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Best Fan Heater (2023): Top Picks from Vornado, Dyson & More

Although they aren’t exactly recent innovations, fan and heater combos are still amazingly nifty. First off, they save a lot of space because you won’t have to get a separate fan and another heater anymore. Secondly, their combined nature typically allows them to blow heat across the room for even distribution (depends on the model, however). Last but not least, they can potentially save you some cash because you’ll only be paying for one thing instead of two individual products.

There are a ton of options in the market that can get the job done, but there are a few that stand out: the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01, Vornado AVH10, Vornado VH200 and Panasonic FV-0511VHL1 WhisperWarm DC Bathroom Fan.

Best Fan Heater Comparison Chart

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01Best Fan HeaterHeats, cools and even purifies the airCheck Price at Dyson.com
Vornado AVH10Best Fan HeaterHeats up a room fastCheck Price at Vornado.com
Vornado VH200Best Fan HeaterPerfect fan heater for small to mid-size roomsCheck Price at Vornado.com
Panasonic FV-0511VHL1 WhisperWarm DC Bathroom FanBest Fan HeaterHeater, lighting and fan in oneCheck Price at Panasonic.com

Best Heater and Cooling Fan Combo — Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01

More than just heating and cooling, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01 can also purify the air.

Best Heater and Cooling Fan Combo
The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01 in the kitchen.

Arguably, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01 is the best of its kind that money can buy. It can heat and blow air, but it takes things up a notch with HEPA filter air purification and cooling capabilities. Also, it doesn’t use any blades, adding to its overall sleek design.

It has a 70-degree oscillation to cover every area in the room, and it has 10 speed settings, making it adaptable and powerful enough to spread heat or cold air effectively.

Thing is, it’s on the expensive side, not to mention that its upkeep is costlier since you’ll be replacing its filters regularly. In its defense, you won’t have to purchase a separate air purifier for a room, and the money you’d save because of that can be spent toward it instead.

Best Heater Fan Combo — Vornado AVH10

For instant room heating, the Vornado AVH10 can deliver.

Best Heater Fan Combo
The Vornado AVH10 can heat up medium-sized and large rooms easily.

If power and efficiency are the name of the game, then the Vornado AVH10 is the heater fan to beat. It’s capable of reaching temperatures higher than what its counterparts can, and it can warm up a whole room faster than most to boot. That’s thanks in part to its Vortex Action air circulation, which is among the brand’s many selling points.

Also, it has plenty of features that make it convenient, including an LED display and an easy-to-use control layout. More importantly, it’s designed with safety in mind. For starters, its cover is made to keep fingers out, which is useful if you have kids. It even has a cool-to-touch housing, so it won’t get hot even in its highest setting. In addition, it automatically shuts off if it detects its airflow is blocked or if it’s tipped over by more than 10 degrees.

Best Budget Fan Heater — Vornado VH200

The Vornado VH200 is a straightforward, no-frills fan heater with essentials such as tip-over protection and auto shutoff.

Best Budget Fan Heater
The Vornado VH200 doesn’t take up much space.

Similar to the Vornado AVH10, the Vornado VH200 blows air and heats a room efficiently with Vortex Action but in a smaller and weaker package with fewer features. That’s not a bad thing, however. After all, that means it’s easier on the budget.

Sure, it doesn’t have an LED display and things like that, but it has all the important safety measures: cool-to-touch case, tip-over protection and automatic shutoff. In other words, it’s likely the better, practical option if you don’t need additional features and if the room you’re placing it in isn’t that big.

Best Bathroom Fan with Heater — Panasonic FV-0511VHL1 WhisperWarm DC Bathroom Fan

You can expect effective air circulation, adjustable lighting and powerful heating from the Panasonic FV-0511VHL1 WhisperWarm DC Bathroom Fan.

Best Bathroom Fan with Heater
A closer look at the Panasonic FV-0511VHL1 WhisperWarm DC Bathroom Fan.

One of the most feature-packed bathroom fans is the Panasonic FV-0511VHL1 WhisperWarm DC Bathroom Fan. Unlike most counterparts, it has a built-in 1,600W heater that can warm up the bathroom fast in a matter of seconds. What’s more, it has a dimmable 10W LED and a 1W night-light, allowing it to adjust to various situations. Speaking of, it also has three fan speeds: 50, 80 and 110 CFM for small, medium-sized and large bathrooms, respectively.

As its name suggests, it’s also super quiet, even in the highest fan setting. It comes with a flexible bracket too, making it a breeze to install. But it’s still recommended to have a professional handle it.

If there’s anything to complain about, it’s its price. It’s among the most expensive bathroom fans in the market, but considering its performance and features, it’s worth the investment.


The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01, Vornado AVH10, Vornado VH200 and Panasonic FV-0511VHL1 WhisperWarm DC Bathroom Fan are the cream of the crop in their respective categories.

All in all, it’s hard to go wrong with any of these fan heater combos. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01 and the Panasonic FV-0511VHL1 WhisperWarm DC Bathroom Fan may be big purchases, but their features justify their high price tags. 

Meanwhile, you’d likely be hard-pressed to find a more powerful fan heater than the Vornado AVH10, but if you’re after something more streamlined and affordable, then the Vornado VH200 is your best bet.


📌 Are fan heaters effective?

It depends on the model, but the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01, Vornado AVH10 and Vornado VH200 can effectively heat rooms and blow air for circulation at the same time.

📌 What is the best heater and cooling fan?

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01 is among the best out there. Not only can it cool down or heat up a room, but it also purifies the air.

📌 What is the best heater fan combo?

The Vornado AVH10 is capable of heating a room up fast with even distribution, owing to its Vortex Action air circulation. Also, it has safety features such as automatic shutoff and tip-over protection to prevent overheating and accidents.

📌 Which fan heater is best on a budget?

The Vornado VH200 is a tried-and-tested fan heater combo that doesn’t break the bank. It’s relatively more affordable than most of its counterparts, and yet it can evenly heat small and medium rooms up quickly.

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