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Away vs BÉIS (2021): Which Popular Carry-On is the Better Buy?

Away Travel and BÉIS Travel are among the much talked about luggage brands today. Founded and designed by actress Shay Mitchell, BÉIS quickly became popular when it was launched in 2018. Just the same, Away Travel found success when it released its premium suitcases at affordable price points back in 2015. We compare their best-selling suitcases–The Carry-On by Away and The Carry-On Roller by BÉIS–to help you choose your next suitcase.

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Away vs Béis Comparison Chart

ModelThe Carry-On by Away Travel The Carry-On Roller by BÉIS
Arlo SkyeAway Travel
PriceCheck Price

at AwayTravel.com

Check Price

at BeisTravel.com

TSA locksYes (top)Yes (side)
Weight8.1 lbs8.36 lbs
Exterior Dimensions21.7” x 13.7” x 9”22” x 14” x 9”
Capacity39.8L40 L
Removable Charger10,050 mAh charger with 18W USB C & A portsNo
Weight IndicatorNoYes
ColorsBlack, Navy, Green,
Asphalt, Coast, White, Sand, Blush, Brick
Black, beige
ExpandsNoUp to two inches
Luggage TagLeather luggage tagNo
Wheels360° spinner wheels360° spinner wheels
WarrantyLimited lifetime warrantyLimited lifetime warranty


The Away has better quality and more color options

away vs beis carry-on
Pantone’s Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue

From afar, the Away and the BÉIS carry-ons look similar because of their shape and horizontal ridges. If you look more closely though, you can tell right away that the hard-shell material and stitching of the Away have better quality. Also, Away Travel offers nine color options to choose from, 13 if you add the limited edition colors (classic blue, jewel blue, jade, and minted). On the other hand, the BÉIS only has two choices: beige and black.

Both their suitcases are equipped with dual four-spinner wheels that glide easily, but the Away has more durable corner reinforcements. As for their handles, the BÉIS has cushioned handles that make pulling your suitcase more comfortable. However, the Away handle is sturdier and steadier. The handles of the BÉIS carry-on are a little flimsier and can wobble when filled at capacity.

Another similarity that their carry-ons have is they both come with TSA locks. The TSA lock of the Away can be found at the top of the suitcase while for the BÉIS’ lock is on the side. The side of the BÉIS does not have nubs though, so when you need to put your bag down to unlock it, it can be a little unstable and can cause more scuffs on your carry-on. One detail that the BÉIS has that many other carry-ons don’t is the hidden tiny strap at the top middle part of the suitcase. This can be useful for women who carry a smaller purse or cosmetic bag.

Size and Weight

The Away is a little lighter and slightly smaller

away vs beis carry-on
Their carry-ons have very similar size, weight, and capacity

The difference in the size and weight of the Away and BÉIS suitcases is not that significant. The Carry-On by Away can hold up to 39.8 L and weighs 8.1 lbs. If you remove the battery, it is a pound lighter at 7.1 lbs. Meanwhile, the BÉIS weighs a little heavier even without the battery. It weighs 8.36 lbs and can hold up to 40 L. They are both lightweight and spacious, something over-packers will appreciate.

The dimensions of The Carry-On by Away Travel is 21.7” x 13.7” x 9” while The Carry-On Roller by BÉIS measures 22” x 14” x 9”. Something unique about the BÉIS carry-on is it can be expanded for up to two inches–a feature that not many hard-shell cases have. The fabric and zipper for the expansion look flimsy though, so expand at your own risk. Both their dimensions are generally accepted by major airlines. To avoid gate-checks, it is best to double-check with your airline’s policies, as smaller budget airlines can be more strict when it comes to the size and weight of carry-ons.

Interiors and Storage Space

The BÉIS has more pockets and dividers while the Away has better lining material

away vs beis carry-on
The interiors of the Away Travel (left) and the BÉIS (right)

Both suitcases have compression pads with pockets to help you squeeze more stuff in and secure your belongings. They also come with laundry/garment bags, the BÉIS comes with two while the Away just has one. It is worth noting though that the material and lining of the Away looks and feels more durable than the BÉIS’.

The Carry-On by Away does not have a lot of pockets. It only has the straightforward mesh divider on the left and the compression pad and straps on the right. In contrast, the BÉIS has a lot of pockets that the organization-obsessed will love. Apart from the typical zipped divider, its left compartment has two plastic pockets where you can store toiletries that may spill. The compression pad also comes with a bigger pocket and a mesh pocket. If you love compartments and can’t be bothered with packing cubes, you will love this suitcase.

Additional Features

The Away has a portable charger while the BÉIS has a weight indicator

away vs beis carry-on
The ejectable battery of the Away (left) and the weight indicator of the BÉIS (right)

Travelers who use their device extensively can benefit from the ejectable battery of the Away luggage. If you buy the one with the charger, it also comes with adapters for when you’re traveling in Europe or Asia. Take note that the Away’s 10,000 mAh charger only has USB-A ports, so if your device uses USB-C chargers, you might need to get a compatible adapter to be able to charge.

While the BÉIS carry-on does not come with a portable charger, it has a weight indicator on its side handle. This indicator will turn red when your carry-on weighs 50 lbs or more. If you’re an over-packer who does not have a scale at your disposal, this will come in handy.

Free Trial and Warranty

Both offer a lifetime limited warranty, but Away Travel has a longer trial period and they cover the shipping costs when needed

away vs beis carry-on

Research shows that consumers feel more at ease purchasing online when brands offer free shipping and returns. BÉIS offers a refund if you return the suitcase unused and without damage within 30 days. Just like Away, they offer a lifetime limited warranty. However, you will cover the shipping cost yourself if you do need to ship it, and that can be expensive.

On the other hand, Away Travel covers the shipping for you if needed. Away also has attractive return and warranty policies. You can return the suitcase within 100 days of purchase, given it was not personalized. Yes, even if you use it and decide their suitcase is not for you, you can still return it. The lifetime limited warranty covers cracks or breaks on the shell (not dents and scratches) and any damage to handles, wheels, and other functional elements of your aluminum suitcase.


The Carry-On by Away is the better buy because of its quality and array of colors to choose from

As much as we love Shay Mitchell as an actress, The Carry-On by Away Travel simply offers more value for your money and overall has better quality. Even though the Away costs a couple more dollars, the price difference is not significant enough to make The Carry-On Roller by BÉIS a better purchase. Away Travel offers more color options as well, so they cater to a wider audience in a sense.

If you are a frequent flyer who needs a more durable but stylish suitcase that you can travel with long term, The Carry-On by Away Travel is definitely a much better purchase. On the other hand, if you need more compartments and a weight indicator in your carry-on, then The Carry-On Roller by BÉIS will work for you.

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