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Best Outdoor Speakers (2022): Top Picks From Anker, JBL, Polk Audio & More

Whether you’re at a poolside party or simply chilling on your patio, playing your favorite songs is always a mood. The best outdoor speakers make this possible, with some portable enough to take with you on travels. Others are more permanent fixtures with solid sound and a rugged, all-weather design. Looking for one? Below, we’ve narrowed down our top picks for your outdoor music listening, from bass-heavy models to budget Bluetooth speakers.

Best Outdoor Speakers Comparison Chart

ModelProduct ImagePrice
OSD Audio AP650
JBL Charge 5
Polk Audio Atrium 4 All-Weather Outdoor Speakers
Definitive Technology AW 6500 All-Weather Speaker
Anker Soundcore 3Best outdoor speakers for pool area
JBL PartyBox Encore Essential

OSD Audio AP650

Best outdoor patio speakers

Best outdoor patio speakers
The OSD Audio AP650 is an all-weather outdoor speaker with versatile mounting

Complete your patio with the OSD Audio AP650, a pair of outdoor speakers designed to fill your yard with your favorite tunes. A mid-range model, the AP650 comes with a 6.5-inch waterproof speaker and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter. It also runs on high current power, resulting in a rich sound profile that maintains clarity in the highs and lows.

The AP650 is IP54 rated and can withstand all types of weather. Each unit is enclosed in an ABS polymer case and rust-resistant grille that’s even safe from pool chemicals. Installation is also versatile. OSD Audio includes a mounting bracket, so you can install the speakers either vertically or horizontally.

Its wires are UV-resistant and are protected by a polyethylene jacket. The speaker cables can also be used in direct burial applications if you want to hide the wires away. One of the best wired outdoor speakers on the market, you can get the AP650 in black or white.

Weight: 9 lbs each | Connectivity: Wired | Warranty: 1 year

JBL Charge 5

Best portable outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Best portable outdoor Bluetooth speaker
JBL’s Charge 5 is not only portable but also waterproof and dustproof

With its 20 hours of runtime and PartyBoost capability, the JBL Charge 5 easily makes its case as the best portable outdoor speaker today. The pill-shaped unit also doubles as a power bank, so you can charge other gadgets with you. Plus, it’s IP67 rated, meaning it can handle beach sand, rain, or pool splashes with ease.

As for the sound, the Charge 5 is what we’ve come to expect from compact speakers. Although the vocals and instrumentals are full and rich, it does struggle with low bass. For larger venues, pairing it with other PartyBoost-enabled speakers should give you the volume you need.

The JBL Charge 5 can pair with up to two smartphones via Bluetooth. It sports a rugged, tight-knit fabric to protect the speakers and has easy-to-operate raised buttons. You can also get the device in six different colors., including a Squad variant that brandishes a camouflage finish.

Weight: 2.11 lbs | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Battery Life: 20 hours | Warranty: 1 year

Polk Audio Atrium 4 All-Weather Outdoor Speakers

Best weatherproof outdoor speakers

Best weatherproof outdoor speakers
Aside from its sophisticated design, Polk Audio’s Atrium 4 baffle design delivers a full-range sound

If there’s a speaker for all seasons, it’s the Polk Audio Atrium 4 All-Weather Outdoor Speakers. Stylish and powerful, the Atrium 4’s rugged build β€” up to industrial and military-grade standards β€” is made for the elements. Whether it’s heavy rainfall or extreme temperatures, the pair can endure any changes in the environment.

Each unit comes with a 4.5-inch cone driver and a 19mm anodized dome tweeter. On the other hand, the woofer features a rubber surround for durability and a smoother response. Bass is solid, but where the Atrium 4 truly shines is in the mid-range. With 80W of power, these speakers can cut through background noise well.

For a filling sound stage, the units boast a steeply-angled baffle design. And at just 8.5 inches tall and 5.75 inches wide, the speakers offer discreet installation. Like the OSD Audio AP650, the Atrium 4 can be mounted horizontally or vertically. It’s also available in black and white.

Weight: 9.5 lbs each | Connectivity: Wired | Warranty: 2 years

Definitive Technology AW 6500 All-Weather Speaker

Best outdoor speakers with bass

Best outdoor speakers with bass
The AW6500 enjoys Definitive Technology’s weather seal for all-weather performance

Not all weatherproof outdoor speakers are made equal. Some compromise the bass for volume and even durability. However, this is not the case with the Definitive Technology AW6500 All-Weather Speaker. The AW6500 is equipped with Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) 6.5-inch drivers. Inside, you’ll also find a 1-inch tweeter and a 5 x 10-inch bass radiator.

