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Apple Watch Series 7 vs Fitbit Sense (2022): Comparing Flagship Smartwatches

If you’re in the market for a smartwatch, chances are you’re considering the Apple Watch. After all, the Cupertino-based tech giant’s wearable is arguably the most influential and popular. Its latest iteration β€” the Apple Watch Series 7 β€” sees a long-awaited design update to the lineup. It also keeps advanced health features that have defined the devices for the last few years.

Speaking of health, however, it’s hard to miss out on the Fitbit Sense. A flagship that’s slightly more affordable than Apple’s offering, Fitbit’s advanced health wearable boasts even more innovative health tools. But how does it fare in other areas? Priced lower than the competition, what features does the Fitbit Sense miss out on?

Apple Watch Series 7 vs Fitbit Sense Comparison Chart

ModelApple Watch Series 7Fitbit Sense
PriceCheck Price at AmazonCheck Price at Amazon
Sizes41mm, 45mm40mm
DisplayAlways-on Retina displayAMOLED color display; Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Display Size41mm (1.69 inches)
45mm (1.9 inches)
1.58 inches
GPS + Cellular ModelYesNo
24/7 Heart Rate MonitoringYesYes
ECG AppYesYes
SpO2 MonitoringYesYes
Sleep TrackingYesYes
Menstrual Cycle TrackingYesYes
Electrodermal Activity ScanNoYes
Temperature ReadingsNoYes
Fall DetectionYesNo
Smart NotificationsYesYes
Answer CallsYesYes
Contactless PaymentsYesYes
ConnectivityWiFi, BluetoothWiFi, Bluetooth
Water ResistanceUp to 50 metersUp to 50 meters
IPX RatingIPX6β€”
Battery LifeUp to 18 hoursUp to 6 days

Design and Hardware

While both wearables are sleek, the Apple Watch Series 7’s advantage over the Fitbit Sense is display and model variety.

Apple Watch Series 7 vs Fitbit Sense Design
The Apple Watch Series 7 45mm in Midnight (left); the Fitbit Sense in Carbon/Graphite stainless steel (right).

On the Apple Watch Series 7, Apple refines its flagship wearable with the first considerable design update since the Series 4. Here, the most noticeable change is the screen. Smaller bezels and a slight increase in the case size means a 20% bigger display. But the thinner borders also lend a seamless aesthetic to the wearable. If previous Apple Watch models looked good, the Series 7 looks even better.

Like the Apple Watch, the Fitbit Sense follows the design language of its closest sibling, the Fitbit Versa 3. On the exterior, nothing separates the two. Both Fitbit wearables brandish the same shape and size. You also get a similar 1.58-inch color display in a squircle form, along with the default classic bands. Additional sensors, however, mean the Sense weighs a bit more than the Versa 3, even though it’s barely noticeable.

When compared, the Apple Watch Series 7 has a better screen than the Fitbit Sense. This is due to a Retina LTPE OLED display rated with 1000 nits brightness. Combined with the size of the screen, the Series 7 is simply more immersive than the AMOLED display of the Fitbit Sense.

Apple Watch Series 7 and Fitbit Sense sporty models
Apple Watch Nike (left) and the Fitbit Sense with a sport band (right).


The Fitbit Sense only comes in one size, which is 40mm. You can also get the wearable in three colors β€” sage grey, carbon, or lunar white. All three are framed by stainless steel bezels. Out of the box, however, Fitbit will include two sizes of straps.

If you’re not fond of the default option, you can swap it with a range of other bands. Some of the most popular include leather straps, sport bands, and hoop & look band.

On the other hand, Apple’s Watch Series 7 is offered in two sizes: 41mm or 45mm. These are slightly bigger than previous Apple Watch generations. Users can also choose between standard models or special edition versions like the Apple Watch Nike and Watch HermΓ¨s.

In addition, the Series 7 comes in two models β€” GPS and GPS + Cellular. The GPS option is crafted from aluminum. Meanwhile, the GPS + Cellular model is available in aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. The Apple Watch Series 7 colors thus depend on the material and model you get.

Health Features

The Apple Watch Series 7 and Fitbit Sense share several health features in common while also offering capabilities exclusive to each.

Apple Watch Series 7 vs Fitbit Sense Health Features
A look at the Watch Series 7’s health features (left); tracking your heart’s health with the Fitbit Sense (right).

Since pioneering the ECG on the Watch Series 4, Apple has kept the feature a staple in the succeeding models. Other brands have also taken note. As expected, the Fitbit Sense comes with the technology. Bear in mind that the ECG app on these devices is available only where health authorities have approved its use. Apart from ECG, however, there are several other components the two wearables have in common.

For example, both the Apple Watch Series 7 and Fitbit Sense offer SpO2 monitoring. Sleep monitoring and menstrual health cycle tracking are standard to the devices, too. Of course, the Watch Series 7 and Sense also provide high and low heart rate notifications. For those who want to achieve calm and peace, noise alerts and guided breathing tools are available. 

