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Best Outdoor Banner Printing Services (2022): Durable & Customizable Banners For Your Business

Digital marketing is a staple in today’s marketing plans. However, outdoor banners remain a popular advertising tool, thanks to their affordability and ability to garner local attention. Banners are highly-visible and can make an instant impression on your potential customers. If you’re looking to solidify your brand, it’s hard to go wrong with one of the oldest advertising methods around. Below, we review the top four best outdoor banner printing services.

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Best Outdoor Banner Printing Services Comparison Chart

 PsPrint by Deluxe offers industry-leading color quality and consistency.
BannerBuzz prints some of the most durable outdoor banners for businesses.
BuildASign is a favorite for its excellent customer service.
Half Price Banners lives up to its name with budget-friendly outdoor banner printing services.

Benefits Of Outdoor Banners For Your Business

The pros of having an outdoor banner for your business.

The pros of having an outdoor banner for your business.

Outdoor advertising has centuries-worth of history. The fact that it’s still present today attests to its longevity — and effectiveness. Exterior banners, in particular, are popular tools for increasing brand awareness. While they may not offer as much targeting flexibility as today’s digital marketing channels, there are several benefits to installing an outdoor banner.

First, outdoor banners are inexpensive. Printing costs are affordable and shouldn’t burn a hole in your marketing budget. They’re also customizable, so you only spend on what you want and need. Next, banners are highly visible. People see and pay attention to signs. This makes them a great vehicle for showcasing your brand — from your logo to your services.

Outdoor banners are easy to order, too. Today’s printing services boast online platforms where you can upload the design, customize size and material, and place orders. Some of the best outdoor banner printing services even offer same-day shipping.

Vinyl banners are durable, too. The material holds color well, and a single banner may well last you a year. Moreover, you can take them on the go. Because of their design, you can move them around. The same banner you used in front of your store can be taken to a bazaar or event for additional visibility.


The best certified outdoor printing service.

The best certified outdoor printing service.
Here’s a look at PsPrint’s order form for outdoor banners.

PsPrint is one of the leading online print product and design companies in the country. Its biggest selling point is reliable print quality. The company shares that it meets the G7 certification process. This means how your design looks on the screen is how it will look when printed. If you’re printing large-format materials, this seal is a reassurance of accurate color quality.

Currently, the company offers vinyl banners for outdoor use. Sizes range from 1 x 1 ft. to 8 x 100 ft. Depending on your layout, printing can be as fast as one day. For this expedited service, the printing cost of a 1 x 1 banner typically starts at $26. If you can wait five business days, the service is just a little over $13.

Customers also have the option with the type of vinyl used. PsPrint’s matte vinyl is a high-grade material with a front-lit finish. Its smooth surface is also treated, ensuring durability and puncture resistance. If you want a banner with excellent wind resistance, you can opt for mesh vinyl. The fabric is flexible and comes with small holes that allow wind through.

Lastly, placing an order with PsPrint is convenient. Their site features a step-by-step ordering procedure where you select the dimensions, design file, and delivery option. PsPrint’s only downside is that there are no banner templates. You can get their design service, but the standard package starts at $117.40, including two revisions.


  • High-quality printing and accurate color quality
  • Easy-to-use order form
  • Eco-friendly printing


  • No design templates
  • Separate design service is expensive


The best outdoor banner printing service for all-weather banners.

The best outdoor banner printing service for all-weather banners.
BannerBuzz offers banner templates, including a dedicated category for events like Black Friday.

If you want an outdoor advertisement that lasts, BannerBuzz is worth considering. Its banners are made from 11 oz. or 16 oz. PVC flex, a material known for its durability. They’re also fade and water-resistant, allowing them to withstand prolonged weather exposure. BannerBuzz offers upgrades to the banner, too. For abrasion resistance, you can add lamination. Meanwhile, banners in gusty areas can be equipped with optional wind flaps.

Depending on the type, the standard sizes if printing with BannerBuz is 3 x 2 ft. to 6 x 10 ft. The 3 x 2 option for a blank banner starts at $6.85. On the other hand, a 6 x 10 ft. custom vinyl banner typically costs $155.40. You can also set your own banner’s dimensions. If you want an eco-friendly banner, you’ll have to shell out more. Fortunately, bulk discounts are available.

However, what makes BannerBuzz popular is its design studio. If you don’t have a design, you can work directly in the studio by adding images, text, artwork, and other graphic components. The company also offers an extensive selection of templates across different categories. Not only do they vary in style, but they’re also customizable.

Outside of PVC banners, BannerBuzz prints on standard vinyl. Plastic, paper, and metal models are available, too, with most being suitable for outdoor use.


