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Beaver Builder vs Elementor (2021): Which WordPress Page Builder Should You Use?

Beaver Builder and Elementor are two of the most popular WordPress page builders around. Not only are they easy to use, but they’re also comprehensive enough that you won’t need to add custom code to do what you want most of the time.

It goes without saying that there are a couple of key differences between them, from functionality to pricing. Put simply, Beaver Builder is more stable with developer-friendly tools, while Elementor is centered more on features. That doesn’t paint the whole picture, of course. At that, we compare the two to help you decide which one you should use.

Beaver Builder vs Elementor Comparison Chart

NameBeaver BuilderElementor
 Beaver Builder vs ElementorBeaver Builder vs Elementor
PriceCheck Price at WPBeaverBuilder.comCheck Price at Elementor.com
Front EndYesYes
Back EndYesYes
Real-time EditorYesYes
TemplatesOver 55Over 300
Elements31Over 90
Clean CodeYesYes
Free VersionYesYes


Elementor has more features than Beaver Builder.

Beaver Builder vs Elementor Features
Beaver Builder (left) stands out because of its Beaver Themer, while Elementor (right) boasts an excellent popup builder, among other things.

Building a page with plenty of functions depends on the resources you can work with. Both Beaver Builder and Elementor offer a ton of options and customizations for styling and theme building. In other words, you can adjust just about any detail you want.

The thing is, Beaver Builder’s theme builder is locked behind its Pro tier. That means that even if you avail the cheaper Standard subscription, you can’t access the feature. On the other hand, you can use Elementor’s counterpart on its most affordable plan.

Moreover, Elementor has more modules and templates. The same even goes for the free versions of the two plugins.

Ease of Use

Beaver Builder has a more intuitive interface than Elementor.

Beaver Builder vs Elementor Ease of Use
Beaver Builder (left) makes positioning items and similar functions simple, while Elementor (right) has a right-click menu for every element.

In terms of modules and widgets, you’ll get pretty much the same experience on both. You can create layouts in a jiffy, but Beaver Builder arguably has a better interface than Elementor. It’s cleaner and easier on the eyes, and dragging and dropping items feel more precise and simpler.

However, one thing that Elementor has that Beaver Builder doesn’t is it lets you right-click on any element and access its menu. Needless to say, that makes customizations a whole deal easier.

Regarding customer support, Beaver Builder blows Elementor out of the water. Its team is more personalized and more committed to reaching a solution. The latter’s isn’t really that bad per se, but its representatives mostly go by the book. Put differently, they aren’t exactly willing to be flexible if your issue is “unique.”


Elementor is more affordable than Beaver Builder.

Beaver Builder vs Elementor Value
Beaver Builder (top) costs more than Elementor (bottom), but there’s a good reason.

Taking a look at the pricing plans, the first thing you’ll likely notice is that Beaver Builder is a lot more expensive than Elementor. That said, it has one significant advantage: white labeling. In contrast, if you built a page using Elementor, you can’t host it for a client and charge, say, a monthly fee, which may turn away web designers and developers.

However, when it comes to their free versions, Elementor comes out on top. That’s because it has more resources, such as templates and modules. Speaking of, its free tier allows you to import or export templates, while Beaver Builder’s doesn’t.


Beaver Builder keeps things simple yet functional for developers and ordinary users.

Beaver Builder

Best for developers

Beaver Builder vs Elementor


Best for personal use

Beaver Builder vs Elementor

It’s hard to choose which is better between them since each one can offer unique benefits. It really boils down to your situation. If you’re a developer, Beaver Builder is your best bet. It has white labeling and hosting flexibility, for starters. You’ll also get something out of it even if you’re a casual user because of how easy to use its interface is.

Meanwhile, Elementor will go a long way if you’re building a page for personal purposes, especially if you don’t plan on spending a dime since its free version is more robust. And even if you’re planning on investing a bit, its subscriptions are more affordable.


📌 Should I use a page builder for WordPress?

It depends, but casual users and developers alike can benefit from a page builder, such as Beaver Builder and Elementor.

📌 Which is better, Beaver Builder or Elementor?

Beaver Builder is better because of its intuitive interface and developer-friendly tools. However, Elementor is arguably better in terms of features.

📌 Is Beaver Builder free?

Yes, there’s a free version of Beaver Builder, but its functionality is limited. For instance, you’ll have to avail the Pro Package to use its Beaver Builder Theme.

📌 Is Elementor free?

Yes, you can use a free version of Elementor. And even though it doesn’t cost a dime, it has plenty of templates and modules available.

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