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ASTRO A50 vs A40 (2021): What’s the Difference?

The ASTRO A50 and A40 are two of the brand’s most popular gaming headsets. They have excellent sound quality with the features to match. On top of that, they’re comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions.

Between the two, the A50 is the more expensive cans, and by the same token, it has more to offer. Meanwhile, the A40 is more streamlined in comparison, but in terms of raw performance, both are pretty much on the same level. At that, we compare the two to clear up their differences and help you decide which pair to get.

ASTRO A50 vs A40 Comparison Chart

ModelASTRO Gaming A50ASTRO Gaming A40 TR
 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Frequency Response20 Hz – 20 kHz20 Hz – 20 kHz
DriverNeodymium 40 mmNeodymium 40 mm
MicrophoneUnidirectional, voice-isolating, flip-to-mute 6 mmUnidirectional, voice-isolating, detachable 6 mm
Positional AudioWindows Sonic Spatial Audio, Dolby Atmos for HeadphonesWindows Sonic Spatial Audio, Dolby Atmos for Headphones
SoftwareASTRO Command CenterASTRO Command Center (requires MixAmp Pro TR)
ConnectivityBase station, wireless3.5 mm, wired
Battery LifeOver 15 hoursn/a
CompatibilityPC, Mac, PlayStation 4/Xbox One and Xbox Series XPC, Mac, PlayStation 4/Xbox One and Xbox Series X
ColorBlack and gray, black and goldX-Edition, Black PS4, Black Xbox
Weight0.8 lbs0.7 lbs

Main Differences

The A50 is wireless, and the A40 is wired.

ASTRO A50 vs A40 Main Differences
The A50’s (left) microphone is flip-to-mute, while the A40’s (right) is detachable.

Besides pricing, the most obvious difference is the A50 is wireless and the A40 is wired. In the latter’s case, that connection paves the way for external peripherals such as the MixAmp Pro TR and MixAmp M80 (more on that in a bit).

The next distinction is in their microphones. You can flip up the A50’s to get it out of the way and mute it. Meanwhile, you can detach the A40’s, which comes with the risk of losing it but also the advantage of being easily replaceable.

Design and Comfort

The A40 is slightly lighter than the A50.

ASTRO A50 vs A40 Design and Comfort
The A50 (left) and A40 (right) are both Mod Kit ready.

ASTRO makes some of the most comfortable gaming headsets around, and the A50 and A40 are a testament to that. Neither one is too heavy, so you won’t have to worry about neck pains or anything along those lines. Their headband and ear cushions are soft to boot.

While design is entirely subjective, the two sport the gamer aesthetic you’d expect nowadays. They’re not too flashy, but the A40 has smoother corners, making it sleeker than the A50.

You can take customizations a step further too. Both have optional Mod Kits that let you swap out their headband padding and earpads, which improve noise isolation as well. The A40 has the upper hand here since you also get to change up their Speaker Tags (read: faceplates) and microphone.

Audio Performance

The difference in sound quality, if any, is arguably imperceptible between the two.

ASTRO A50 vs A40 Audio Performance
Both the A50 (left) and A40 (right) emphasize bass.

These headsets were made for gaming, and typical of headsets in this category, they have a stronger emphasis on bass. They’re not too overpowering, though the highs can get a bit shrilly at times. Long story short, you get solid lows and still get to hear other details with clarity to a certain extent.

When it comes to music, the two are better suited for tunes with a lot of bass. However, vocals might come across as a little too soft.

Other Features

ASTRO says the A50 can go up to 15 hours on a single charge.

ASTRO A50 vs A40 Other Features
The A40 is compatible with the MixAmp Pro TR (left) and MixAmp M80 (right).

It goes without saying that battery life is a nonissue with the A40. It’s wired, after all. The same somewhat applies to the A50 too. That’s thanks to its two-in-one transmitter and charger. As long as you place it on its base station whenever it’s not in use, it’ll always have plenty of juice. On a full charge, it’s rated to last up to 15 hours, for the record.

Right off the bat, the A50 works with the ASTRO Command Center software. On the A40, you’ll need the MixAmp Pro TR for that. You’ll also be able to balance game and voice audio on it, similar to the dials on the side of the A50.


You can’t go wrong with either the A50 or the A40.

Amazon product

The two are really similar across the board, and the biggest difference is the A50 is wireless, while the A40 is wired. The decision here really boils down to your preference. However, the A50 is also about double the price of the A40 at the time of writing, so one thing to consider here is whether it’s worth forking over twice the amount just to cut the cord.


📌 Which is better, the ASTRO A50 or A40?

It depends on what you’re looking for. The A50 is wireless, while the A40 is wired, so it’s a matter of preference. Both have more or less the same sound quality, but the A40 is more customizable since you can swap out its faceplates, among other things.

📌 What’s the difference between the ASTRO A50 and A40?

While the A50 uses wireless connectivity and a flip-to-mute microphone, the A40 uses wired and a detachable microphone. Besides that, the two are similar across the board.

📌 Does the ASTRO A50 have a MixAmp?

Yes, the A50 has a built-in MixAmp.

📌 Does the ASTRO A40 have a MixAmp?

Yes, the A40 is compatible with the MixAmp Pro TR and MixAmp M80.

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