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Best Outdoor Solar Lights (2022): The Best 7 To Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

The best outdoor lights are not just energy-saving, but they’re also versatile enough to illuminate any space. From backyards and gazebos to gardens and garages, these sunlight-powered devices turn drab outdoor areas into focal points. If you’re in the market for one, there are a few things you need to consider before buying.

Assembly, brightness, ease of use, and durability are just some points you need to evaluate. To help you out, we’ve scoured the net for homeowner favorites. Below, we’ve narrowed them down to the seven best.

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Best Outdoor Solar Lights Comparison Chart

ModelProduct ImagePrice
Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights 
Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight
Vont LED Outdoor Solar Lights
LETMY Solar Pathway Lights Outdoors
DenicMic Solar Deck Lights
Linkind StarRay LED Solar Motion Sensor Landscape Spotlights
VOOKRY Solar Powered Wine Bottle Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights

Best solar string lights

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights
These vintage-looking string light bulbs from Brightech offer a warm glow to outdoor spaces

String lights are one of the easiest ways to bring warmth to any ambiance. This makes them the perfect addition to backyards for Pinterest-friendly parties and reunions. Here, we favor the vintage aesthetic offered by these Edison bulbs from Brightech. The 3000K lights exude a warm glow and last 5 to 6 hours on 6 hours of charging from direct sunlight.

The unit spans 48 feet long, while the lit portion totals 42 feet. That’s long enough to hang over patio dining areas or as a canopy over your gazebo. Brightech’s string lights also feature WeatherTite technology, enabling it to handle rain, extreme heat, and even 50-mile-per-hour winds. Meanwhile, the bulbs are shatter-proof, too, thanks to their plastic shells.

Since these lights are solar-powered, you can move them around the home. You can even bring them on your next camping trip. Its accompanying solar panel comes with a stake and clip for easy mounting. The solar panel is rated for 1,000 charges, while the LED bulbs have a lifetime of 20,000 hours. That’s good enough for 2.5 hours of use.

Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight

Best solar flood lights

Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight
Ring offers one of the best outdoor solar flood lights in the market

A floodlight’s wider beam is better if you’re illuminating a large area like a driveway or the front of your house. Ring’s Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight is our choice for this situation. With 1200 lumens and 3500K color temperature, outdoor spaces are bathed in soft white light. It’s also rated IP66 and has a 120-degree field of view. To power the unit, you also get a 2W solar panel.

Like any Ring product, you can control the lights using the Ring app. Here, you can turn the lights on and off or adjust brightness. The floodlight also has motion detection with customizable sensitivity to minimize false alarms. Plus, a unique algorithm learns how you use the light.

However, you will need a Ring Bridge hub to access most of these features. You can buy the Bridge with the lights in a bundle or separately. The hub also allows you to connect the Solar Floodlight with compatible devices like Ring cameras and doorbells. If you already own an Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) or Echo (4th Gen), you can use them instead to enable smart controls.

Vont LED Outdoor Solar Lights

Best solar spot lights

Vont LED Outdoor Solar Lights
The Vont LED Outdoor Solar Lights are IPX7 rated and can handle harsh weather conditions.

For highlighting architectural details or landscape features, opt for a spotlight. Here, the Vont LED Outdoor Solar Lights are the best you can buy today. Made from high-impact ABS material, Vont’s solar lights are IPX7 rated and feature a wireless, waterproof design. The solar panels are also integrated into the top surface of the light fixture.

Now each bulb features 16 LEDs that provide white light at 100 lumens. You can also choose between two brightness modes โ€” high or low โ€” with a push of a button. While Vont’s nifty spotlights can be anchored to the ground, you can also mount them to serve as wall lights.

Vont says you get about 12 hours of battery life from each stake. To conserve energy, the lights turn on only when the devices detect enough darkness. The solar lights automatically turn off as the sun comes up. Two- and four-pack options are available if you need more of these to illuminate your home.

LETMY Solar Pathway Lights Outdoors

Best solar path lights

LETMY Solar Pathway Lights Outdoors
The solar-powered pathway lights from LETMY feature a robust design

Properly lit pathways make it easy to navigate your home after dark, especially in areas like your backyard or garden. LETMY’s pathway lights are our recommendation for this category. Built on top of stakes driven to the ground, these solar-powered units are easy to install on any path or walkway. There’s no need for cables or power outlets here.

But what makes LETMY’s lights stand out is its design. Other units, when overdone, look almost like runway lights. LETMY’s features a vintage filament bulb encased in transparent lenses, lending sophistication to the illuminated space. They’re also rated IP65, with ground poles made from ABS plastic to resist corrosion.

Each light has an upgraded monocrystalline solar panel for higher conversion rates. They also charge faster while delivering up to 12 hours of battery life. The latter owes itself to an 800 mAh battery capacity. Moreover, the lights automatically charge during the day and turn on at night.

