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Best Home Security Systems (2022): Top Picks From Xfinity, Ring, ADT & More

Now that we’re spending more time at home than ever, why not invest in security for the entire family? This way, everyone can have greater peace of mind while they’re studying, working, or resting up at home. One of the best ways to protect your property is with a home security system and fortunately, there’s no shortage of reliable models on the market today. To help you pick one out, here’s a roundup of the best home security systems in our book, including top-of-the-line and affordable options.

Best Home Security Systems Comparison Chart

NameComcast XfinityRing Alarm ProSimpliSafe Home Security
 Comcast Xfinity chartRing Alarm Pro chartSimpliSafe chart
PriceCheck Price at Xfinity Check Price at AmazonCheck Price at Amazon
AppXfinity Mobile appRing, Alexa, and Eero appsSimpliSafe Home Security app
Built-In Wi-FiYesYesNo
Google AssistantNoYesYes

Comcast Xfinity

The top professional home security system.

Comcast Xfinity design
The Comcast Xfinity is compatible with a wide range of third-party devices.

If you’re not into DIY home security systems and would prefer a professionally-installed model, the Comcast Xfinity is our top choice. All of its components work seamlessly together and can be controlled by a single app. Through Xfinity’s mobile app, you can see if you’ve accidentally left a light on or if there’s still an open door or window somewhere in the house. You can even choose to get alerts if water is entering your basement. You can easily automate these functions so that you can keep everything in check at home.

What’s great about the Xfinity Comcast is that it’s not exclusive to Xfinity products. It’s compatible with a wide range of third-party devices which makes it so much easier to set up. In addition, it doesn’t tie you down to a contract and it’s also significantly more affordable than other top-rated brands like Vivint and ADT.

Ring Alarm Pro

The best DIY home security system.

Ring Alarm Pro design
The Ring Alarm Pro combines security, Wi-FI, and smart home features.

If you’d rather not pay for an installation fee, it’s best to go with a DIY home security system. The Ring Alarm Pro is easily the best in this category because it comes with extra features that you don’t typically get with home security systems. Bundled with a Wi-Fi 6 Eero router, not only do you get to enjoy top-notch security, but you also have access to backup Wi-Fi as well as network security. You get Alexa Guard Plus and local storage for your Ring devices, to boot. It’s truly able to marry the top three most important things: security, internet, and smart features.

Despite all the bells and whistles that are attached to the Ring Alarm Pro, it’s pleasantly surprising how reasonable its price tag is. The only drawback of this home security system is that you need three apps to get it to work, namely the Ring, Alexa, and Eero apps.

SimpliSafe Home Security

The best basic DIY home security system.

SimpliSafe design
The SimpliSafe Home Security works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

If you don’t need the Ring Alarm Pro’s extra Wi-Fi and smart home features and just want a basic home security system, the Simplisafe Home Security is worth checking out. You don’t need to be a tech expert to use it because it’s pretty simple to set up and navigate. But despite being a basic model, it comes with a robust set of features that will keep your entire household safe and sound. This includes security cameras and motion detection sensors, plus you can customize the system with your choice of devices as well.

While the SimpliSafe Home Security can’t be integrated into a fully smart home with comprehensive automation, it has the basics covered. You can, for example, connect it to Google Assistant or Alexa if you want a hands-free experience. It also works with Nest so that you can keep an eye on your thermostat.

ADT Control

The most trusted home security system.

ADT Control design
ADT has 145 years of experience in the security business.

When it comes to reliability, the brand that first comes to mind is ADT. They’ve been in the home security business for around 145 years now and have professionally installed their home security system in more than 6 million homes and offices. So if you’re only willing to trust someone who has been around the block, look no further than ADT. Aside from years of experience, another reason why ADT is so well-loved is because of the quality of their products and services.

ADT Control, their home automation platform, is made up of top-notch equipment which you can control via the ADT Control app. This systems protects your home from break-ins, fully automates security functions around the house, provides professional monitoring, and even comes with environmental alerts. In addition, ADT also has medical alert devices which you can hook up to your system if you want to monitor a family member’s health.

Wyze Home Monitoring

The best budget home security system.

Wyze Home Monitoring design
You can get professional monitoring for just $4.99 per month.

If you’re on a tight budget but would still like to safeguard your home, the Wyze Home Monitoring can make that possible. It’s shockingly affordable at $70 and that already gives you window and door sensors, a motion detector, a base station with a siren, and a keypad. Because it’s so cheap, you might as well shell out the extra $4.99 a month for professional monitoring. You also have the option to pay the $60 professional monitoring fee up front to get the system at half price.

What’s great about the Wyze Home Monitoring is that you can slowly build it up as you go along. Once you have more money to spare, you can get additional sensors for $10, cameras for $30, as well as a bunch of other Wyze devices for prices that are just as affordable.


There are many kinds of home security systems out there for different needs.

Comcast Xfinity

Best professional home security system

Comcast Xfinity verdict

Ring Alarm Pro

Best DIY home security system

Ring Alarm Pro verdict

Whether you’re looking for a professional, DIY, or budget home security system, there’s one out there for you that can fit your needs. The one we recommend as the best model overall would be the Comcast Xfinity because it’s professionally installed, is compatible with a wide range of third-party devices, and is reasonably priced. But if you want something that’s even less expensive, you can get the Wyze Home Monitoring for a fraction of the price. 

As for those who want the whole shebang, the Ring Alarm Pro combines reliable security, Wi-Fi, and smart home features into one system. But if you don’t need any of these frills, the SimpliSafe Home Security is the basic and affordable model you’re looking for.

When it comes to reliability though, the ADT Control wins in this department. It has been in the security business for 145 years now and has built a reputation for itself as the trusted expert.


📌 What is the best home security system that’s self-monitored?

The Wyze Home Monitoring is a good self-monitored security system. But if you decide that you want professional monitoring later on, the fee is just $4.99 per month.

📌What is the best home security system with no monthly fees?

The Comcast Xfinity doesn’t tie you down to a contract and it’s also significantly more affordable than other top-rated brands like Vivint and ADT.

📌What is the best DIY home security system?

The Ring Alarm Pro is easily the best DIY home security system because not only does it deliver reliable protection but it also provides you with Wi-Fi and smart home features.

📌What is the top home security system?

The Comcast Xfinity is the top home security system in our book because it’s professionally installed, is compatible with a wide range of third-party devices, and is reasonably priced.

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