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Best Fitness Trackers Under $100 (2022): Top Picks From Fitbit, Garmin, Amazfit & More

Fitness trackers are becoming a staple part of fitness enthusiasts’ gear. Tracking a range of metrics, these wearables also distinguish themselves from the more expensive smartwatches by focusing on the basics. Yes, you don’t need a device that can answer calls while you’re on a treadmill or which you can use to text back.

That isn’t to say they’re not as capable. From Fitbit to Garmin and Wyze to Huawei, today’s fitness trackers are getting smarter. But despite the advanced features, several models deliver the goods without breaking the bank. Below, we’ve narrowed down the best fitness trackers under $100.

Best Fitness Trackers Under $100 Comparison Chart

ModelProduct ImageReason To BuyPrice
Fitbit Inspire 2 A sleek tracker with a user-friendly interface and reliable fitness tracking metrics.Check at Amazon
Garmin vivofit 4The best fitness tracker to get for those who want long battery life.Check at Amazon
Wyze BandA smart fitness band capable of managing smart home products, too.Check at Amazon
Amazfit Band 5The best budget fitness band for the health-conscious.Check at Amazon
Huawei Band 6If you need a fitness tracker with GPS, this is the band to get.Check at Amazon
Honor Band 6A budget fitness tracker with accurate fitness and health sensors.Check at Amazon

Fitbit Inspire 2

The Fitbit Inspire 2 is the best cheap fitness tracker for beginners.

Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker
The Inspire 2’s slim profile packs powerful sensors, including one for 24/7 heart rate tracking.

With its slim profile and intuitive interface, the Fitbit Inspire 2 is a staple recommendation for the best cheap fitness trackers. Fitbit’s best-seller comes with a 1.4-inch backlit OLED display, two sizes of straps out of the box, and up to 10 days of battery life. The Inspire 2 also tracks your heart rate 24/7 and monitors sleep stages as well β€” both with reasonable accuracy.

Fitbit, however, doesn’t stop there. Shy of $100, the Inspire 2 is still equipped with advanced health sensors as well. You get skin temperature tracking and stress management features, for instance. It comes with Fitbit’s Daily Readiness Score, too, which tells you if you should work out or recover.

Of course, smart features are also present. With the Fitbit Inspire 2, you get smart notifications, customizable clock faces, and support for Google Fast Pair. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a built-in GPS, so you’ll need your smartphone around if tracking pace or distance. The budget device also lacks music control, while some features can only be accessed with a Fitbit Premium membership.

Battery Life: 10 Days | Water Resistance: 50m | GPS: No | Sleep Tracking: Yes | SpO2: No

Garmin vivofit 4

Garmin’s vivofit 4 is the best fitness tracker when it comes to battery life.

Garmin vivofit 4 Fitness Tracker
The Garmin vivofit 4 comes in different colorways.

Because fitness trackers tend to be smaller than smartwatches, they usually boast a longer run time. However, few can come close to the battery life offered by the Garmin vivofit 4. Using replaceable SR43 batteries, Garmin’s basic tracker can last over a year. Yes, there’s no charging needed here. This is as straightforward of a fitness tracker as you can get.

Despite its simplicity, the vivofit 4 covers the basics β€” steps, calories burned, and distance traveled. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and pairs with iPhone and Android devices. Through the Garmin Connect app, the vivofit 4 also offers hydration reminders, women’s health, and sleep tracking, although the last feature is only movement-based.

Of course, there are downsides. For instance, there’s no built-in GPS nor support for smart notifications. You also miss out on a heart rate sensor. But if the latter feature is needed, you can always opt for a more accurate standalone monitor like the Garmin HRM Pro or Polar H10. Garmin’s vivofit 4 is simply content with being a fuss-free wearable.

Battery Life: 1+ year | Water Resistance: 50m | GPS: No | Sleep Tracking: Yes | SpO2: No

Wyze Band

Control your home and your fitness with the Wyze Band β€” a budget fitness tracker that comes with Alexa built-in.

Wyze Band Activity Tracker
Aside from fitness tracking, the Wyze Band can also monitor and control your smart home products via Alexa.

At $25, the Wyze Band is arguably one of the cheapest fitness trackers to get. Since it’s designed by a company known for its smart home devices, the Wyze Band has its fair share of smart features, too.

Alexa, for instance, is built into the fitness tracker. The Wyze Band can also control your other Wyze devices and even non-Wyze smart home products. Of course, notifications are also integrated into the band, making it convenient to manage and control your home.

When it comes to design, you’re getting a tracker that looks like a chunkier Fitbit Charge 4. There’s a high-resolution AMOLED touchscreen, too, along with a sporty, silicone strap. Wyze’s budget fitness tracker comes with 24/7 heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring, and a step counter. The company shares you get about 10 days of battery life from their tracker, too.

Battery Life: 10 to 14 days | Water Resistance: 50m | GPS: No | Sleep Tracking: Yes | SpO2: No

Amazfit Band 5

The Amazfit Band 5 is the best fitness tracker under $100 for the health-conscious.

Amazfit Band 5 Fitness Tracker
Although a budget tracker, the Amazfit Band 5 offers blood oxygen level monitoring.

