Away Large vs Medium (2020): Which Luggage Size Should You Buy?

Choosing which checked bag size to get from Away? The Large and The Medium from Away both provide plenty of space for extended trips, though you’ll likely find one size to be more suited for your needs. Here’s how to decide which one to get.

Away Large vs Medium Suitcase Comparison Chart

ModelAway The LargeAway The Medium
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Internal27” x 19.5”24” x 17.5”
Weight11.6 lbs9.9 lbs
Capacity99.2 L68.8 L
Hidden Laundry BagYesYes

Design and Size

Both the Away Large and Medium suitcases have identical designs.

Away Large vs Medium Design and Size
Here’s the size difference between The Large (left) and The Medium (right).

Away’s line of hardsided carry-ons and checked suitcases all feature the same distinctive design that catapulted the brand into social media stardom. With a sleek polycarbonate shell that’s both light and tough, Away luggage stands out among the competition, no matter which color you go for.

The only difference, of course, is their sizes. The photo above should help you visualize exactly how much larger The Large is over The Medium. The weight difference shouldn’t be too much of a concern since you’ll be loading it up and rolling it along with all the extra weight of its contents. What’s likely to matter is how well you’ll be able to maneuver them around, in which case The Medium should be much easier to guide than The Large.

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Storage Space

The Large has a lot more space than The Medium.

Away Large vs Medium Storage Space
You can easily fit The Medium into The Large when not in use.

It might not seem like it, but The Large has roughly 50% more packing space than The Medium. That’s a lot, and it might be more than what you might need for shorter trips. Depending on clothing thickness, you should be able to fit enough clothes for three weeks or more in The Large, while The Medium should be sufficient to hold two to three weeks’ worth. This will of course vary depending on your personal preferences when packing. As such, those who like to feel prepared and bring more items than the essentials will want the extra capacity of The Large.

Just like their exteriors, the interiors of The Large and The Medium are identical. The compression system should help you squeeze every available cubic inch of space in the bottom compartment while the zippered top half should hold shoes and other items in place through transit.

Packing and Handling

The Medium will be easier to handle than The Large.

Away Large vs Medium Packing and Handling
With similarly smooth spinner wheels, The Large is just as easy to walk as The Medium.

Perhaps the biggest consideration you’ll need to make when choosing between The Large and The Medium is how long (or short) your next trip is, and whether any future ones would be similar. The Large is definitely the pick if you’ll be away for a month or so or if you need to bring thicker clothes for colder climes. Otherwise, it’s too big for trips that only last a week or two.

If you tend to pack light, The Medium will afford a lot of room and it’s just the right size for optimal storage space and handling. Still, if you have the tendency to bring a lot of souvenirs back home, then you’d appreciate having the extra room of The Large.

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As mentioned earlier, the larger size and added weight of a fully packed Away Large suitcase will be a bit more challenging to guide through crowded terminals and busy city streets. The 360 degree spinner wheels will prove their worth here, making even heavily loaded bags smooth to walk.


The Large is the safer checked luggage pick over The Medium.

Away The Large

Away The Medium

A larger suitcase is simply a much safer purchase if you need your luggage to be big enough to hold clothes for several weeks. The Large from Away is a bit more flexible whether you need a hardside suitcase for an extended trip or a longer one, whereas you might find yourself wishing for more space if you acquired The Medium and end up going on a long vacation in the future.

That said, those who pack light and are certain they won’t be needing to bring too much when traveling will find The Medium from Away much easier to bring along while still providing plenty of space.

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