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Best Fans (2022): Top Picks from Vornado, Lasko & More

When choosing a fan, there are a lot of factors to consider depending on what you’re planning to use it for. For instance, the best fan for white noise is usually a box fan because of how it’s typically the loudest, and the best fan for bathrooms is the one that can keep mold and mildew at bay.

On that note, we compile a couple of the top-rated models we think are best suited for various purposes. That includes the Lasko Wind Curve tower fan, the Vornado 630 Medium Air Circulator, the AE80K Broan FLEX, the Genesis Box Fan and the Vornado 184 Tower Circulator. Hopefully, this can help you decide which one to get for your home, be it for sleeping or simply cooling your living space down.

Best Fans Comparison Chart

Lasko Wind CurveBest FansPleasing design, slim, tall, has plenty of features for its priceCheck at Lasko.com
Vornado 630 Medium Air CirculatorBest FansBasic but more efficient than most, relatively affordable, provides strong airflow and circulationCheck at Vornado.com
AE80K Broan FLEXBest FansLow-profile, clean design, easy to maintain and installCheck at Broan-NuTone.com
Genesis Box FanBest FansLoud and constant sound for white noise, cheapCheck at Walmart.com
Vornado 184 Tower CirculatorBest FansSilent operation, circulates air effectively, doesn’t wobble like most tower fansCheck at Vornado.com

Best Tower Fan — Lasko Wind Curve

Cheap and effective best describe the Lasko Wind Curve.

Best Fans Best Tower Fan
A look at the Lasko Wind Curve and its remote control.

What makes the Lasko Wind Curve stand out is its price-to-performance ratio. That’s actually what’s keeping us from recommending the feature-packed but exorbitantly priced Dyson TP04 as the best tower fan around.

Back to the Wind Curve, it’s arguably among the nicest-looking tower fans around in that it can blend right in with most home decorations. Moreover, it’s sleek with a wood grain accent, and it has a small footprint that makes it easy to find a spot for it just about anywhere.

Performance-wise, it can effectively circulate air, reaching the area near the top of the room where warm air tends to stay. That’s because it’s tall and oscillates, and it packs a lot of power too, yet it’s quiet. Also, it can be controlled using a remote, and it has three speed settings. As a bonus, it also has a handle, so it’s a breeze (heh) to move from one place to another, despite weighing 15.5 lbs.

Best Cooling Fan — Vornado 630 Medium Air Circulator

The Vornado 630 Medium Air Circulator takes cooling to the next level without breaking the bank.

Best Fans Best Cooling Fan
Even though it’s small, the Vornado 630 Medium Air Circulator is powerful enough to circulate air in large spaces.

If there’s ever proof that a fan doesn’t need all sorts of features to keep a room cool, it’s the Vornado 630 Medium Air Circulator. It’s simple and easy on the budget, and for its small size, it’s punching above its weight in efficacy.

Granted, it’s because it’s not just any run-of-the-mill fan—far from it. Sure, it doesn’t have a built-in timer, nor can it be controlled via a remote control. However, it goes against the grain of the more common oscillating variety, as it’s made to circulate all the air throughout a room by using a powerful airflow. In other words, it won’t simply blow an intermittent breeze depending on where it’s pointing, unlike “traditional” fans. It comes with a five-year warranty to boot.

It’s worth mentioning that many other models in Vornado’s lineup also deliver on the same promise, but the 630 Medium Air Circulator is likely the right fit for most homes in terms of efficiency.

Best Fan for Bathroom — AE80K Broan FLEX

The AE80K Broan FLEX can keep mold and mildew away, removing moisture from the air in the bathroom.

Best Fans Best Fan for Bathroom
With a clean look, theAE80K Broan FLEX is hard to notice.

Setting up a fan in your bathroom isn’t as simple as placing it down, plugging it in and flipping the switch. This type of fan is installed on the ceiling or wall more often than not, unless you prefer a pedestal fan that’s just blowing around the air, which probably isn’t the case. Besides, it’s more of an exhaust fan, and it’s got an important job: prevent mildew and mold from thriving. That’s where the AE80K Broan FLEX comes in.