The integrated radiator rivals even larger woofers, filling outdoor spaces with a full sound even at low volumes. Meanwhile, the BDSS drivers pump out deep audio without sacrificing clarity and midrange definition. With the aluminum dome tweeters, you’re also getting distortion-free performance at higher frequencies.

The AW6500 is mounted using galvanized steel brackets that can be rotated 360ΒΊ. It also features the company’s proprietary weather seal to withstand snow, rain, and temperature extremes. To top it all off, the speakers enjoy a confident five-year warranty.

Weight: 9.52 lbs each | Connectivity: Wired | Warranty: 5 years

Anker Soundcore 3

Best outdoor speakers for pool area

Best outdoor speakers for pool area
Anker’s Soundcore 3 features holes on the side for looping in a strap

If you want great music poolside, we recommend the Anker Soundcore 3. Budget-friendly at just a little over $50, the portable speaker enjoys 24 hours of playtime. That’s enough for a weekend away. It also comes with a waterproof IPX7, so you don’t have to worry about the speaker getting submerged in water.

Unlike most Bluetooth speakers, the Soundcore 3 uses titanium drivers instead of plastic ones. Not only are they more durable, but they also deliver improved audio clarity. The compact unit enjoys Anker’s BassUp technology to strengthen bass even at low volumes. You can also customize the speaker’s EQ through the Soundcore App.

Similar to JBL, the Soundcore 3 can be paired with other speakers β€” up to 100 β€” for louder, synced playing. It also enjoys USB-C charging and stable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. And you can choose from four different colors to make the speaker fit your personality.

Weight: 1.29 lbs | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Battery Life: 24 hours | Warranty: 18 months

JBL PartyBox Encore Essential

Best outdoor party speakers

Best outdoor party speakers
JBL’s PartyBox does more than just play music β€” it also puts on a light show

For parties, we like the JBL PartyBox Encore Essential. The compact speaker boasts JBL’s Original Pro Sound with deep bass. It also features LED lights that provide a dynamic, strobe light effect for ambiance. While it doesn’t have PartyBoost, you can still pair it with another speaker through True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology.

The JBL PartyBox is rated IPX4 splash-proof. For its size, it only weighs 13 pounds. However, the speaker does come with a built-in handle for portability. Out of the box, you get an AC power cord for plugged listening. You can also go wireless, thanks to the speaker’s 6-hour battery life. And if you’re planning a karaoke night, the PartyBox comes with a wired mic input.

JBL’s essential party speaker can be customized through the PartyBox app. Here, you can control music and customize the colors of the lightshow. As for connectivity, the speaker offers a couple of options. Aside from the usual Bluetooth pairing, you can connect a USB stick or plug in an auxiliary cable.

Weight: 13 lbs | Connectivity: Wired, wireless | Battery Life: 6 hours | Warranty: 2 years


The Polk Audio Atrium 4 All-Weather Outdoor Speakers and JBL PartBox Encore Essential are the clear standouts on this list.

Outdoor speakers make it possible to listen to your favorite music anywhere. Wired models deliver better sound performance, while Bluetooth options have the advantage of portability. In our list, you’ll find choices across both types, all of which come highly recommended. However, two units stand out for their combination of price, features, and sound quality.

For wired outdoor installations, we like the Polk Audio Atrium 4. It’s a value-for-money speaker that offers some of the best weatherproofing on the market. Its size also makes it ideal for tight and discreet installation. While its bass performance isn’t particularly prominent like the Definitive Technology AW 6500, the overall audio quality is impressive for its price.

When it comes to portable speakers, we like the JBL PartyBox Encore Essential. Bigger than most models in its class, the PartyBox is nonetheless, packed with features. The unit works plugged and unplugged, with modest six-hour battery life if you go wireless. You also get a dynamic light show, wireless mic input, and splash-proofing, making it suitable for any outdoor celebration.


πŸ“Œ How big is the JBL PartyBox Encore Essential speaker?

The JBL Partybox Encore Essential’s dimensions are 10.87 x 12.87 x 11.54 inches.

πŸ“Œ Does Polk Audio offer free shipping for the Atrium 4 speakers?

Yes. Aside from free shipping, Polk Audio offers a 60-day return policy for the Atrium 4.

πŸ“Œ How long does it take to charge the JBL Charge 5?

JBL says that the Charge 5 speaker has a four-hour charging time.

πŸ“Œ What is the maximum output power of the OSD Audio AP650?

The OSD Audio AP650 has a maximum speaker power output of 150 watts.

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