There are, however, some features exclusive only to each device. For instance, Apple’s Watch Series 7 comes with fall detection, a feature proven invaluable over the years. To keep up with the times, the Watch Series 7 features a handwashing timer, too. Meanwhile, the Fitbit Sense boasts an innovative electrodermal activity (EDA) scanner for stress monitoring. It can also detect skin temperature variations to help users understand their body better.

Fitness and Activity Tracking

Both the Watch Series 7 and the Fitbit Sense boast a plethora of activity tracking features.

Apple Watch Series 7 vs Fitbit Sense Activity Tracking Features
Choose from different exercises on the Apple Watch Workout app (left); track pace and distance with the Fitbit Sense (right).

Fitness and activity tracking has always been the bread-and-butter of Fitbit. And on the Sense, this strength helps it keep up with what the Apple Watch Series 7 can offer. Both devices, after all, have the basics. You can track calories burned, steps, distance, and floors climbed. There are inactivity reminders, too, along with a range of cardio fitness metrics.

The Watch Series 7 and the Sense come with a handful of workouts you can track. Some of the exercises common to the two include Walk, Run, Yoga, and Swim/Swimming. Both wearables can automatically detect and record select workouts as well. All the information, settings, and updates for fitness and activity tracking can be viewed and customized via Fitbit and Apple’s apps, too.

Apple recently started its own fitness service called Apple Fitness+. Powered by the Apple Watch, the platform takes advantage of the integrated ecosystem only Apple can offer. Fitbit is no pushover in this area either since it has been offering Fitbit Premium for a while now. Like Apple Fitness+, Fitbit Premium provides premium coaching and guides, access to advanced metrics, and integrations with several third-party programs.

Smart Features and Battery

The Apple Watch Series 7 has the edge when it comes to features. The Fitbit Sense, however, trumps the competition with its battery life.

Apple Watch Series 7 vs Fitbit Sense Smart Features
A QWERTY keyboard you can swipe on the Watch Series 7 (left); hands-free operations via voice assistance on the Sense (right).

Since the Apple Watch Series 7 and Fitbit Sense have established health and fitness features, choosing one over the other can boil down to their smart capabilities. Here, Apple’s wearable has the edge. The Watch Series 7 provides access to more apps while running on the engaging watchOS 8. From integrations with home security systems to support for countless messaging apps, the Watch Series 7 is arguably the most powerful tool on your wrist.

Fitbit’s Sense, however, is not totally lagging behind. The watch still gives access to a broad selection of apps. There are standard features here as well, including smartphone notifications, weather apps, and voice assistants. You can also take calls on the Sense, but only if it’s paired with your smartphone. In contrast, the Watch Series 7 cellular model allows you to answer calls even without your phone nearby. Plus, its music controls extend to onboard music storage. On the Sense, you’re limited to music streaming services.

However, the Apple Watch Series 7 battery life is a letdown. Like the last few Apple Watch models, you’re only getting about 18 hours of battery life. If you opt for the Fitbit Sense, you’re getting up to 6 days of battery life. Fast charging is available, too. According to Fitbit, a 12-minute top-up translates to about 24-hours of power for the Sense.


Apple’s Watch Series 7 is the best smartwatch to get. However, the Fitbit Sense is a reasonable alternative, particularly for non-iOS users.

Apple Watch Series 7

Best for iOS users

Fitbit Sense

Best for those on a budget

Straight to the point, the Apple Watch Series 7 is arguably the best smartwatch in the market. The wearable delivers a combination of great design, advanced features, and solid integration. Here, Apple really emphasizes the smart in smartwatches. However, the biggest complaint about the wearable is its mediocre battery life. If you can get past that misstep, you’d be pleased with the Watch Series 7.

Customers on a budget or who aren’t fans of Apple’s ecosystem can consider the Fitbit Sense as an alternative. This is especially true for users who aren’t too keen on Samsung’s expensive Galaxy Watch devices either. Like the Apple Watch, the Fitbit Sense boasts advanced fitness tracking and health monitoring features. It’s got a sleek design, too, and impresses with its 6-day battery life.


πŸ“Œ What’s the difference between the Apple Watch Series 7 and the Fitbit Sense?

The Apple Watch Series 7 boasts a larger display and smart features than the Fitbit Sense. It also comes in two sizes, while the Sense is only available as a 40mm unit.

πŸ“Œ Is the Apple Watch Series 7 waterproof?

The Apple Watch Series 7 is marketed as water-resistant, not waterproof, up to 50 meters.

πŸ“Œ What’s the difference between the Apple Watch Series 7 41mm vs 45mm?

Apart from size, the Apple Watch Series 7 41mm and 45mm differ in their display resolution. The larger 45mm model is also more expensive than the 41mm option.

πŸ“Œ Does the Fitbit Sense come with onboard memory?

Yes, the Fitbit Sense comes with onboard memory. Fitbit shares it saves up to 7 days of detailed motion data. Daily totals are also stored for up to 30 days.

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