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Best Custom Business Shirt Printing (2022): Establish Your Brand With These Services

Clothing is one of the most impactful ways of expressing yourself. Wear who you are as they say. However, from a business point of view, branding clothing with your logo is a cost-effective way of publicizing your organization, products, and services. Moreover, corporate apparel can help establish a sense of community among your employees. If you’re looking for the best custom business shirt printing, we have you covered. Below, we’ve listed our top picks for this service. Read on to see which company is best for your needs.

Best Custom Business Shirt Printing Comparison Chart

ย VistaPrint Custom Business Shirt PrintingVistaPrint provides the best custom business shirt printing service for small businesses.
BannerBuzz Custom Business Shirt PrintingBannerBuzz offers clients a friendly design tool for creating company apparel.
DiscountMugs Custom Business Shirt PrintingDiscountMugs carries the widest selection of clothing for customization.
Spreadshirt Custom Business Shirt PrintingSpreadshirt offers the most sustainable production of personalized clothing.

Benefits of Custom Business Shirts

Custom business shirts are a low-cost and high-visibility way of establishing your brand.

Benefits of Custom Business Shirts

Like outdoor banners, custom business shirts are a low-cost way of boosting your brand’s visibility. For instance, in the service industry, we see employees wearing customized shirts with their company’s logo. Corporate events and social gatherings are also occasions where custom clothing can help generate interest in your brand. It’s a case of reinforcing your brand identity.

As more people see your brand worn, the higher the chances of brand recall. The best part is that this type of advertising is subtle. Digital and print ads are designed to publicize your business. With custom clothing, it’s less in your face. Having logos printed on shirts can even stir curiosity about your brand.

Across different industries, company work shirts also help identify your employees. This helps in building an image of professionalism. It also lends a positive perception to your organization, instilling credibility in your people. Moreover, wearing business shirts can establish a sense of community among your employees.


The best custom business shirt printing for small businesses

VistaPrint Custom Business Shirt Printing
Shop from a range of polo shirt styles for your company apparel.

VistaPrint is one of the leading names in custom marketing for small businesses. Although best known for their business cards, they now carry an extensive portfolio of products. The company leans on its ability to create a cohesive and consistent look for your brand. Given their experience, VistaPrint also boasts on-trend designs, friendly design tools, and reliable customer support.

For custom business shirts, consider VistaPrint’s personalized polo shirts. You can choose from short or long sleeve styles with fits for men, women, and kids. Meanwhile, customization styles are either embroidery or full-color transfer. VistaPrint requires no minimum quantity. But bulk discounts are available, while corporate pricing adds expert support and white-label service.

Prices vary from $11 to over $100 with no minimum quantity. The more expensive options typically use branded clothing. Brands include Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike, Adidas, and Sport-Tek. However, the most popular options are Elevate’s Kiso Shirts and Gildan’s DryBlend Jersey Sport Shirt. Both are priced at just under $35.

Other customizable shirts boast features like UV protection and water-wicking fabric. These are great options for company apparel that may be used for sporting events. VistaPrint also has its design tool. This makes it easy to see how your logo will look on the shirt. Clients can upload images, add text and icons, and edit shirt colors.


Offers the most intuitive design tool for your custom business shirts

BannerBuzz VistaPrint Custom Business Shirt Printing
Here’s a look at the BannerBuzz design studio for custom clothing.

Although popular for its custom large banners, BannerBuzz also offers custom business shirt printing. Its intuitive design tool for banners also extends to the rest of its products like clothing. In addition to adding your logo, BannerBuzz’s design studio supports templates. Customers can also upload images, add shapes and clip arts, and edit text. Designs are saved, too.

For tailor-made clothing, the company provides three options โ€” dress shirts, t-shirts, and polo shirts. The dress shirt selection is limited but comes in multiple sizes. Its personalized embroidery offers up to 6 thread colors, too. Dress shirts typically start at $27 for a small size with up to 35% savings on bulk orders.

On the other hand, t-shirts and polo shirts are great if you want something casual. Shirts are available in short and long sleeves and come in a crew-neck style. Materials used range from moisture-wicking polyester fabric to more comfortable cotton.

Meanwhile, polo shirts are suited for a company uniform or corporate event outfit. BannerBuzz uses cotton fabric here, making them ideal for year-round wearing, too. Sizes go from small to 2XL, with prices ranging from $15 to $20 for embroidered shirts. Clients can also choose printed patterns, with options for front, back, or front-back printing.


