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Best Balance Board (2022): Top Picks From Yes4All, Revbalance & More

Balance boards are one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment to get. Although the idea behind the boards is simple, they can deliver a full-blown workout. As such, they’re great if you’re trying to improve stability, enhance flexibility, or build strength. However, there are plenty of balancing boards to choose from. Which one do you get?

To help you out, our balance board review lists five of the most recommended models. And if you’re building your own home gym, check out our other reviews, including the best rowing machine and best vibration plate to get.

Best Balance Board Comparison Chart

ModelProduct ImagePrice
Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance BoardCheck at Amazon
ProsourceFit Core Balance DiscCheck at Amazon
Revbalance 101 v2 Balance Board Sports TrainerCheck at Amazon
WOOD CITY Wobble BoardCheck at Amazon
StrongTek Anti-Fatigue Balance BoardCheck at Amazon

Best Balance Board Overall

The Yes4All Wooden Balance board is lightweight, durable, compact, and affordable.

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board
Anti-slip pads on the Yes4All board’s surface give users a better grip.

The Yes4All Wooden Wooble Balance Board is one of the most recommended by fitness coaches โ€” and for several reasons. At just under $25, it’s a budget-friendly piece of gym equipment. It’s also crafted from high-quality wood but is compact enough to bring anywhere.

Yes4All shares that the board’s plastic bottom can support up to 300 pounds. Meanwhile, the board’s 16-inch disc allows for 360-degree rotation with a 15-degree tilt. The disc’s surface comes with antislip pads, too, for better grip during your workout.

Given these features, the Yes4All balance board is ideal for dynamic workouts. The solid construction and accompanying wobble can fire up your core in no time. It’s also a reliable companion for exercises like planks, squats, mountain climbers, and pushups. Lightweight, durable, and affordable, it’s hard to go wrong with this board.

Style: Disc wobble board | Material: Wood | Diameter: 16 inches | Tilt: 15 degrees

Best Balance Board For Physical Therapy

The ProsourceFit Core Balance Disc is inflatable, providing a cushion for sensitive joints or injured areas.

ProsourceFit Core Balance Disc Trainer
Prosource Fit’s inflatable disc is textured on both sides.

Balance boards aren’t just for workouts. These nifty exercise tools are also used for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Here, the ProsourceFit Core Balance Disc is one of the best to get. The 14-inch disc is actually inflatable, allowing it to create a cushion safe for injuries or on sensitive joints.

Both sides of the disc are textured for a non-slip grip. Still, the Core Balance Disc delivers an unstable surface that can engage all your core muscles. It’s a reliable companion for improving posture and building foundational stability.

Users can get the Core Balance Disc in six colors. Depending on your fitness or rehab goals, the amount of inflation can be adjusted, too. ProsourceFit already includes a pump with the disc.

Style: Inflatable wobble disc | Material: PVC | Diameter: 14 inches | Tilt: N/A

Best Balance Board For Core Strength

Revbalance’s 101 V2 board is ideal for users who want to strengthen their core muscle group.

Revbalance 101 v2 Balance Board
Cushioned grip and adjustable stoppers for the roller make the Revbalance 101 V2 a challenging tool.

If you’re looking to challenge your core stability, consider the Revbalance 101 V2. Designed like a skateboard, the innovative board is more unstable than others. This lends itself well for dynamic, cross-training workouts that strengthen core muscle groups. It also simulates popular boarding activities, making it ideal practice grounds for surfing, skateboarding, and skimboarding, among others.

Underneath the Revbalance board, you’ll find the MagSwitch roller stop system. It’s a simple component that allows users to adjust the difficulty on the balancing board. Meanwhile, the surface of the Revbalance 101 features a Durasoft grip top. The proprietary design is high-grip while comfortable enough to step on even without shoes.

Style: Rollerboard | Material: Hardwood, composite | Length: N/A | Tilt: N/A

Best Balance Board For Kids

WOOD CITY’s Wobble Board is a versatile board for exercising and imaginative play.

WOOD CITY Wobble Board
Kids can strengthen their balance, improve posture, or simply play with the board.

The best thing about balance boards is that they’re not just for adults. Kids can also benefit from building their stability and improving their balance at a young age. For the young ones, the WOOD CITY Wobble Board is a solid choice.

Designed like an arc, the board features a limited range of movement. It’s also made from natural wood and coated with eco-friendly lacquer. WOOD CITY shares that its board is suitable for kids three years old and up.

Aside from aiding children in building balance and stability, the board doubles as a sensory development toy, too. It can be a lounge chair, bridge, or even slide. Adults may even find the WOOD CITY useful. Given the board’s arc shape, yoga exercises and balance training are possible.

Style: Arc wobble board | Material: Natural Wood | Length: 35 inches | Tilt: N/A

Best Balance Board For Standing Desk

If you stand for long periods while working, the StrongTek Anti-Fatigue Balance Board can help relieve tension.

StrongTek Anti-Fatigue Balance Board
The StrongTek balance board sports a butterfly shape that makes for a great accessory.

Standing desks are all the rage these days, many thanks to their perceived health benefits. But standing for long periods can also cause tension. To help relieve tension, consider getting a board like the StrongTek Anti-Fatigue Balance Board. The lightweight and versatile board is a practical accessory to any workspace.

The Anti-Fatigue Balance Board features a textured surface that adds grip and relieves foot aches. It’s almost like getting a foot massage. Made from high-density latex, the board can hold up to 440 pounds, too. Meanwhile, its non-slip rubber bottom ensures you don’t slide across the floor.

StrongTek has also limited the tilt angle of its board to just 8.5 degrees. The company shares this is just enough to maintain balance at work while still engaging the muscles.

Style: Butterfly-shaped wobble board | Material: Wood, latex | Length: N/A | Tilt: 8.5 degrees


The balance boards from Yes4All, ProsourceFit, Revbalance, WOOD CITY, and StrongTek are the best in their respective classes.

Yes4All Wobble Balance Board

Best board for most people

Revbalance 101 V2

Best board for fitness enthusiasts

If you’re looking for something that can transform your workouts, consider getting a balance board. By simply making balancing difficult, these tools can make exercising even more dynamic. Adults and kids stand to benefit from the boards, too, making them all the more valuable additions to your home. But while all five boards reviewed are highly recommended, two models stand out.

For most people, the Yes4All Wobble Balance Board is a good pick. It’s a high-quality board ideal for a range of exercises. The best part is that it’s just under $25. If you’re looking for a board that delivers a full range of motion, consider the Revbalance 101 V2. The 101’s design and adjustable roll distance lend themselves well for high-level athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


๐Ÿ“Œ What is the best balance board for most people?

The Yes4All Wobble Balance Board is the best balance board to get. While it’s not the most beginner-friendly, it’s a great option as your progress in your training. The durable build and affordable price also add to its value.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is the StrongTek Anti-Fatigue Balance Board available in different colors?

No. StrongTek’s Anti-Fatigue Balance Board only comes in Black.

๐Ÿ“Œ How heavy is the Revbalance 101 V2 board?

The Revbalance 101 V2 balance board weighs about 4.77 lbs. It can hold up to 400 pounds of weight as well.

๐Ÿ“Œ What is the maximum weight recommendation of the WOOD CITY wobble board?

WOOD CITY’s wobble board can safely hold up to 480 lbs.

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