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Away Carry On vs Bigger Carry On (2022): Which Size Is Right For You?

Away’s popular luggage choice The Carry-On owes much of its success to influencers on Instagram lauding its numerous outstanding qualities over other prominent luggage brands. With a durable outer shell and compact internal design, the standard Away Carry-On and the Bigger Carry-On are the company’s best-selling items, notable for their portability and trendy design. Here’s how to decide which size is right for you.

Away Carry On vs Bigger Carry On Comparison Chart

ModelAway The Carry OnAway The Bigger Carry On
Away The Carry OnAway The Bigger Carry On
PriceCheck Price

at AwayTravel.com

Check Price

at AwayTravel.com

Internal20” x 13.5”21” x 14.5”
Weight8.1 lbs8.4 lbs
Ejectable BatteryYesYes
Hidden Laundry BagYesYes
ColorsBlack, Navy, Green, Asphalt, Coast, White, Sand, Blush, BrickBlack, Navy, Green, Asphalt, Coast, White, Sand, Blush, Brick


Both the Away Carry-On and the Bigger Carry-On have the same modern design.

Away suitcases are easy to spot thanks to their simple yet striking design.

Away’s entire line of luggage bags sport the same minimalist yet eye-catching exterior. It has a durable and lightweight polycarbonate shell that keeps your clothes and shoes protected even through rigorous handling. All wheels roll smoothly and quietly on any surface, and they’re able to rotate a full 360 degrees so you won’t have to drag it back and forth to get it moving where you want to go. All in all, there’s no denying its premium appeal in both its looks and how easily it handles, which is perhaps one of the biggest factors in its rise to fame among the visually stimulated crowds of Instagram.


The Bigger Carry-On is slightly larger than the standard Away Carry-On.

There’s a bit more room in the Bigger Carry-On to make it worthy of its name.

Away made sure that the distinction between their products is very easy to understand. True to its name the Bigger Carry-On is indeed sufficiently larger than the standard Away Carry-On, though compared side by side you won’t be able to easily tell them apart. A quick look at the dimensions listed above shows that the Bigger Carry-On has about an extra inch or so over the standard size, which can mean quite a bit of extra space for the savvy packer. It’s slightly heavier, too, though with the resulting added capacity, those who tend to bring more clothes and shoes will love being able to jam a few more items in their carry-ons.

Since size is pretty much the only difference between these two products, your own packing preferences and needs will determine which one is most suitable for you. If you often travel light and don’t really need to bring too much on your trips, the standard Away Carry-On should be more than enough to easily contain all your belongings in one lightweight bundle. If you like having a few wardrobe and footwear choices, then you may want the little bit of extra room that the Bigger Carry-On provides.

Other Features

Both the Away Carry-On and the Bigger Carry-On have the same extra features.

A TSA-approved lock and battery ports enhance the security and accessibility of the Away Carry-On.

Aside from the tough exterior and super smooth wheels, most Away Carry-On owners love the built-in battery located under its handle, letting you charge your phone on the go without having to pull anything out from the carry-on itself. Its zippers also slot into a TSA-approved combination lock for easy security. A few leather details along with a black leather tag round out the noticeable features of the standout suitcase.

Inside, you’ll find that it’s much easier to organize whatever you pack thanks to separate compartments for softer items such as clothes and harder objects such as shoes and toiletries. The interior sports a compression system to ensure that you’re maximizing the available room, and it has a little flex so you can pack a bit more than you thought could fit into its shell. Finally, there’s a laundry bag tucked into a small pocket inside that lets you separate and flatten used clothes on the return journey.


The Bigger Carry-On is a safer pick over the standard Away Carry-On size.

Lasso Brag

Given that everything about these two carry-ons are the same except the size, it’s much easier to recommend the Bigger Carry-On since their price difference is minimal while the flexibility of having extra room should more than make up for it. If you really value portability and are confident in your packing abilities (which means you’re fine with only bringing the absolute essentials for short trips) then the standard Away Carry-On will let you enjoy a lighter, more compact suitcase. For everyone else, you wouldn’t mind paying a little extra if it means being able to bring along an extra pair of shoes or a couple more wardrobe options, which makes the Bigger Carry-On the safer choice.

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