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Best Ice Maker Machines (2022): Top Picks from Igloo, GE, NewAir and More

Basic refrigerators can only produce so much ice before you have to wait for more, and stacking ice cube trays for a bigger supply just isn’t convenient. Getting a dedicated ice maker machine solves this problem handily and efficiently, giving you buckets of ice on demand, hassle free. Depending on your needs, there are several ice makers available today that can fit the bill, so we’ll recommend the top ice machines per category.

Check out our review of the NewAir AI-100, Euhomy IM-01, GE Profile Opal, hOmeLabs Commercial Ice Machine and Igloo ICEB26 below.

Best Ice Maker Machines Comparison Chart

ModelImageKey FeaturesPrice
Best countertop ice maker: NewAir AI-100 Ice MakerAmazon product28 lb. in 24 hrs.
Three ice sizes
Amazon product
Best budget ice maker: Euhomy IM-01 Ice Maker MachineAmazon product26 lb. in 24 hrs.
2.2L water tank
Two ice sizes
Amazon product
Best nugget ice maker: GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice MakerAmazon product24 lb. in 24 hrs.
3 lb. capacity
Bluetooth connectivity
Amazon product
Best ice maker undercounter: hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker MachineAmazon product99 lb. in 24 hrs.
29 lb. storage capacity
Amazon product
Best ice maker for camping and RV: Igloo ICEB26 Automatic Self-Cleaning Ice MakerAmazon product26 lb. in 24 hrs.
5 cycle cleaning function
Amazon product

NewAir AI-100 Ice Maker

The best countertop ice maker

The NewAir portable ice maker comes in stainless steel, red, black, silver and white colors.

When it comes to portability, versatility and overall output, only a few would come close to the NewAir AI-100 Portable Ice Maker. It pumps out just a bit more than most compact ice machines, at 28 pounds of ice per day, despite its considerably compact form. However, it’s freezing speed is slower, as it takes 15 minutes to produce 9 pieces of bullet-shaped ice from its cores. This is somewhat offset by its ability to make three ice cube sizes, so you can get larger ones to serve refreshments for several guests for example.

The NewAir ice maker is slightly wider than other portable ice machines in this list, but it should fit most countertops easily. You can choose from a handful of colors to match your other kitchen mainstays, from a brilliant red to a sleek stainless steel finish. Indicator lights at the front control panel make it easy to operate, while a handy ice scoop lets you get ice easily from the basket.

If you’re unfamiliar with how portable ice makers work, you simply fill its water reservoir with water and select the ice size. It’s no different with the NewAir ice machine, so you’ll want to refill its supply as you empty it out of ice. A drain plug at the side makes it easy to clean and dry to store.


  • 28 pounds of ice per day
  • Small, medium and large ice cube sizes
  • Portable and compact build
  • Five color finishes to choose from


  • Slower freezing speed of 15 minutes per batch

When you receive it, make sure to set it right side up for most of a day before powering it on, since it takes some time for its compressor fluids to settle. This will remove many of the noisy and faulty symptoms that most buyers experience in their excitement at getting their new ice machine.

Euhomy IM-01 Ice Maker Machine

Best budget ice maker

The Euhomy ice maker packs a lot of ice despite its small size.

With a more compact build for countertops where space is a premium, the Euhomy IM-01 portable ice machine also makes for an excellent budget pick. It’s almost always available with a considerable discount, letting you save quite a lot while getting a mid-range machine. Like other portable ice makers, the Euhomy IM-01 produces around 26 pounds of bullet ice per day, but it’s a bit faster producing batches, making 9 pieces in only 8 minutes.

There’s enough space inside the Euhomy machine for 2.2 liters of water, so you’ll get plenty of ice before needing to refill. Once turned on, the ice maker will continually produce ice until its infrared sensor detects the basket is full, to stop it from overflowing. Note that ice left in most portable ice machines will melt since the interior isn’t entirely freezing, but this gets recycled anyway since it continues to generate ice as long as the water reservoir has enough.

Just like its small footprint, the Euhomy IM-01 is just as quiet, so the most you’ll likely hear from it is ice dropping into the basket. Combined with its compact size and efficient speed, it’s ideal for kitchens with limited counter space while its finish will easily match your other kitchen appliances.


  • Compact size with stainless steel finish
  • Large capacity considering its size
  • Fast freezing speed per batch
  • Quiet operation


  • Ice amounts are probably insufficient for parties

GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker

Best nugget ice maker

The GE Profile Opal is arguably the standard for nugget ice makers today.

If you’re not too particular on the shape of the ice you’re getting, portable ice machines will do a great job of cooling drinks and such. However, there’s no replacing nugget ice if you’re picky about how your cocktails and refreshing beverages look and feel, which is where nugget ice makers really shine. The GE Profile Opal is the best ice maker for home bar setups for this reason, as it produces soft, chewable pieces of ice instead of large, hard cubes.