If health monitoring is important to you, then the $40 Amazfit Band 5 is a feature-packed budget alternative. Underneath its slick design, the Band 5 offers a range of tools including an SpO2 sensor, all-day heart rate monitoring, and stress monitoring. You also get breathing exercise, women’s health tracking, and anΒ intelligent health assessment system.

For a fitness tracker under $50, Amazfit’s Band 5 boasts solid hardware, too. The tracker sports a 1.1-inch full-color AMOLED touchscreen display. Its strap, on the other hand, is made from a skin-friendly TPU. The Band 5 is also water-resistant up to 50 meters.

Like the Wyze Band, Amazfit’s fitness tracker has Alexa built-in. Given the Band 5’s narrow screen, having a voice assistant to carry out tasks truly comes in handy. So where does Amazfit cut corners? Well, unlike other wearables, the Band 5 only comes with 11 workout modes β€” not a lot considering the range of exercises and activities people do.

Battery Life: 15 days | Water Resistance: 50m | GPS: No | Sleep Tracking: Yes | SpO2: Yes

Huawei Band 6

Huawei’s Band 6 is one of the few fitness trackers under $100 with built-in GPS and an extensive suite of features.

Huawei Band 6 Fitness Tracker
The Huawei Band 6 features several features, including an in-depth sleep monitor.

One of the first components usually removed from budget fitness trackers is GPS. While you can still connect to your phone, having this feature built-in is a huge plus. Fortunately, the Huawei Band 6 is one of the few cheap trackers with GPS. It makes it easier to track workouts like outdoor walks and running β€” just a few out of the 96 available on the device.

Huawei’s Band 6 also comes with all-day SpO2 and heart rate monitoring. There’s also an in-depth sleep analysis feature and menstrual health tracking. Like many flagship wearables, the Band 6 can automatically detect a handful of workouts. In addition, you can set goals for motivation. For such a feature-packed device, however, there are some downsides. The accuracy of the heart-rate monitor, for instance, can still be improved.

When it comes to design, the Band 6 keeps it sleek and simple. Huawei’s flagship smart band sports a 1.47-inch AMOLED display with slide and touch gestures. Its straps are also crafted from UV-treated silicone, making them skin-friendly and dirt-resistant.

Battery Life: 14 days | Water Resistance: 50m | GPS: Yes | Sleep Tracking: Yes | SpO2: Yes

Honor Band 6

The Honor Band 6 offers one of the more accurate fitness and health tracking among budget fitness bands.

Honor Band 6 Fitness Tracker
Honor’s fitness band comes with 10 professional workout modes.

The Honor Band 6 is a dead-ringer for the Huawei Band 6. Apart from the similar naming convention, their designs share plenty in common. Honor’s budget smart band features a 1.47-inch AMOLED display with an extensive catalog of clock faces. It also supports touch and swipe gestures, although it’s not as immediately responsive.

The big difference is that the Honor Band 6 doesn’t have GPS. However, if you don’t mind using your phone’s GPS, this under $100 tracker is still a capable fitness and smart companion. Some of the smart features you get include basic smart notifications, a weather app, and dedicated music controls.

Among budget fitness trackers, the Honor Band 6 has one of the more accurate heart rate tracking and daily step counters. Its SpO2 monitoring performs reasonably well, too, and you have access to the same in-depth sleep tracking technology as the Huawei Band 6.

Battery Life: 14 days | Water Resistance: 50m | GPS: No | Sleep Tracking: Yes | SpO2: Yes


The best fitness trackers under $100 offer a combination of fitness, health, and smart features.

If you’re in the market for a fitness tracker but are on a budget, then the wearables listed above are some of the best to get. They’re not only affordable, but they’re also highly capable devices. The Fitbit Inspire 2, for instance, has an intuitive interface perfect for beginners. Those who want long-lasting battery life, on the other hand, can opt for the no-nonsense Garmin vivofit 4.

Users who want fitness tracking and smart home management can opt for the Wyze Band and Amazfit Band 5. Both trackers can control smart home devices through the built-in Alexa voice assistant. They monitor basic fitness metrics, too.

For fitness enthusiasts who want to track their route, the Huawei Band 6 comes with GPS. On the other hand, its dead-ringer, the Honor Band 6, is a budget-friendly wearable hailed for having one of the more accurate sensors in the market today.


πŸ“Œ What is the best Fitbit under $100?

The Fitbit Inspire 2 is the best Fitbit to get under $100. The sleek tracker offers reliable fitness and health tracking features with a user-friendly interface.

πŸ“Œ Which budget fitness tracker is most accurate?

The Honor Band 6 has one of the more accurate heart rate tracking and daily step counters in a budget fitness tracker. Fitbit’s Inspire 2, on the other hand, offers reliable sleep tracking.

πŸ“Œ How long is the warranty on the Amazfit Band 5?

Amazfit’s Band 5 enjoys a one-year limited product warranty.

πŸ“Œ Is the SpO2 monitoring in the Huawei Band 6 accurate?

Based on user reviews and tests, the Huawei Band 6 does a good job of monitoring blood oxygen levels.

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