping Hammock.

Best Hammock for Home
Kootek’s Camping Hammock comes with a built-in storage bag, tree straps, and carabiners.

Hammocks aren’t just for camping. These lightweight slings are the perfect stress-relievers for relaxing in the backyard or patio, too. The Kootek Camping Hammock is arguably one of the most popular options in the market. While designed for the great outdoors, they’re perfect for swaying in the backyard with a cold and crisp beer on hand.

Kootek’s best-selling hammock is made from premium nylon parachute fabric. It’s a lightweight material that’s durable and breathable, too. It also comes with two tree straps and solid D-shaped carabiners designed for maximum bearing capacity. Each strap features 18 loops so you can easily buckle the carabiners and set up your hammock.

The Kootek hammock is available in two sizes β€” including a large variant that can carry two persons β€” and over 16 colors. It also comes with built-in storage bag for carrying around your folded hammock.

Best Chaise Lounge Chair

Upgrade your home leisure with the Crestlive Products Chaise Lounge Chair.

Best Patio Furniture Lounge Chair
Here’s a look at the design features of Crestlive’s chaise lounge chairs.

Unlike traditional seating options, a chaise lounge offers complete support for the whole body. This makes it ideal for long hours of relaxing, reading books, or maybe even getting tanned. If you’re looking for a set for your poolside, then consider the Crestlive Products Chaise Lounge Chair.

Available either as a one-unit or two-unit option, this all-weather lounge sports an ergonomic design with 5 recline positions. The seat uses Texteline fabric that’s UV-resistant and breathable, too. Meanwhile, the lounge’s frame is made from a rust-proof powder-coated aluminum frame designed with a max weight capacity of 270 pounds. The result is a sturdy, stylish, and eye-catching addition to your poolside, patio, or even courtyard.

Crestlive’s lounge chair is easy to assemble and maintain. Homeowners also have the option between beige, blue, brown, and green variants.


In this list of the best patio furniture, the Pamapic Outdoor Sectional and the Keter Cool Bar are the clear standouts.

Amazon product

The best patio furniture listed above are popular for their craftsmanship, style, and value-for-money. However, among the five recommendations, we find the Pamapic Outdoor Sectional and the Keter Pacific Cool Bar a cut above the rest. Pamapic’s 7-piece sectional is one of the most versatile collections you can get. Designed for outdoor living, the collection follows a modular style that can be arranged in different ways, including a dining set.

Keter’s Cool Bar is another multipurpose furniture that elevates your patios. Perfect as a sleek coffee table, the extendable tabletop reveals a sophisticated cocktail table with an accessible drink cooler below. If Pamapic is great for outdoor relaxing, then the Keter Cool Bar is perfect for entertaining.


πŸ“Œ What should you look for when buying patio furniture?

When shopping for patio sets, homeowners need to consider durability, comfort, and function. Since the furniture will be exposed to the elements, weather-resistant materials used in the construction must be prioritized. Seats, in particular, have to be comfortable, too. Lastly, getting pieces or sets that are multi-purpose, like seats that double as tables, is a great way to maximize your outdoor space.

πŸ“Œ Does Devoko offer smaller collections of patio dining sets?

Yes, Devoko also carries collections of 3-, 4-, and 5-piece patio dining sets.

πŸ“Œ Is steel better than aluminum when it comes to patio furniture?

Steel is a durable material that can withstand harsh weather, including high winds, better than aluminum. However, it does translate to heavier and less mobile furniture. Aluminum, on the other hand, isn’t ideal for locations with high winds. But for most outdoor spaces, aluminum-framed tables and seats make for sturdy and lightweight patio furniture.

πŸ“Œ Are expensive patio sets worth the money?

The best patio sets are definitely worth the money, regardless of how expensive they may be. Premium-priced furniture, for instance, is designed to be weather-resistant while also being low-maintenance. While you might spend a lot on the initial purchase, you’ll save money in the long run with outdoor furniture that lasts.

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