Owing to its larger size, the GE Profile Opal has a much bigger bin capacity than other portable ice machines. It can hold up to 3 pounds of ice at a time, which is plenty if you’re entertaining guests. In addition, it has a visible side tank that can hold enough water for three more full bins. This makes it easy to spot if it needs to be refilled, though it takes a bit of time to get a fresh batch, since the Opal produces 1 pound of ice per hour.

What makes the Opal nugget ice maker even more convenient is its Bluetooth connectivity. You can download GE’s app on a smartphone or tablet to be able to schedule fresh batches of ice. This also displays the current status of the ice maker regarding ice amounts and water levels, plus it makes ordering accessories easier.


  • Nugget ice is perfect for cocktails and parties
  • Large ice and water capacity
  • Bluetooth connectivity for in-app controls


  • Operation can be loud
  • Requires quite a bit of space
  • Expensive

Check out other GE Profile Opal alternatives if you’re looking for options that are a bit more affordable.

hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker Machine

Best ice maker undercounter

The hOmeLabs commercial ice machine works great for bars, restaurants, offices and homes.

Larger households may find portable ice makers to be inadequate for their needs. Commercial machines like the hOmeLabs Freestanding Ice Maker ensure that you have plenty of ice on hand, as it connects to your water line for a near endless supply. The hOmeLabs ice machine can produce up to 99 pounds of ice per day, filling its 29 lb. storage capacity more than three times if left running. It also generates a larger batch per 11-20 minute cycle, netting you 45 ice cubes (actual cubes this time) at a time.

The reason for the variance in the hOmeLabs machine’s cycle is its adjustable ice thickness controls. On its control panel are + and – buttons that let you add or subtract one minute to its standard 15 minute cycle, resulting in thicker or thinner ice cubes. This gives you a lot more flexibility compared to portable machines that typically only offer two ice sizes.

If you’re looking for the best commercial ice machine or an undercounter ice maker capable of pumping out large amounts of ice, you’ll find the hOmeLabs commercial ice maker to be more than suitable for the job. Just note that it requires a potable water supply and a drain that’s reachable with its 9-ft. water supply hose and 6.5-ft. drain hose.


  • Large amounts of ice per cycle/day
  • Adjustable ice thickness
  • Continuous water supply via hose
  • Low maintenance with drain hose
  • Can be built-in into cabinets and countertops


  • Requires undercounter space
  • Must be placed close to water line and drain
  • More expensive than portable ice machines

Igloo ICEB26 Automatic Self-Cleaning Ice Maker

Best ice maker for camping and RV

Igloo’s portable ice machines come in numerous colors.

While most compact, portable ice makers can fit the bill for this category, we picked the Igloo ICEB26 ice makers for its convenient carry handle, lightweight build, and automatic cleaning function. The handle is quite uncommon among ice machines since most are designed with them finding a nice spot in kitchen countertops. As such, you’ll be able to carry the Igloo ice maker easily when going on the road and camping.

The ICEB26 ice machines produce similar daily amounts of ice if left running and continuously refilled. However, it’s slightly faster at freezing the bullet-shaped ice pieces per batch, needing only 7 minutes to make 9 ice cubes. You can choose from two ice sizes using the handy control panel, which also tells you when the basket is full, the water is low, etc.

A transparent lid provides a good view into how much ice has been collected inside the Igloo’s basket, which you can take out or scoop out from with the included ice scoop for easy serving. Finally, it has an automatic 5 cycle cleaning function to ensure that its ice always tastes clean and delicious every time.


  • Convenient handle for easy carrying
  • Compact and lightweight build
  • Fast freezing speed


  • Small storage capacity


The NewAir A1-100 and GE Profile Opal are our top ice maker recommendations.

Amazon product

For most homes, the NewAir A1-100 Ice Maker will provide a healthy supply of ice for a variety of uses. With three ice sizes, you’ll have the best choice for sodas, cocktails, smoothies and more. It produces a bit more than most other portable ice machines while also offering several stylish colors to match your kitchen.

For pure versatility, a nugget ice maker is simply unbeatable, which is why the GE Profile Opal also stands out among other ice machines. Its soft, chewable ice are just like those served in restaurants, but with the Profile Opal, you can have them at home any time you like.


๐Ÿ“Œ What is the best ice maker for home use?

It depends on your preferences, but we recommend the NewAir A1-100, GE Profile Opal and Euhomy IM-01 ice machines for most homes. Check out our reviews of each one above.

๐Ÿ“Œ What kind of water should I use in my countertop ice maker?

In general, you can use any potable water, which simply means water that’s safe to drink, with a temperature ranging between 50ยฐF and 90ยฐF.

๐Ÿ“Œ What is the best portable ice maker?

For true portability, the Igloo ICEB26’s carry handle adds that extra bit of convenience so you can move it around the house or even bring it to camping trips.

๐Ÿ“Œ Why are nugget ice makers so expensive?

The compressor technology needed to produce the soft and chewable texture of nugget ice is simply more costly to make, bringing the average price tag of nugget ice makers higher than standard ice machines.

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