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Beats Solo Pro vs Studio 3 (2021): Which Beats Headphones Should You Buy?

If you like listening to bass-centric music, the Beats Solo Pro and the Beats Studio3 are certainly two of the best headphones that you can get. Aside from giving you an excellent listening experience when it comes to hip-hop, EDM and other bass-focused music, these two headphones also offer features such as active noise cancelling and wireless connectivity. So, what’s the difference between the two and which one should you buy? We compare the two to find out.

Beats Solo Pro vs Studio 3 Comparison Chart

ModelBeats Solo Pro Beats Studio3
ConnectivityWired (Lightning to 3.5mm adapter needed)
– Bluetooth 5.0
– Apple H1 chip
– Bluetooth 4.2
– Apple W1
Battery40 hours (BT)
22 hours (ANC)
40 hours (BT)
22 hours (ANC)
ControlsANC button
“b” button
Power/ANC button
“b” button
What’s IncludedCarrying case
Lightning charging cable
Carrying case
RemoteTalk cable
Micro USB charging cable
Available ColorsBlack, Gray, Ivory, Light Blue, Red, Dark BlueRed, Blue, Matte Black, White, Black-Red, Midnight Black, Shadow Gray


Since it has an over-ear style, most people will find the Beats Studio3 to be more comfortable than the Beats Solo Pro.

beats solo pro vs beats studio 3 design
The Beats Solo Pro (left) has an on-ear style while the Beats Studio3 (right) is an over-ear pair of headphones.

These headphones are similar in a lot of ways but design isn’t one of them. The Beats Solo Pro has an on-ear style, where the earcups will press on your ears while worn. In contrast, the over-ear style of the Beats Studio3 will completely cover your ears with its earcups. With its over-ear style, more people will find the Beats Studio3 to be more comfortable.

Both headphones come with sufficient padding on their earcups and headbands. They are lightweight as well, with the Beats Solo Pro weighing 267g and the Beats Studio3 at 261g. You can wear them for long periods, but as mentioned, the over-ear style of the Beats Studio3 will be easier on your ears.

As for build quality, the two headphones are solid and sturdy. Even though they have plastic parts, they have metal frames that contribute to their excellent builds. However, their plastic coatings can be prone to scratching, so it’s best that you keep them in their cases when not in use.

In addition to having excellent builds, these headphones also look good. The Beats Solo Pro comes in black, gray, ivory, red, dark blue and light blue. On the other hand, the Beats Studio3 comes in red, blue, matte black, white, black-red, midnight black and shadow gray. You’ll have plenty of colors to choose from with both headphones.


The Beats Solo Pro is equipped with the newer Apple H1 chip while the Beats Studio3 comes with the Apple W1 chip.

beats solo pro vs beats studio 3 features
You can fold both headphones to save space when stored.

Aside from their design, another difference with these headphones is that the Beats Solo Pro sports the newer Apple H1 chip while the Beats Studio3 has an older W1 chip. The H1 chip is an improvement over the W1 chip when it comes to Bluetooth connection reliability and how fast you can switch Apple devices. If you are going to use either headphones with mostly Apple devices, the difference in chips will certainly be felt.

As for other features, they are similar. Both headphones come with active noise cancellation and transparency mode. While they are not the best in the market, they still offer very good active noise cancellation. They mostly block out ambient noise, chatter of people and mostly mid-range sounds. When it comes to low frequency noise such as engine rumbles, a/c hum and the likes, you will still hear them faintly. If you are interested in ANC headphones that block out low frequency noise effectively, you should consider the Sony WH-1000XM4. Check out or Beats Solo Pro vs Sony WH-1000XM4 comparison.

These headphones also have transparency modes that allow you to hear your surroundings if you need to. On the Beats Solo Pro, there’s a dedicated ANC/transparency button on the right ear cup and on the Beats Studio3, you need to double tap the power button to switch its noise cancelling function. Other functions such as music playback, volume control and managing calls are controlled using the “b” button on both headphones.


Both headphones are great for bassheads.

beats solo pro vs beats studio 3 sound
The Beats Solo Pro (left) and Beats Studio3 (right) both have active noise cancelling.

As with most Beats headphones, the bass can be overpowering, especially if you prefer a sound signature that is more towards neutral. For bassheads, the Beats Solo Pro and Studio3 are great. The Beats Solo Pro has emphasized bass and treble with recessed mids. Even though the low frequency is a bit exaggerated, it still sounds good. The highs, however, can be a bit harsh, especially when it comes to high pitch female vocals.

The Beats Studio3 is similar in that it has exaggerated bass, but it differs in that the treble is slightly recessed. One issue with the Beats Studio3 when it comes to its bass output is that it can be boomy since the earcups will form a seal over your ears. For people that like thumping bass, this is a non-issue, however, for others, this can be overpowering and fatiguing. The highs on the Beats Studio3 is slightly recessed when compared to the Beats Solo Pro. It is clear and detailed, but it doesn’t sound harsh.

Battery Life

They have the same battery life.

beats solo pro vs beats studio 3 battery life
The Beats Solo Pro (left) and Beats Studio3 (right) can give you 22 hours of battery life (ANC on).

Both headphones can last up to 40 hours when the ANC feature is turned off and they can provide up to 22 hours of listening time when ANC is turned on. Battery life for these headphones is considered good.

They both have a charging time of 1 hour 45 minutes to fully charge their batteries and they offer quick charge functions as well. A 10 minute quick charge will give you 3 hours of listening time. When it comes to battery life, the two headphones are similar. The only difference between the two in this area is that the Beats Solo Pro has a Lightning port while the Beats Studio3 has a micro USB port.


Since they are similar in a lot of ways, you should choose one based on your preferred style, which is on-ear for the Beats Solo Pro and over-ear for the Beats Studio3.

Choosing between these two headphones will come down to your preferred wearing style. If it is on-ear, then the Beats Solo Pro is the right choice for you. If you prefer an over-ear style, you should go with the Beats Studio3. Both headphones offer very good ANC, produce a lot of bass and have excellent runtimes. You won’t be disappointed with either headphones if you like to listen to a lot of EDM, hip-hop and other bass-driven music.


๐Ÿ“Œ Are the Beats Studio3 better than the Solo Pro?

Neither is necessarily better than the other. The only advantage of the Beats Solo Pro over the Beats Studio3 is that it has the newer Apple H1 chip. If you are choosing between these two headphones, the most important factor to consider should be their design, whether you prefer an on-ear or over-ear design.

๐Ÿ“Œ Are the Beats Solo Pro noise cancelling?

Yes, it has an active noise cancelling feature.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is Beats noise cancelling good?

They offer pretty good noise cancelling. However, the Sony WH-1000XM4 is still the best noise cancelling headphones right now.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is Beats owned by Apple?

Yes, Apple purchased Beats back in 2014.

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