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Best Large Banner Printing Services (2022): Which Is Best For Your Business?

Large banners are a cost-effective alternative to expensive marketing tools like billboards, TV commercials, and newspaper ads. For a one-time spend, it gives your business a visual display. Since they’re not permanent fixtures, you can also move them around where you need to market. You can put them at your storefront, bring them to a trade show, or hang them across the street. The best large banner printing services can help you establish your brand with customizable options. Below, we look at these services to help you decide what’s best for your business.

Best Large Banner Printing Services Comparison Chart

 BannerBuzz offers the most customizations for large banner printing.
PsPrint delivers some of the most color-accurate banner printing services in the industry.
Half Price Banners offer custom-sized larger format banners at a budget-friendly price.
MegaPrint prints some of the best across-the-street banners.


The best large banner printing service for custom-size banners.

The best large banner printing services for custom-size banners.
The large outdoor banners from BannerBuzz can be customized from design to accessories.

BannerBuzz has over 25 years of experience in signage and printing technology. Today, they offer a wide range of product options, including promotional banners in every shape and size. Their standard business and event banners typically begin at 3 x 2 ft., with prices ranging from $4.89 to $10.99. Most options max out at 8 x 6 ft., but custom dimensions can be accommodated.

Larger formats include building, pole, and street banners. Suited for promoting your brand in outdoor areas, they can help your business reach a wider audience. BannerBuzz’s large outdoor banners start at 10 x 10 ft with options up to 40 x 40 ft. You can also set your preferred size and add features to the product. Add-ons include hanging options, lamination, and accessories.

The company’s banners are also known for their durability. Designed for the outdoors, they feature a PVC material that is flexible and waterproof. BannerBuzz also uses eco-solvent printing that’s sustainable and easy to clean. Moreover, print quality is impressive, thanks to the wide color gamut applied by the company.

Ordering from BannerBuzz is easy, with drop-down options for material, sizes, and add-ons. If you don’t have your own artwork, you can create one using the company’s friendly design tool. The banners also come with templates that clients can edit and customize.

What You Need To Know

Custom size: Supported | Materials used: Vinyl, PVC Flex | Usage: Indoors and outdoors
Standard max size: 40 x 40 ft | Templates: Available | Design services: Yes


The best print quality for large banners.

The best large banner printing services for print quality.
These large format vinyl banners from PsPrint can be draped on building walls.

PsPrint is another leading online print production and design company for large banners. Like BannerBuzz, the company has over 25 years of experience. Its printing service also comes with the GRACoL 7 seal, which certifies compliance with industry-leading print standards and specifications.

For large formats, PsPrint offers vinyl and canvas banners. The vinyl option has a max size of 100 x 8 ft and costs $2,425.75 for 5-business days of processing, shipping not included. Clients may also choose from matte or mesh paper, depending on the finish or durability desired. There are options for the type of edge finish, too, including pole pockets and hem and grommet.

PsPrint’s canvas banners are more limited in size. The maximum dimension supported is 74 x 4.5 ft. Here, the banners are printed on 9 oz white woven polyester. The fabric comes with a durable finish and is extremely flexible. However, they’re more suited for upscale indoor installation. If you want to place them outdoors, it’s recommended they’re installed in low-stress environments.

There is no design tool on PsPrint’s website. Nonetheless, the company does provide clear print and layout guidelines for customers. You can also avail yourself of the design services from an in-house team of graphic designers. Packages start at $117.40 and can go up to $190.77 for additional concepts and revisions.

What You Need To Know

Custom size: Supported | Materials used: Vinyl, Polyester | Usage: Indoors and outdoors
Standard max size: 100 x 8 ft (vinyl) | Templates: No | Design services: Yes

Half Price Banners

The best large banner printing service for those on a budget.

The best large banner printing services for those on a budget.
Here’s a sample of the large format vinyl banners from Half Price Banners.

If you’re on a budget, the best large banner printing services are from Half Price Banners. Living up to its name, the company offers large format printing at half the cost. Currently, Half Price Banners provides three options — vinyl, mesh vinyl, and double-sided banners. The standard size for these banners starts at 6 x 6 ft. All three are printed using UV-resistant inks and come with hems and grommets for free.