Provides the most extensive selection of custom clothing

DiscountMugs VistaPrint Custom Business Shirt Printing
Customers can choose where to add their logo using VistaPrint’s design lab.

DiscountMugs is one of the largest suppliers of promotional products in the country. The company owes its success to its large inventory of products, in-house printing, and factory-direct prices. Its collection of custom clothing is available in numerous styles, colors, and sizes.

For polo shirts, DiscountMugs offers eight brands, including Hanes, Callaway, and Gildan. The shirts come in various materials, making them relaxed alternatives to company uniforms. Gildan’s DryBlend Jersey Sport Shirt is the best-reviewed option. It comes in 23 colors, priced as low as $11.34 per piece. Volume discounts are available, too, including up to 76% in savings.

If you’re on a budget, several Gilden shirts are priced under $10. For fancier custom apparel, DiscountMugs can personalize Greg Norman and Nike polo shirts. However, these items have fewer color options. Dress shirts for men and women can also be customized. Blue Generation and Van Heusen are the top-rated brands here, with prices starting a little over $21.

Like the other companies, DiscountMugs either print or embroider logos. They offer a versatile design lab that allows clients to place their artwork on left and right breasts. With other print shops, clients can only add logos to one side.


The most sustainable custom business shirt printing service

Spreadshirt VistaPrint Custom Business Shirt Printing
Spreadshirt offers corporate clothing services with no order minimum.

Spreadshirt is the youngest company on this list, having started only in 2002. Today, they customize a range of 300+ products. For custom polo shirts, Spreadshirt’s catalog is limited. You can only choose a standard pique polo shirt for men and women. However, it does come in an S to 4XL size range and five color options. Prices start at $18.99 for print-only style.

On the other hand, clients can request quotes for embroidered polo shirts. It’s only available for 12+ orders, too. But the service comes with graphic support, private consultation, and a complimentary order check. For variety, you’ll find the company’s selection of t-shirts broader. Products include v-neck and crew neck designs, with sizes available for kids and toddlers.

If you want the most value for business shirts, Spreadshirt offers a corporate clothing feature. The options are still limited to the existing catalog. However, you can get up to a 70% discount for bulk orders. The service also includes private consultation plus quality control for 10+ orders.

Perhaps Spreadshirt’s biggest draw is its focus on sustainability. Given how customized business shirts are ordered in bulk, the company uses a print-on-demand model. This helps avoid wasteful overproduction. In addition, Spreadshirt follows eco-friendly production and carries products made from sustainable materials.


VistaPrint, BannerBuzz, DiscountMugs, and Spreadshirt offer the best custom business shirt printing services.

Custom business shirts are a great way to promote your brand without spending a fortune. They’re suitable as relaxed uniform alternatives or as outfits for corporate events. We recommend VistaPrint if you’re running a small business. The company offers great discounts for bulk orders, and their articles come in several brands and styles.

BannerBuzz, on the other hand, is great for its easy-to-use design tool. Aside from logos, clients can add shapes, clip art, and text to clothing templates. Meanwhile, DiscountMugs provides the most choices of clothing products. This is great if you’re particular about the style of a customized business shirt.

Lastly, Spreadshirt is our pick for those who want sustainable solutions. The company offers eco-friendly materials and production. For businesses, it can also be a bonus to work with suppliers conscious of sustainability.


๐Ÿ“Œ Are custom corporate apparel worth it?

Custom business shirts are a cost-effective way of establishing your brand. They are easy to order, personalize, and distribute. Branded company apparel can also boost business visibility and instill a sense of community among your employees.

๐Ÿ“Œ Which is better for business shirts, t-shirts or polo shirts?

For business shirts, polo shirts are highly recommended. They bridge the gap between t-shirts and more formal Oxford shirts. They’re also versatile, coming in a range of materials. On the other hand, t-shirts may appear too relaxed and unstyled.

๐Ÿ“Œ For custom business shirts, should I have my logo embroidered or printed?

If you’re opting for polo shirts, then embroidery is the best choice. This is especially true if you’re using smaller logos. Meanwhile, printing is better suited for t-shirts. This method is also more affordable if you’re using larger artwork. In terms of durability, embroidery has the edge since the design is stitched directly to the fabric. Screen-printed designs tend to crack and fade after several uses.

๐Ÿ“Œ Do I need to hire a designer for custom business shirts?

Most print and marketing companies offer their online design tools for personalizing products, including clothing. Here, clients can simply upload their logo onto a shirt template. The print companies also provide tips and guidelines i.e. logo file size, type, or color, to ensure high-quality production.

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