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Best GPS Trackers (2022): Top Rated Trackers For Cars, People, Pets & Accessories

Like with any piece of tech, choosing the right GPS tracker depends on your preferences. Of course, there are some key considerations, including battery life, accuracy, and price. So with this in mind, we’ve narrowed down the best GPS trackers rated as the best in their class. Whether you’re tracking cars or keeping tabs on your kids or pets, these devices should provide you with the peace of mind you need. Read below for insights on the top-rated models from Optimus, Bouncie, Jiobit, and Whistle.

Best GPS Trackers Comparison Chart

ModelImageReason To BuyPrice
Optimus 2.0 GPS TrackerAmazon productA reliable GPS tracker with a solid combination of price, features, and performanceAmazon product
Bouncie GPS Car Tracker Amazon productReliable live location updates will reassure families and empower businessesAmazon product
Jiobit Location MonitorAmazon productA module GPS tracker with extensive connectivity options, including 5G compatibility.Amazon product
Whistle GOAmazon productThe best GPS tracker for dogs, featuring health and fitness monitoring tools as wellAmazon product

Best Overall GPS Tracker

The Optimus 2.0 4G LTE GPS tracker is a discreet and durable device that’s packed with features for use on vehicles and possessions.

Best Overall GPS Tracker
The Optimus 2.0 GPS tracker has the best combination of price, features, and performance.

Although primarily marketed for use on cars, the Optimus 2.0 4G LTE GPS Tracker is versatile enough for people and possessions. The device is compact and portable, making it easy to discreetly clip onto bags, luggage, or pockets. The Optimus 2.0 also comes with a powerful, waterproof magnetic case for attaching the tracker underneath vehicles.

Currently, the device reports key information like vehicle movement, speed, and parked places. Users can also set up flexible geofence zones. While most trackers limit geofencing to circular areas, the Optimus 2.0 allows users to set zones of any shape. Location updates can also be set to as frequently as every 10 seconds, free of charge. Since it’s 4G LTE compatible, these updates have improved performance for latency as well.

But what makes this model highly recommended is its easy-to-use companion iOS and Android app. With the Optimus tracking platform, you’re getting arguably one of the best GPS tracker apps bundled with a device. The reliable program allows users to customize alerts and notifications, including email and SMS options. It also delivers intuitive reports on trips that are accessible from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Monthly subscription: Yes | Battery Life: Up to 2 weeks (standby mode) | Waterproof: Yes


  • Waterproof and secure magnetic casing
  • On-device SOS button for emergencies
  • Compatible with 4G network


  • Battery life decreases with an increase is update frequency

Best GPS Tracker for Cars

Bouncie’s GPS tracker for cars has plenty of features to give peace of mind to families and operational insights to businesses.

Best GPS Tracker for Cars
The diminutive yet feature-packed Bouncie is arguably the best tracker for cars.

When it comes to GPS trackers for cars, location is everything. That’s precisely why the Bouncie GPS Car Tracker emphasizes real-time driving updates. Weighing just 32 grams, the diminutive device is packed with features for hassle-free tracking. According to the company, the small but powerful tracker can monitor each second of a trip. In-app location updates, on the other hand, are automatically delivered every 15 seconds.

Besides location, the tracking device also offers insights on driving behavior, including speed, acceleration, and breaking. Users can also set up geo-fences to get notified if an arriving vehicle is within a specified vicinity. There’s even added peace of mind with Bouncie’s accident notification feature and connected roadside assistance for parents.

Meanwhile, small and mid-sized businesses stand to benefit from the tracker’s adaptability to a range of vehicles. And since the Bouncie app is accessible via smartphone and computers, trip insights are always at your fingertips.

Monthly subscription: Yes | Battery Life: Unlimited via OBD plug | Waterproof: No


  • Easy setup via OBD2 plug
  • Live location updates every 15 seconds
  • Export-ready reports and trip insights for businesses


  • Must be unplugged to stop tracking
  • Connectivity is limited to 3G

Best GPS Tracker for Kids and the Elderly

The Jiobit Location Monitor is an award-winning personal safety tracker that boasts impressive safety, operations, and connectivity features.

Best GPS Tracker For Kids and the Elderly
Apart from kids, the Jiobit is also ideal for monitoring adults with dementia who tend to wander off.

