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Best Kentucky Bourbon Retailer (2024): Top Frootbat Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Review

When it comes to the world of bourbon, the pursuit of the perfect bottle is akin to an odyssey. With Kentucky standing as the heartland of bourbon production, the quest for the finest expressions of this quintessential American spirit often leads to the doorsteps of exceptional retailers. Among them, one name stands out: Frootbat.

Renowned for its unparalleled selection of Kentucky bourbon, Frootbat emerges as a beacon of excellence in the crowded sea of retailers of this much sought-after whiskey. With a meticulous curation process that celebrates tradition while embracing innovation, it stands as a haven for both seasoned enthusiasts and curious newcomers eager to explore the rich tapestry of flavors inherent in each bottle.

What is Frootbat?

Frootbat is an online marketplace specializing in rare and exclusive spirits.

Best Kentucky Bourbon Retailer

Frootbat stands as a premier online marketplace dedicated to catering to the discerning tastes of spirits enthusiasts worldwide. Founded in 2019, Frootbat has swiftly established itself as America’s foremost destination for sourcing and selling rare, exclusive, and hard-to-find whiskeys, wines, and other spirits. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences, Frootbat has earned the trust of over 80,000 customers who have come to rely on its expertise and impeccable service.

At the heart of Frootbat’s success lies its unparalleled ability to source obscure and elusive spirits that are difficult to find elsewhere. From limited-edition releases to rare vintages, Frootbat takes pride in offering a curated selection that captures the imagination and delights the senses. With a track record of successfully delivering over 150,000 orders, Frootbat has earned a reputation for reliability and efficiency, providing customers with a “best in class” shopping experience that exceeds expectations.

Recognizing the evolving preferences of its clientele, Frootbat has embarked on a journey of expansion, diversifying its product offerings beyond American whiskey to include categories such as tequila, scotch, and cognac. By broadening its portfolio, Frootbat seeks to cater to a wider range of tastes and preferences, ensuring that there’s something for every palate and occasion.

Best Frootbat Kentucky Bourbon

Best Kentucky Bourbon Retailer
Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon available on Frootbat.

Pinpointing the absolute best bourbon in Kentucky is akin to navigating a labyrinth of exceptional choices, each with its own allure and character. Kentucky, renowned as the birthplace of bourbon, boasts a diverse tapestry of distilleries, each crafting its own distinctive expressions of this beloved spirit.

That said, however, the top Frootbat Kentucky bourbon whiskey is arguably Blanton’s—or more specifically, Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon. This exceptional bourbon holds a coveted status as a “best seller” on Frootbat, boasting thousands of positive reviews.

Blanton’s reputation precedes it, as it’s renowned for its unparalleled quality and exclusivity in the realm of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. Its scarcity adds to its allure, making it a highly sought-after gem among bourbon enthusiasts.

Highlighted as one of the top-rated and most popular bourbon offerings available on the Frootbat platform, Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon clearly emerges as the pinnacle choice for those seeking the finest Kentucky bourbon whiskey.

Advantages of Buying from Frootbat

  • Access to rare and exclusive spirits: Frootbat specializes in sourcing hard-to-find, rare, and exclusive whiskeys, wines, and other spirits that are difficult to find elsewhere.
  • Trusted marketplace: As noted, Frootbat has been serving over 80,000 customers since 2019 and has successfully delivered over 150,000 orders, establishing itself as a trusted premium spirits marketplace.
  • Diverse product offerings: Frootbat touts itself as having the biggest range of bourbon whiskey in the United States, and for good reason. It boasts an extensive collection of Kentucky bourbons, and while it initially focused on American whiskey, it has been expanding into other categories like tequila, scotch, and cognac to diversify its product portfolio and meet customer demand.
  • Competitive pricing: Buying from Frootbat can potentially provide reduced acquisition prices or lower total cost of ownership compared to other channels, due to their buying power and ability to negotiate favorable terms.
  • Convenience of online shopping: Frootbat offers a “best in class” online shopping experience, allowing customers to conveniently purchase rare and exclusive spirits from the comfort of their homes.

How is bourbon different from whiskey?

Bourbon is a specific type of whiskey primarily made from corn, while whiskey can be made from a variety of grains. Bourbon is closely associated with the United States, particularly Kentucky, whereas whiskey can be produced in many countries worldwide. One of the key differences lies in the aging process: bourbon must be aged in new charred oak barrels, which gives it distinct flavors, while whiskey aging regulations vary. 

In terms of taste, bourbon often has a sweeter and fuller profile, with notes of caramel and vanilla, due to its ingredients and aging techniques, whereas whiskey flavors can vary widely depending on factors like grain choice and production methods. In short, while bourbon falls under the umbrella of whiskey, it has its own unique characteristics that set it apart.

On that note, it’s worth mentioning that, aside from bourbon, Frootbat has a wide selection of other types of whiskey as well, including rye whiskey, Irish whiskey, and Tennessee whiskey.


Frootbat is a trusted online retailer offering a curated selection of rare and exclusive spirits, catering to discerning enthusiasts seeking exceptional quality and variety.

In the competitive landscape of Kentucky bourbon retail, Frootbat emerges as a standout choice for discerning enthusiasts. With its focus on rare and exclusive spirits, impeccable customer service, and a curated selection that reflects the essence of Kentucky bourbon, Frootbat has earned the trust of over 80,000 customers since 2019. Also, Frootbat’s commitment to excellence and dedication to improving ensures a top-tier shopping experience. All in all, Frootbat stands as a premier destination for those seeking the best in Kentucky bourbon retail.

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