First off, it’s an 80-CFM ventilator that removes moisture from the bathroom, and it operates quietly too, almost as if it’s not there. Speaking of, it has a minimalistic design with small vent slots, and it’s hardly noticeable too. By the same token, it’s easy to clean because of that. The best part is, it’s a snap to install since you won’t need access to an attic, meaning you can even mount it in the bathroom on the first floor or something along those lines. Last but not least, it’s backed by a three-year warranty.

Best Fan for White Noise — Genesis Box Fan

Using a fan to create some white noise in the bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive, and the Genesis Box Fan proves it.

Best Fans Best Fan for White Noise
The Genesis Box Fan comes in white and black.

As noted, box fans are usually louder than other counterparts, and any one worth its salt can provide white noise to help you get some shut-eye. It goes without saying that they’re a dime a dozen, but the Genesis Box Fan sets itself apart with its design, durability and performance.

From an aesthetic standpoint, it’s so basic that it’s clean and easily fits in with most home decor themes. To be exact, it has a square form factor that measures 20 inches, a dial in the upper-right corner with three levels of fan speed and some pretty huge branding in the center, but to be fair, it’s a thin G with the word “Genesis” written in small text below. 

Under the hood, it has a copper motor that can last a long while, and all in all, it can produce a constant sound that can drown out most, if not all, noises that might interrupt your sleep. It only has a one-year warranty, though, but for its price, that’s decent. Just to be clear, it doesn’t oscillate or something like that, so it isn’t exactly the most effective in circulating air in a room.

Best Fan for Sleeping — Vornado 184 Tower Circulator

Quiet and efficient, the Vornado 184 Tower Circulator makes for an excellent sleep companion.

Best Fans Best Fan for Sleeping
A graphical representation of how the Vornado 184 Tower Circulator can circulate air in a room.

For some folks, white noise is crucial for a good night’s rest, but on the other end of the spectrum are those who need absolute quiet. The Vornado 184 Tower Circulator can do the trick, keeping a room cool by circulating the air without making a peep.

If you’ve ever tried sleeping with a tower fan that isn’t up to par, you’ve probably found it hard to do so because of the sound it makes when it inevitably wobbles. That’s not a problem with the 184 Tower Circulator and its contoured design, as its base virtually doesn’t wobble even if you set it to its highest fan speed.

As a Vornado, it’s made to circulate the air in the entire room by creating a vortex, as opposed to oscillating fans that can only blow air in a limited range. Even though it has a lot of power to cover 100 ft., it has a silent motor, further cementing it as the perfect fan for sleeping. It also has a remote control and auto-shutoff function, and it only takes up a small space, so it’ll fit even in cramped bedrooms.


Whichever purpose you have in mind, there’s a fan for you.

There you have it—our list of what we think are the best fans around. In our opinion, the best tower fan is the Lasko Wind Curve, and the best cooling fan overall is the Vornado 630 Medium Air Circulator. As a sort of outlier in that it isn’t exactly meant to cool rooms but rather remove moisture, the AE80K Broan FLEX is our pick for the best fan for bathrooms.

For sleepers on both sides of the fence, the Genesis Box Fan takes the cake as the best fan for white noise, while the Vornado 184 Tower Circulator is more or less unrivaled for a quiet night’s rest.


📌 What type of fan is best for cooling?

Good air circulation is crucial in cooling down a room without using an air conditioner. While oscillating fans can do a decent job, air circulators from Vornado can do them one better, such as the Vornado 630 Medium Air Circulator, which is capable of covering even large spaces despite its small size.

📌 Are tower fans better?

Compared to pedestal fans and the like, tower fans have less power, but they can keep you cool without blowing gust after gust of wind in your face.

📌 What brand of fan is the best?

Nowadays, there are plenty of reliable brands, but safe picks include Vornado and Lasko.

📌 Are metal fans better than plastic?

Metal fans have heavier blades, so their motors usually need more power, and that makes them louder than plastic ones. However, they tend to last longer because they’re more durable, and they can provide a stronger airflow.

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