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Best Dell Monitors For Gaming (2022): Which Dell and Alienware Gaming Monitor Should You Buy?

Dell and Alienware monitors are some of the best that you can buy since they offer excellent image quality, great ergonomics and more. They have a monitor for every use case and in this article, we’ll be looking specifically at what they offer for gamers. Here are our picks for the best overall Dell monitor for gaming—the Alienware AW2721D, best for competitive games—the Alienware AW2720HF, best for 4K gamers—Dell S2721QS and the best ultrawide option—Alienware AW3420DW.

Best Dell Monitors For Gaming Comparison Chart

ModelAlienware AW2721DAlienware AW2720HF Dell S2721QSAlienware AW3420DW
 Amazon productAmazon productAmazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon productAmazon productAmazon product
Screen Size27 inches27 inches27 inches34 inches
Resolution2560 x 14401920 x 10803840 x 21603440 x 1440
Aspect Ratio16:916:916:921:9
Refresh Rate240 Hz240 Hz60 Hz120 Hz
Variable Refresh RateG-Sync
Response Time1ms1ms8ms2ms

Alienware AW2721D

Best monitor for gaming.

The Alienware AW2721D has a tasteful gamer aesthetic.

Our choice for the best Dell monitor for gaming is the Alienware AW2721D. While it is not the fastest monitor around, it offers the best combination of refresh rate and resolution. The Alienware AW2721D is a 27-inch screen with a 2560 x 1440 resolution and a refresh rate of 240 Hz.

Since it is a 1440p monitor, it will require a beefy setup to max out game settings, but it is not as demanding as 4K. Even though it has a maximum refresh rate of 240 Hz, it is not recommended for ultra competitive gaming since even the most powerful GPU will struggle to pump out the frames at 1440p. For single player AAA games and most multiplayer games though, playing at a high refresh rate monitor with a 1440p resolution is definitely the sweet spot.

It has an IPS panel so it has wide viewing angles and vibrant colors. The Alienware AW2721D is a DisplayHDR600 monitor so you will be able to enjoy HDR content as well. In addition, it also has an excellent response time to minimize motion blur. Furthermore, it has native G-Sync support and it is compatible with Freesync as well, so you can play games stutter-free and without screen tearing.

The Alienware AW2721D is an excellent gaming monitor, but it can be a bit pricey for a lot of people. A good alternative that we can suggest is the Dell S2721DGF. It is also a 27-inch 1440p monitor but it “only” has a refresh rate of 165 Hz. If you think that 165 Hz is more than enough for you, then this is a good choice as well.

Alienware AW2720HF 

Top monitor for ultra competitive gaming.

Games like Doom Eternal are best played on high refresh rate monitors like the Alienware AW2720HF.

For ultra competitive gaming, you’ll want the fastest monitor that you can get and our choices are the Alienware AW2720HF and the Alienware AW2521H. Both of these are Full HD or 1080p monitors, since ultra competitive gaming is more about refresh rate than resolution.

The Alienware AW2720HF is a 27-inch 1080p monitor with a 240 Hz refresh rate. It also has an IPS panel, so it has wide viewing angles and it can output vibrant images. The response time for the AW2720HF is 1ms and it has low input lag, which are perfect for competitive games. Also, it has native Freesync support and it is compatible with NVIDIA’s G-Sync as well. This is a great monitor if you want to game competitively on a bigger screen.

Our other choice for the best Dell monitor for competitive gaming is the Alienware AW2521H. It is a 25-inch 1080p display with a maximum refresh rate of 360 Hz. This is the fastest Dell monitor that you can buy right now and if you have the PC specs for it, this monitor will give you the best performance when it comes to competitive gaming. Unfortunately, there are stock issues with this monitor, so it is easier to get the Alienware AW2720HF.

Dell S2721QS

Best monitor for 4K gaming.

Front and back view of the Dell S2721QS.