The vinyl banner has a max size of 20 x 100 ft. Here, you have two choices for the material — either a 13 oz fabric or an 18 oz fabric. For the given size, the lighter vinyl costs $4,879.99. If you want to install the ad in an area with gusty conditions, the vinyl mesh is a better option. Like the standard vinyl, it has a max size of 20 x 100 ft. Since it uses a lighter material, these mesh banners are wind-resistant.

Half Price Banners’ other large-format option is the double-sided fence banner. The fabric used is a 9 oz vinyl like the vinyl mesh. However, its max size is limited to 10 x 75 ft. But because it is lightweight, the double-sided fence banners are the best for outdoor installation.

All large banners from Half Price Banners come in full-spectrum color with G7 Certified Printing. Depending on the size and design, the company can ship within 24 hours of proof approval. If you don’t see the size you need, you can request a quote for custom dimensions.

What You Need To Know

Custom size: Supported | Materials used: Vinyl | Usage: Indoors and outdoors
Standard max size: 20 x 100 ft (vinyl, vinyl mesh) | Templates: No | Design services: Yes


The best printing service for across-the-street banners.

The best larger banner printing services for across-the-street banners.
Customers can quickly check banner prices at MegaPrint’s website.

MegaPrint calls themselves large format printing specialists. The New Hampshire-based company has nearly 30 years of experience and a range of printing services. Currently, clients can choose from vinyl, street, fabric, and lamp post banners. The company also prints trade show materials, including retractable banner stands and backdrop banners.

The largest option available is what MegaPrint calls Across The Street banners. Made from 18 oz nylon-reinforced vinyl, the layout allows for banners up to 10 x 60 ft in size. The company reinforces the corners of these banners for extra strength. MegaPrint also includes hemming and grommets without added cost.

MegaPrint prices its Across The Street banners by square feet. For orders 500 sq ft and over, you’ll pay $4.35/sq ft. If you’re getting the 10 x 60 ft option, that’s about $2,610. Standard vinyl banners are available as well but with a maximum size is 10 x 30 ft. Clients can choose either 15 oz or 18 oz vinyl for the material, with options to accessorize with snaps or hangers.

For trade shows, MegaPrint offers large backdrop banners that can serve as a booth or red carpet background. Standard sizes are available, although you can request a banner 250 sq ft and over. Similar to Across The Street banners, these backdrops are priced per sq ft.

What You Need To Know

Custom size: Supported | Materials used: Vinyl | Usage: Indoors and outdoors
Standard max size: 500 sq ft (Across The Street) | Templates: No | Design services: Yes


The best larger banner printing services include BannerBuzz, PsPrint, Half Price Banners, and MegaPrint.

For many businesses, large banners remain an effective advertising tool for reaching a wider audience. Their size commands attention, and their durability means they can be used and re-used for a long time. Moreover, large banners are affordable, especially if you order in bulk.

BannerBuzz is our recommendation for large, customizable banners. The company offers a variety of styles, including customizable templates and sizes. Plus, BannerBuzz has an intuitive design tool you can use. For color quality, PsPrint is our pick. Its certified printing process ensures your materials look professional and attractive.

If you’re on a budget, Half Price Banners is a great option. Its selection of large banners is priced low without sacrificing quality or durability. Lastly, MegaPrint is our pick for large banners you’d like to suspend over streets. Their Across The Street banners are affordable, high-quality, and weather-resistant.


📌 What does 13 oz or 18 oz vinyl mean?

Vinyl banners are usually measured by weight. The higher the number, the heavier the material is. For banners, 18 oz vinyl is generally considered better at withstanding winds than the lighter, 13 oz option.

📌 What are the cons of a mesh banner?

Mesh banners are made using woven or interlaced fabric. While they resist wind better than vinyl, print quality isn’t as bright. Expect mesh banners to have a slightly transparent appearance.

📌 Do Half Price Banners offer design services?

Yes, Half Price Banners offer design services. However, clients must place an order first before they can avail of the design consultation.

📌 What are banner grommets for?

Grommets are tiny metal rings on a banner. They serve as reinforcement for holes in your banner where threads, ropes, and poles for hanging pass through.

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