  • Outdoor banners come in a range of styles and materials
  • Built-in design studio and banner templates
  • Available bulk discounts


  • The order process is not as intuitive
  • Eco-friendly banners are expensive


The best outdoor banner printing service in terms of customer support.

The best outdoor banner printing service in terms of customer support.
Customizable templates are available on BuildASign’s website.

Headquartered in Texas, BuildASign has been awarded as one of the most promising and innovative companies in the country. They offer a range of customizable outdoor banners, including vinyl, mesh, and fabric. Its standard vinyl banner starts at 2 x 2 ft. and can be as big as 10 x 3 ft. Prices range from $15.83 to $73.70 per banner. Clients can also choose from different hanging options like grommets and banner stands.

Mesh banners are also available for ad placements in windy conditions. The lightweight material allows wind to blow right through the display. They’re also water and UV-resistant. For crisp color printing, BuildASign recommends its fabric banners. While not as weather-resistant as vinyl or mesh, the fabric material has a bit of sheen on its surface, making it highly visible from a distance.

The mesh banners are available in a size of 3 x 8 ft. up to 8 x 4 ft. Rates vary but usually begin at $90 for the smallest size and $108 for the largest. On the other hand, fabric banners have a size range of 2 x 2 ft up to 10 x 3 ft. They cost between $27 to $119. Bulk discounts are available, too.

Similar to BannerBuzz, BuildADesign boasts a portfolio of templates. The templates are customizable, but the editing interface isn’t as polished as BannerBuzz’s design studio. However, the company makes up for it with excellent customer support. The company offers phone support from Monday to Saturday, along with a 24/7 ticket submission system.


  • Outdoor banners come in different materials
  • Banner templates are available
  • Bulk discounts


  • Template customizations are limited
  • No custom banner sizes

Half Price Banners

The best outdoor banner printing service for those on a budget.

The best outdoor banner printing service for those on a budget.
Choose your banner and customize it with your own design.

Half Price Banners lives up to its name by offering outdoor banner printing services at a fraction of the cost compared to other companies. Its standard vinyl banner, for instance, starts at $9.99 for a 2 x 2 ft. banner. The size range is also extensive, with the largest banner coming in at 5 x 30 ft. Despite being a budget alternative, Half Price Banners doesn’t cut corners in terms of quality.

Its vinyl banners are durable and rated for 6 to 12 months of use. They’re also waterproof and fade-resistant. Color quality is impressive, too, thanks to a G7 Master Printing Qualification. Moreover, custom sizes are supported, including larger formats over 6 x 6 ft. Hemming and grommets are even thrown in for free.

Outside of vinyl, Half Price Banners has printing services for cloth and double-sided banners. Fabric and canvas banners are also available. The company shares that most of its banner printing services have a turnaround time of 24 hours.

If you’re unsure about your design, you can consult with the team’s professional graphic designers. You can choose the type of support you need and upload up to three files. However, the service is only available if you’ve already placed an order.


  • Wide selection of outdoor banners
  • Free grommets and pole pockets
  • Support for larger formats


  • Design consultation is limited to those who have placed an order


The best outdoor banner printing services come from PSPrint, BannerBuzz, BuildADesign, and Half Price Banners.

Outdoor banners remain effective advertising tools despite the popularity of digital marketing. These printed ads are affordable, easy to order, and durable. The best outdoor banner printing services meet these criteria but also go beyond.

If you’re looking for true-to-design print quality, we recommend PsPrint. The company’s services are hinged on its certified printing process that offers consistent and accurate color quality. They also have professional design services, albeit a bit expensive.

Don’t have time or budget to hire a designer? BannerBuzz has an extensive portfolio of templates and its own web design studio. They also print some of the most durable outdoor banners on the market. BuildASign similarly boasts customizable banner templates and a range of banner materials. However, its biggest selling point is excellent customer service.

If you’re on a budget, consider Half Price Banners instead. As its name suggests, Half Price Banners provides affordable outdoor banner printing services. They also offer professional design consultation once you’ve placed an order.


📌 Why type of material is used for outdoor banners?

Outdoor banners are typically made from vinyl. Vinyl is ideal for long-term outdoor use because of its durability. Colors are less likely to fade or get washed out, too.

📌 Does PSPrint offer a one-day turnaround time?

Yes. PSPrint can process your order in just one business day. However, it will cost more than the other long delivery options.

📌 Can fabric banners be used in outdoor settings?

Fabric banners are usually used indoors. If you plan to place them outdoors, it has to be in a low-stress environment i.e. shaded area.

📌 How much does it cost to print an outdoor banner?

On average, print shops charge $8 per square foot for printed banners. This means a 2 x 2 ft banner would approximately cost $32. Meanwhile, the popular banner size of 4 x 8 ft can cost you $256.

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