For gaming at 4K, the Dell S2721QS is the best Dell monitor that you can buy right now. It is a 27-inch monitor with a 60 Hz IPS panel and fast response time. 4K gaming is still very demanding and even the most powerful graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA are not able to deliver high framerates consistently at this resolution, especially at max settings, so 60 Hz is still acceptable for 4K gaming.

Since it is a 4K monitor, you can expect the best image quality when gaming. At only 27-inches, it has a very high PPI (pixels per inch), so images are crisp and clear. Like most IPS monitors, it has wide viewing angles and the colors are excellent. However, the contrast ratio is not the best, so blacks are not as deep as those found on monitors with a VA panel.

With a maximum refresh rate of only 60 Hz, this is not the fastest monitor. However, it does have native support for AMD’s Freesync and it is compatible with NVIDIA’s G-Sync, so you can still play games without any stutters, and screen tearing is not a problem. The variable refresh rate frequency range for this monitor is 40 – 60.

Alienware AW3420DW

Best monitor for ultrawide gaming.

Most new games like Cyberpunk 2077 have native support for ultrawide monitors like the Alienware AW3420D.

If you’re interested in ultrawide gaming, the best Dell monitor available is the Alienware AW3420DW. It is a curved 34-inch display with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 and a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz. The monitor has an IPS panel as well, so colors and viewing angles are great.

The Alienware AW3420D also has a fast response time and low input lag, which makes it suitable for gaming. Of course, since it has more pixels than a regular 16:9 monitor, it will be a bit harder to drive. You’ll need to have a PC that’s up to specs in order to get acceptable framerates.

With a 21:9 monitor, you’ll be able to have a more immersive gaming experience since it provides a wider field of view. As a bonus, an ultrawide monitor is also great for work and productivity, so if you also work on your computer a lot, you’ll surely be getting your money’s worth.


Dell has a monitor for all types of gamers.

Amazon product

If you just like gaming and you don’t care about being competitive or buying niche gaming monitors, then the Alienware AW2721D is the best Dell monitor that you can buy. It has a 1440p resolution and it has a maximum refresh rate of 240 Hz, which allows for a very smooth gaming experience. A 1440p monitor is not that hard to drive, so even if you don’t have the latest graphics card, you’ll still be able to enjoy games at medium to high settings.

For competitive players, you can go with either the Alienware AW2720HF or the Alienware AW2521H. If you prefer a larger screen, the Alienware AW2720HF is the right choice since it is a 27-inch monitor with a 240 Hz refresh rate. However, if you want the fastest monitor and you don’t mind a smaller screen, then the Alienware AW2521H is the best option since it comes with an impressive 360 Hz refresh rate. This monitor is very responsive, has minimal input lag and offers the smoothest gameplay, perfect for competitive players.

For more niche gaming such as 4K and ultrawide gaming, our picks are the Dell S2721QS and the Alienware AW3420DW. Both monitors are great at what they do, which is gaming at super high resolutions. The Dell S2721QS is not the fastest 4K monitor around, but it comes with VRR so it still offers smooth gaming using AMD’s Freesync and/or NVIDIA’s G-Sync adaptive sync technologies. Meanwhile, the Alienware AW3420D offers high refresh rate gaming at 21:9 aspect ratio for better immersion.


๐Ÿ“Œ Are Dell monitors good for gaming?

Yes, specifically, Alienware branded monitors. Alienware is Dell’s subsidiary that is focused more on gaming related hardware. They have fast monitors and they usually get the best panels, so they also output excellent image.

๐Ÿ“Œ Will all Dell monitors work with a mount?

Most Dell monitors will work with a mount as long as they are VESA compliant.

๐Ÿ“Œ Are ultrawide monitors better than regular widescreen for gaming?

For some people, going with an ultrawide monitor is definitely worth it, however, there are some people that just don’t find the appeal. Ultimately, you’ll need to try it out for yourself to see which one is better for you.

๐Ÿ“Œ Are 240 Hz Dell monitors worth it?

Yes, if you play games competitively or if you want smooth gameplay. Faster monitors will usually have low input lag and fast response, allowing you to play your best.

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