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Autel EVO Nano vs DJI Mini 2 (2022): Which Sub-250g Drone Should You Get?

DJI is among the most well-known drone makers around, and it’s made arguably one of the best sub-250g drones available: the DJI Mini 2. Since its inception, the competition has been getting stiffer by the day, especially with the likes of the newer and more feature-packed Autel EVO Nano rolling out. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option for everyone.

Autel EVO Nano vs DJI Mini 2 Comparison Chart

ModelAutel EVO NanoDJI Mini 2
 Autel EVO Nano vs DJI Mini 2Autel EVO Nano vs DJI Mini 2
Pricen/aCheck Price at DJI.com
Wind ResistanceLevel 5Level 5
Transmission RangeUp to 10kmUp to 10km
Battery Life28 minutes31 minutes
Camera Sensor1/2″, 48MP1/2.3″ 12MP
Camera Aperturef/1.9f/2.8
Video ResolutionUp to 4K at 30fpsUp to 4K at 30fps
Image ResolutionUp to 8000 x 6000Up to 4000 x 3000
Digital Zoom16x4x
Obstacle AvoidanceYesNo
Gimbal Stabilization3-axis3-axis
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)Folded: 142mm x 94mm x 55mm
Unfolded: 260mm x 325mm x 55mm
Folded: 138mm x 81mm x 58mm
Unfolded: 245mm x 289mm x 56mm


The Autel EVO Nano has a follow-me mode, which is something the DJI Mini 2 doesn’t have.

Autel EVO Nano vs DJI Mini 2 Flight
Here’s what you’ll get with the Autel EVO Nano (left) and the DJI Mini 2 (right).

When it comes to flying, the two offer a similar feel. Put differently, if you have experience flying the DJI Mini 2, then you shouldn’t have any problems with the Autel EVO Nano. They even have the same Level 5 wind resistance and transmission range of up to 10 kilometers.

While the Mini 2 has a higher maximum speed of 35.7mph as opposed to 29mph, the EVO Nano is the only one with obstacle avoidance, boasting collision detection sensors on the front, back and bottom. If nothing else, this makes it safer to fly and maneuver among trees and such.

These drones also have the ability to return home on their own, which is par for the course nowadays. However, only the EVO Nano has a follow-me mode. As its name suggests, it can follow you or any other moving subject around on its own.

Compared to the Mini 2’s controller, the EVO Nano is less clunky, as it’s more ergonomic akin to a gaming controller. But whether or not that’s better depends on your preferences. On a single charge, the Mini 2 is good for up to 31 minutes. The difference isn’t too big, but the EVO Nano can only go for up to 28 minutes.

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The Autel EVO Nano can take better photos and videos than the DJI Mini 2.

Autel EVO Nano vs DJI Mini 2 Camera
A look at the front-facing camera of the DJI Mini 2 (in photo).

Right off the bat, the Autel EVO Nano has a better camera, sporting a 1.2-inch sensor with 48 megapixels. In comparison, the DJI Mini 2 has a 1.23-inch sensor and 12 megapixels. Now the size of the sensor has a huge impact on how photos will turn out. Though the EVO Nano has a smaller one, it uses an RYYB filter that increases its range of contrast, and coupled with its larger aperture, it can take more vivid shots in low-light conditions. 

But despite that, the EVO Nano is only capable of recording for up to 4K at 30 fps. In other words, it doesn’t have an advantage over the Mini 2 in this regard, even though it has a superior sensor.

Of the two, EVO Nano is also the only one with HDR, and it has a digital zoom of 16x as compared to 4x. For the record, both have the same 3-axis gimbal for stabilization.


From the look of things, the Autel EVO Nano took inspiration from the DJI Mini 2’s design.

Autel EVO Nano vs DJI Mini 2 Build
The Autel EVO Nano (in photo) folded and unfolded.

Taking a look at the two side by side, the first thing that’ll likely jump out at you is that the Autel EVO Nano took a lot of design cues from the DJI Mini 2. That includes the camera placement and form factor.

Speaking of similarities, the two weigh under 250g, which is one of their main selling points. For the uninitiated, that means you don’t have to register them with the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA if you’re in the United States, and it can save you from a lot of hassle. But keep in mind that you still have to follow rules and regulations in your area, so you can’t just fly it anywhere you want just because it doesn’t have to be registered.

Durability-wise, the Mini 2 has a sturdier and more premium feel to it, and it simply has a better build quality overall. The EVO Nano just isn’t as nice to the touch, but it’s easy to tell that it’ll last a long while as long as you’re careful.

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The Autel EVO Nano makes the DJI Mini 2 look antiquated, but the latter still has its place as an affordable drone with decent performance.

Autel EVO Nano

Autel EVO Nano vs DJI Mini 2

All in all, the Autel EVO Nano is an excellent sub-250g drone, and it’s better in a lot of ways. For starters, it can produce clear photos and videos even in low-light conditions, and it features 16x digital zoom and HDR. Moreover, it has a follow-me function and obstacle avoidance. However, it’s not cheap, so it’s not exactly suitable for folks who just want to try their hand at flying drones first.

In comparison, the DJI Mini 2 seems a little outdated, but it has stood the test of time, delivering tried-and-tested reliability in flight and camera performance. It’s more affordable to boot, making it a good pick for first-time flyers, and it has a better build quality.


📌 Does Autel EVO Nano have a follow-me mode?

Yes, the Autel EVO Nano features a follow-me function.

📌 Can I fly a drone less than 250g anywhere?

While you don’t have to register a drone under 250g with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), you’ll still have to comply with the restrictions in place in your area.

📌 Can the DJI Mini 2 follow you?

No, the DJI Mini 2 doesn’t have a follow-me mode.

📌 Is the Autel EVO Nano better than the DJI Mini 2?

The Autel EVO Nano has more features and a better camera than the DJI Mini 2, but it’s a lot more expensive, so it doesn’t exactly have the best price-to-performance ratio.

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