DenicMic Solar Deck Lights

Best solar fence lights

DenicMic Solar Deck Lights
DenicMic’s deck lights install on any 90-degree ledge

Solar fence lights offer an easy-to-install and low-maintenance way to illuminate your home’s fencing. Since they’re wireless, you don’t have to worry about safety issues. The deck lights from DenicMic are a favorite for the same reasons. While labeled for decks, they mount on top of fences just fine without being obtrusive.

Budget-conscious homeowners will also appreciate how a 16-pack order costs less than $50. For that price, you get a low-profile design that illuminates your fence, deck, or stairway with 3 lumens of brightness. The resulting warm glow isn’t the brightest, but you get enough light to see your way.

DenicMic shares that its deck lights are waterproof, although there is no IP rating for the product. Out of the box, mounting screws and tapes come with the lights. Installation is a breeze, and a built-in sensor automatically turns on the lights at night.

Linkind StarRay LED Solar Motion Sensor Landscape Spotlights

Best solar landscape lights

Linkind StarRay LED Solar Motion Sensor Landscape Spotlights
Linkind’s landscape spotlights have adjustable heads that work well across all homes

Every home is different, so the outdoor lighting you need will vary. But we like the versatility of the landscape spotlights from Linkind. Although designed with stakes for ground installation, the lights come with wall mounting screws, too. They also have adjustable heads and panels โ€” 180 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically โ€” making them one of the best solar lights for yards.

Linkind’s spotlights have 16 LEDs with a max output of 650 lumens. It delivers a 90-degree beam that’s evenly distributed and reaches up to 10 feet. It also comes with motion sensors that, in standard mode, increase brightness when people or animals are detected and dim it otherwise. If you want to save on battery, a second mode turns off the light when no motion is detected.

Like most solar-powered lights with built-in panels, Linkind’s is wireless. This makes it easy to move around your outdoor space as you see fit. The lights are also IP67 waterproof and are made from heat-resistant and anti-UV ABS material. And with a large-sized panel, you get 20% higher conversion rates for long-lasting use.

VOOKRY Solar Powered Wine Bottle Lights

Best solar lights for garden

VOOKRY Solar Powered Wine Bottle Lights
Give your garden a quaint evening vibe with these wine bottle lights from Vookry

If you want an Instagrammable ambiance for your garden, these wine bottle lights from VOOKRY can lend a romantic aesthetic to the space. Hang them over a garden trellis, bar, or patio tabletop, and you instantly illuminate the area in style. Since the bottles are not included in the purchase, they’re also perfect for those who like to DIY.

Instead, VOOKRY’s strings lights are designed to be inserted into used wine bottles. At their ends, you’ll find a solar panel with a cork-like base. There’s also a separate rubber cork to secure the panel and minimize water from seeping into the bottle. While the solar panel and string lights are IP65 waterproof, note the cork isn’t.

Each string light spans 6.5 feet and comes with 20 LEDs. You can choose from three colors โ€” warm white, cool white, or multicolor. Charging them takes about 5 to 6 hours, while the battery life is between 6 to 8 hours.


The best outdoor solar lights provide safety to residents while highlighting a home’s architectural features.

Solar outdoor lights are a great way to illuminate your yard, garden, driveway, or fence. Most are wireless, making installation and maintenance hassle-free. While the products in our review are highly recommended, we found two that really stand out.

LETMY’s solar pathway lights can make a big difference in any outdoor space. While most stake-style lighting looks bland, the vintage aesthetic of these bulbs adds character to a walkway or garden. They also boast 12 hours of battery life.

Meanwhile, the landscape spotlights from Linkind are our pick for their versatility. Although they also have a stake design, you have the option to mount them on the wall. With the latter, they can serve as safety floodlights, thanks to the high brightness and motion sensor.


๐Ÿ“Œ What are the advantages of solar-powered outdoor lights?

Solar-powered outdoor lights are easier to install than regular options. Because they generate electricity on their own, you don’t have to plug them into a wall outlet. Wireless solar outdoor lights are even better since they do away with unsightly cables on the ground.

๐Ÿ“Œ Why should I get a pathway light?

If you have a large outdoor space, pathway lights ensure safe navigation across it. Gardens or backyards, for instance, can present obstacles on the ground that aren’t readily visible. Pathway lights ensure accident-prone areas are well lit.

๐Ÿ“Œ What is the advantage of a floodlight with a motion sensor?

Floodlights with motion sensors conserve energy better. Rather than providing continuous illumination, they only light up when people, animals, and other objects are detected.

๐Ÿ“Œ How far can the Linkind spotlights detect motion?

Linkind’s landscape spotlights can detect motion as far as 26 feet.

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