Losing sight of your child or elderly loved one in a crowded place can be a harrowing experience. The thought of it is, in fact, enough to consider getting a GPS tracker for personal safety. In this case, the award-winning Jiobit Location Monitor should be top of your list. At just about the size of an Oreo cookie, the Jiobit tracker is an IPX8-rated device that boasts multiple sensors, 5G compatibility, and data encryption technology.

If these features aren’t enough, then its simplicity might be the biggest appeal. The Jiobit follows a modular platform, allowing users to attach a variety of clips and loops to the device. This means you can wear the Jiobit in different ways—on your clothes, collar, or pocket. It’s also equally suited for objects like bags and luggage. Despite being tiny and lightweight, you get up to 20 days of battery life from this wearable tracker.

Parents and guardians will also appreciate the intuitiveness of the Jiobit app. Through the platform, users can access turn-by-turn tracking, timelines, SOS alerts, and more. All of these features come at an impressive price point, too — just $8.99 per month for a 2-year contract.

Monthly subscription: Yes | Battery Life: Up to 20 days | Waterproof: Yes


  • Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, and cellular connectivity
  • Modular design that’s rugged and durable
  • 5G compatible


  • No location history or calling capability

Best GPS Tracker for Pets

The Whistle GO smart device for pets offer location, fitness, and health monitoring.

Best GPS Tracker for Pets
Here’s a look at a Whistle GO attached to a dog collar.

Fur parents also know the nightmare of a dog wandering off or running away. To prevent this from happening, a GPS tracker is a wise investment. Now Whistle offers one of the most trusted lineups of pet trackers. Its Whistle GO smart pet device, for instance, is an easy-to-attach monitor on a dog’s collar. Whether it’s by email, text, or app, dog owners can rely on the device for frequent notifications—including escape alerts—on their pet’s whereabouts.

Beyond live tracking, however, the Whistle GO is a smart wearable for canine companions. The tracker alerts owners on licking, over-itching, and even drinking and sleeping habits. Whistle’s GPS tracker also tracks your dog’s activity, ensuring they meet the fitness goals typical for their age, weight, and breed. Think of it as a smartwatch of sorts for your pets.

The Whistle GO is IPX 8 rated. It also comes with a built-in night light so you can easily find your dog in the dark. Whistle also shares that the go lasts up to 10 days on a single charge.

Monthly subscription: Yes | Battery Life: Up to 10 days | Waterproof: Yes


  • Health and fitness monitoring features
  • 4G LTE wireless service via AT&T
  • Whistle app includes online vet consultation


  • No web platform


The Optimus 2.0, Bouncie, Jiobit, and Whistle GO are already the best GPS trackers in their respective classes. However, the Optimus 2.0 and Jiobit are still a cut above the rest.

Amazon product

Although all four GPS trackers reviewed above are the best in their class, two are clear standouts. The Optimus 2.0 GPS tracker, for instance, is one of the best all-around trackers to date. It even betters Bouncie’s tracker thanks to its support for 4G networks. While you get most of the standard tracking and safety features, Optimus’ main selling point is its price and affordable monthly recurring costs.

For personal safety, the Jiobit Location Monitor’s litany of features makes it a must-have smart device. Thanks to its modular design, however, it’s not just useful for kids and the elderly. In fact, with its multiple clips and loops, it can double as a pet tracker, too. So unless you need health and fitness monitoring offered by Whistle GO, the Jiobit is just as good for your furry friends as they are for the people we love.

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📌 Are GPS trackers better than Bluetooth trackers?

GPS tracks are more consistent and accurate compared to Bluetooth trackers. They also maintain a more reliable and constant connection. With the Bluetooth model, that same connection is limited to a maximum range between tracker and device.

📌 Does the Whistle GO come with a collar?

No, the Whistle GO is sold as a standalone device.

📌 Is the Jiobit Location Monitor available in different colors?

The Jiobit Location Monitor is not available in different colors. However, users can personalize the device with any of the Jiobit protective sleeves.

📌 How much does the Bouncie tracker monthly subscription cost?

The Bouncie tracker’s monthly subscription costs $8. For three or more devices, however, the monthly fee is discounted.

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